An Actual Goodbye

An Actual Goodbye

Hello! It’s been a while. Honestly I’m not sure who will even end up reading this or remember me (Kell will probably click on the email notification unless it’s buried by others, so hi Kell 😛 )

I don’t anticipate a lot of people clicking this, but I decided I wanted to say an actual goodbye. Au revoir, adios, adieu.

I’d originally just planned on leaving it as it is but I recently looked back on here and honestly? I put in too much work to just abandon this without a word. I don’t really enjoy closed doors and finality but it’s also nice to not just leave things up in the air that obviously … won’t continue. I also don’t want this to just be … a ghost blog. It’ll still exist, but I’d rather be a museum than a “what if” and “why?”

So … goodbye.

You, dear Penumbra, dear my old readers who stuck with me for some reason or whatever, helped me grow and influenced a significant chunk of my life. You inspired me, you helped me pick up some books that turned out to be some of my favorites.

You, my blog, started out very ugly and haphazard but turned out to be … adequate. You challenged me. You were pretty dang fun.

I abandoned you without much cause, and for that I’m sorry.

So here’s my last goodbye.

Peace out.

(I feel like I should make graphics for this because that’s what I do (did?) I guess. I’m tempted but … y’know, probably won’t. I guess we’ll see.)

(Okay, one last thing, apparently when I’ve been gone my 2017 participation in a back to school tag that Kellyn started has blasted off? I find it mildly concerning that so many people are clicking it considering it’s basically just me talking about … my life … in school. Anyway, I looked at the stats and I’m pretty sure people are finding it because Google is suggesting it incredibly highly if you look up “Back to School Tag” or anything similar.

Annotation 2020-07-29 233738
It me!

Anyway, I thought that was mildly wack. Here’s some stats xD

Annotation 2020-07-29 232951
I posted once in 2018 and apparently 618 people popped on here in 2019 lol
Annotation 2020-07-29 233100
my … most popular post apparently
Book Review // Bridgers

Book Review // Bridgers


Hey lovelies and welcome back (or not, but still welcome) to Penumbra Reviews!

So … I accidentally died off the entire blogosphere once again and I apologize for it but … that doesn’t really matter that much … What really matters is that I have a lovely book to review for you! This is literally my first (physical*) review copy so I AM INCREDIBLY HAPPY GUYS. I CAN TAKE PICTURES OF SOMETHING. I AM SO HAPPY.

I’m writing a New Year’s post (yes … I’m that late …) that I’m hoping to have up by Monday (plus a couple other that I really want to have time to write but no promises …) so I’ll be back with that very soon but until then … here’s the review.

A giant shout out to the author Angie Thompson for sending me a real life book *dies*. Thank you so much Angie! **I was given a review copy in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts expressed are my own**

*I’ve done others in like blog tours etc …

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Anniversary Q&A + What’s Happening With Sari

Anniversary Q&A + What’s Happening With Sari


It’s November, the time of the year where thousand all over the world pledge to write a ridiculous amount of words in a ridiculously short amount of time. Am I one of these people? Yes I am. What does this mean? I’m basically extremely short on time.

Add band, school, work, volunteering, and whatever the heck I’m doing and I am running out of time for life.

So that’s why, even though I asked you guys to send me questions for a Q&A a month ago (which … was already late. xD I think my bloggoverary was in September?? I’m a terrible human being) I’m answering the questions now! Yay! Plus an update on how my life’s doing because I vaguely feel like throwing this info at you lovely humans. 😉

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Beautiful Books // My NaNo Novel!

Beautiful Books // My NaNo Novel!


Hello, hello! It’s almost NaNo and that’s a huge thing. People all over are stumbling around and screaming or is that just me? 😉 as they try to figure out what their going to do for their NaNo novel. I, for one, am freaking out incredibly.

