CWWC // Challenge Seven (yes, another one)

CWWC // Challenge Seven (yes, another one)


We’re nearing the end of CWWC now (I think there might be one after this but I’m not actually sure so don’t trust anything I say …? xD) Hogwarts is in third out of four places right now, guys! Let’s see if we can get it to the top! 😉

I used all three prompts (again) (yay 😛 )

I’m running out of things to say now that we’re so far into CWWC so … xD Begin the story.

(You and if you’re wondering if I made this hideous conglomeration of flowers and twigs below … yes … I am ashamed to admit I did. I didn’t have much time but wanted to make something. I’ll probably change it later* orrrr … if you happen to be skilled at making dividers and are willing to make me one that doesn’t look ugly … plz help. xD)

*as soon as possible, probably


It was a day no one could forget.

The country land had slowly been succumbing to the terrible disease, and it had reached a point where the masses could no longer ignore it. They had been told to move for they on safety, and abandon everything.

Phillip, alone in the world with the 20 other kids being taken care of by an overworked 24-year-old, didn’t have much choice to stay or go.

The only way to get to a safer place was through the tunnels, which frankly scared Phillip even more the supposed threat of the disease that would kill them all if they didn’t move. But to the tunnels they had to go, down where no natural light touched, down where the trains and conductors were the only people who knew how to navigate. Down where you could get lost forever.

Or at least that’s what the older kids, the ones in their late teens said as they leered over the kids that were old enough to be left to their own devices, but still young enough to feel fear and believe almost anything.

It was past midnight when their group arrived in a town that was finally big enough to have an entrance into the tunnels. The place was crowded and running rampant with chaos and activity. Shouts, lights, and the scent of stale air and warm bodies filled the underground, enough to disorient anyone.

The group, even the older teens, kept as close together as possible. If they were separated, there was little chance of finding them again in all chaos.

Phillip tried to keep his head down as he was bumped and pushed along. It was only when a tall man, a bulky man wearing a guard badge came up to them and began talking loudly asked where they thought they were going that he was forced to look up.

“The trains. We … we were told we needed to get to the cities.” Sam, the one who watched over the younger kids and made sure none of them got in trouble. Her voice wavered, and her hands clenched and unclenched. Phillip, even from this distance, could tell that she was scared.

The guard shook his head, “I’m sorry ma’am but this part of the track is closed. You’ll have to go to a different part to get in.”


Sam nodded bravely, and turned to go, ushering out the crowd of kids. Something kept Phillip from moving with the group for just a split second too long. He stared at the trains, wondering why, if this part of the track was closed, there were people filling the cars, their faces pressed to the glass in panic.

When he turned, his group was gone.

His heart started to thump and it felt like all the blood drained out of his body, making him lightheaded. He ran further into the crowd, searching for one of the guards. One stood, directing another group away from the trains, and he ran up to them, tugging on the guards are.

“Please, sir. I don’t know where my group went. They left and I can’t find them.”

The guard looked down at him, his brow wrinkling. “Here. You’d better come with me.” The guard started walking away, and Phillip was forced to follow him, weaving through scared people. The guard stopped for a second and started discussing something with a different guard, who shot glances at Phillip. Finally, they nodded and the first one came back.

“You’re to ride in the train.”

“But someone said that-”

No buts, come on. He took a firm grip on Phillip’s arm, so he had no choice but to follow him. In seconds they were at the train, and Phillip was getting pushed in.

A loud screeching filled the darkened tunnel. Phillip had lost track of how long they’d been moving in the darkness.

The train pitched, and they slowed considerably. Mutters filled the car, but Phillip tunes them all out, focusing instead on the steady thumping noise that nobody else seemed to be paying enough attention to hear. He tried to turn to someone, anyone standing next to him but the darkness was pitch black.

One thump, two thumbs, and onward, the sound seemed to be creeping closer and closer to the when suddenly a single beam of light burst through the window. A face, or what seemed to be a face, peered in, and the door cracked open. Large eyes that almost covered the creatures whole face, unnaturally colored hair that stuck up in every way, and dark, skin-tight clothes crept closer and closer, before bending down besides Phillip.

“We’re here to rescue some of you.”

Phillip gulped, but blurted out before he could think, “Why not all of us?”

A chuckle followed, before the creature simply said, “Come on,” and gestured with its head to the door. Phillip followed without hesitation.

The journey was fast and blinding. They, and a group of people who Phillip could never keep track of, moved quickly without much light. Tunnel after tunnel flashed by, the turns and twists too many to count. At last, light came from a hole, and into the blinding sunshine they all moved.

It was unlike anything Phillip had ever seen. Plastic and slides, and unnatural city things that he could not name filled his vision. They all funneled out into a slide, high above the sun-baked ground.


They moved quickly. Once Phillip’s eyes had adjusted to the harsh sun, he realized that the rescuers (or were they kidnappers?) were not in fact some type of monster. The one who had collected him pulled off large goggles, and unzipped a dark jacket. Her eyes were still fairly large, though not as unnatural as they had been in the darkness with her huge googles. Freckles dotted her brown checks, and her mouth was wide, though currently pulled into a frown. The only thing that was most unusual about her was her hair, which was a vibrant turquoise, and still stuck up everywhere.

“Come on, then,” she said, frowning at him. “We’ve got to meet up with everyone else.”

He nodded, and hurried on, following the rest of the group.

The slide slid downward in a sharp descent after a while, and they were all forced to sit. It deposited them, at a great pace, near a group of trees, which the strange people led them to.

Inside the trees, protected from the curious gaze of anyone who could find this strange, seemingly abandoned place, was a large camp. People milled about of all shapes and sizes, though, Phillip soon realized. They were all kids. They ranged from around 10 to their late teens.

At yet, that wasn’t the most surprising thing about them. Every single one of them had hair varying in all the shades of the rainbow.


The group Phillip had come with quickly huddled together in the center of the camp. The others, who were moving about their business quickly grouped together and formed a circle. The girl who had rescued Phillip took a few steps to distance herself from both and faced the new group.

“Hello, all,” she began in a calm voice, “I know this must be surprising so I’m here to answer any questions.”

Phillip spoke before he realized it, “Who are you?” his voice asked, ringing through the clearing.

The girl exchanged a quick glance with the people around her.

“We’re the survivors.”


And thaaaat’s everything there! I’m not sure how I like this story. To be honest, I wish I’d had a bit more time to flesh out Phillip’s character and make the writing flow smoother … a well. It was fun and writing at all is good practice. 😉

Thank you for reading guys! It means a lot to me, especially after basically everything I’ve been posting for the last month have been stories. xD

I hope you enjoyed that! If you’re participating in CWWC comment and drop a link to your favorite story that you’ve written! I haven’t really had a chance to read anyone’s for the last couple challenges and I’m sad about that …

Oh! And plus, if you do design graphic dividers and would be willing to help … or if you know someone … 😉 I drastically need help.

I think that’s all so until next time …


are you doing CWWC this year? of what you can remember, which set of Loren’s prompts have been your favorite? do you do graphic design and would you be willing to help me with my dividers xD (I can’t make any that I actually like xD) are you sad about CWWC? are y’all back to school yet? Comment below!


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