Don’t know what NaNo is? It’s short for NaNoWriMo, which in turn means National Novel Writing Month. In November people worldwide make a pledge to write an entire novel (or a certain word-count) in a month. I’ve done NaNo since … 2012 maybe? And am prepping for another go this November. Read more

7 Bookish Tips On How To Read More In The School Year

7 Bookish Tips On How To Read More In The School Year


The school year is upon all of us unlucky enough to be doing school and that usually* means way less time to do stuff we want. I.e. reading. I know that I’m usually ahead like … ten books in my reading challenge by the end of summer and am struggling to complete it in December … so I’m blaming school.

But! There’s an assortment of things you can do to squeeze time into your schedule to read, along with plenty of healthy sleep (ha … ha …) all schoolwork done and 8 cups of water a day** even if it all ends up … a little unconventional. Reasons why I’m here to feed this nonsense into your brain??

*Except for all y’all super busy in the summer … idk
**Which is actually … not that good for you … like drinking water is good but I forced myself to drink 8 cups of water a day for a week for a summer reading program and it was extremely uncomfortable … just make sure you always have water on you and drink when you’re thirsty, folks #hydrationmatters #idkwhyI’mgivinghydrationtips

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The Back To School Tag // I Answer A Multitude Of Questions

The Back To School Tag // I Answer A Multitude Of Questions


It’s September ladies and gents, and you know what the means in the US … school.

Yes, I can hear your collective groans over the world-wide web but it really isn’t that bad … right? Right?*

In honor of this … event I’m doing a blog tag that the Amazing Kellyn Roth started. Hopefully this will make me more excited for school? Maybe?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*Wrong tbh but y’know let’s try to keep it positive here …



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CWWC // Challenge 8 (The final challenge!)

CWWC // Challenge 8 (The final challenge!)


Hello people! Oh my word I’m stressing right now because I really didn’t mean to make this last minute but I was a fool *poses dramatically* Anyway, it’s incredibly late and AHHH but here it is! I did have an idea for a full length story but I have no time for that so I made it a poem?

It’s probably nice to switch things up anyway, eh? 😉

I once again used all three prompts. Last challenge! Let’s do this Hogwarts!

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CWWC // Challenge Seven (yes, another one)

CWWC // Challenge Seven (yes, another one)


We’re nearing the end of CWWC now (I think there might be one after this but I’m not actually sure so don’t trust anything I say …? xD) Hogwarts is in third out of four places right now, guys! Let’s see if we can get it to the top! 😉

I used all three prompts (again) (yay 😛 )

I’m running out of things to say now that we’re so far into CWWC so … xD Begin the story.

(You and if you’re wondering if I made this hideous conglomeration of flowers and twigs below … yes … I am ashamed to admit I did. I didn’t have much time but wanted to make something. I’ll probably change it later* orrrr … if you happen to be skilled at making dividers and are willing to make me one that doesn’t look ugly … plz help. xD)

*as soon as possible, probably


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CWWC // Challenge Six

CWWC // Challenge Six


Hello, lovelies! Is it a surprise that I’m yet again accidentally posting this incredibly late? At least I’m writing this in the afternoon instead of the night this time … xD

Anyway, for those who still haven’t gotten the memo (because I feel like I’m literally talking about this all the time …) this is a story for the Creating World’s Writing Camp which is hosted by the lovely Loren over @ Let’s Be Lost This story doesn’t connect at all to the previous challenges I’ve posted … so yep.

I also used all three prompts. Let’s do this and win Team Hogwarts! 😉


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CWWC // Challenge Five

CWWC // Challenge Five


AHHHH. I didn’t really mean to post this at like the last possible second but here we are. HOPEFULLY I MADE IT? I’m not quite sure what time-zone the thing is for but it’s 8:46 (9:05 now that I’ve finished everything) here right now so hopefully this counts as on time? Fingers crossed. For those who don’t know this is the Creating World’s Writing Camp hosted by Loren @ Let’s Be Lost. This is the fifth challenge* so funnnn. Yeah, I’m just going to do the story now so I don’t run out of time. xD

Edit: AHHH! I forgot to mention that I used all three prompts! ^-^

*How??? We’re so far in already!

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