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Carole @ Peeking Through A Kaleidoscope Peeking Through A Kaleidoscope  is hosting the Cameras and Pens challenge! Here are my current submissions.

21Challenge one:

I used all three prompts but didn’t have time to take or draw pictures. 🙂

My legs burned but I kept pushing onward, peddling my bike as fast as I could.

Please be there, please be there … please …

She has to be there, she had to …

The tires skidded on the ground as I stopped, then hopped off my the bike, letting it crash to the ground as I nearly tripped and fell.

“Elegant entrance that was.” Her voice shimmers with sarcasm. I breath a sigh of relief. She’s here. I’m not too late.

I attempt to casually pick my bike off the ground and walk it to the post but the leg of my jeans gets caught in the pedal and I awkwardly dance around before being able to get myself free. I can hear her snorting in amusement behind me but I don’t really care. At least she’s here.

We move down to the river, picking our way over the rocks. It takes a few minutes, and quite a deal of concentration so I don’t talk. She does though, filling the silence with chattering. I’ve noticed that she doesn’t really like the quiet.

We’ve met here every other day for the past three weeks. Now summer’s coming to an end and I’m moving, to leave her, my best friend, and drive thousands of miles away. I don’t want to. I’ve protested. But I have no choice in the matter and this is the last day, the last perfect day, that I get to see her.

The river is cold when we reach it and the air has a chill to it that’s new. I peel my socks off and wade in undeterred and she does to, though I can here an inadvertent gasp at the chill escaping her lips. It’s normal. Me her, a day. The last day.

The I here the splash.

I turn around and spot her in the knee deep water, floundering around. I hurry toward her, minding my step over the uneven rocks.

“Are you okay?” I gasp, as I reach her.

“Sure, sure, I’m fine.”

I study her face, trying to tell if she’s lying. She doesn’t seem hurt, though there’s a glint in her eye.

“At least I will be if you join me!” She latches onto my leg, trying to knock me over. I remain standing, looking at her, unimpressed.

“Do you even know how to do this?”

She snorts, pushing a wet piece of hair out of her eye.

“I don’t know. I’ve never tried to kidnap and hold someone under water before.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 7.06.20 PM

“Uh-huh … The inexperience shows.” I reach down and pull her up by the arm. She flops more, obviously deciding not to help. A little slice of time. Maybe the last time I get to joke with her like this.

My heart suddenly hurts, but I try to shake it off. This moment, this little moment, should be ingrained in my mind forever.

Maybe it’s just one minute. Or just one second. Or maybe one microsecond. But I want to remember it forever. And yet it whips by my memory way too fast.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 7.08.12 PM

She notices my mood and looks up at me, concerned.

“You okay?”

I nod, forcing a smile. “Just sad that I’m moving. Let’s just enjoy this last evening.”

She looks unconvinced but smiles anyway. “Sure. Sounds like a plan.”

So we do, the microseconds turning into seconds into minutes turning into hours. All of it passing too quickly.

The last seconds slip away and I’m forced to leave. I slip a promise out of her that she’ll come back here, even if I won’t.


I leave the bike there, staring out over the river. Just to make sure the town remembers me.

Challenge 2

*I feel terrible and I thought I’d be able to submit a challenge but I didn’t have any time … so no challenge 2. I’m really sorry Team Lily! >.<*

Chapter 3:

Prompts: 2
Pictures: 17
That’s be 34 for the pictures, 1 for on time, and 2 for the prompts so … 37 points?

*disclaimer: this is the first time I tried out the camera on my phone for actual photography. I know this probably all doesn’t look amazing and I wish I had a little bit more time to mess with the filters so they’d turn out more aesthetic and nice … Buuut I’m hoping to improve over time. 😉 So yep*

The story

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … 

Did her heart just stop?

I gasp, trying to keep the tears from spilling out of my eyes.

“Come on, come on.” I whisper a silent prayer to God, to anyone who will listen and help me.

3 … 2 … 1 …

And the simulation stops, the lights turning back on, and there, Mrs. Lasson stands, looking incredibly disappointed and just a little bit annoyed.

Tira,” she almost yells, putting emphasis on the first syllable like she always does, “what, was that?”

I hang my head, mumbling an apology.

“You do realize this is the final test?”

I blink the tears out of my eyes, not daring to look up at her. “Can I try again?”

I peek through a wave of purple frizzy hair. She shakes her head slowly. “I’m sorry, Tira, I really am. You were my best student but … you can’t continue with that performance and … I can’t give you special treatment and another chance. You’ve flunked out. You’re done.”

I feel a hand on my shoulder and I can imagine the sympathetic look in her eyes. “Please promise me you’ll use your abilities for the greater good and if it means anything I’m really sorry to see you go.”

I nod but pull away, stumbling to the door as fast I can, and head into the glowing darkness. My stomach pictures and I hurry away as fast as I can. But I glance back, I have to. The door isn’t fully closed behind me and now all my hopes, all my dreams of a future life, are a crack of light.


I trail home, my feet finding the path in the darkness, my brain barely realizing my surroundings. I am on auto, trailing through the city streets, too upset and numb to want to think about anything, much less something trivial as the route that’s been drilled into my brain ever since I began training.

It takes a week for me to get over it at some level to function. I tell myself I need to stop with the pity and do something, so, drastic person as I am, I decide to go on a trip. Several hundred miles. Out to the countryside.

I’ve lived in this town for my entire life. I’ve never had any reason to leave the safe city and go somewhere with plants, or grass or even animals before.

It’s not easily accessible. It’s okay to leave but to come back you have to go through an elaborate process to make sure you aren’t carrying any diseases (which is a joke, because all the current diseases originated from the city. Pack two million people into one place and bad stuff’s going to happen).

I never really felt like going through with that. But suddenly it’s all I can think of. Everything about the city reminds me of training, of living and trying ever since the beginning of highschool to get into the corps. and … now that I can’t … I try not to think about it.

Instead I pack my bag. I’ll leave on the afternoon train. I’ll be there in just a few hours.


The first thing I see is a tree. We’re just a few seconds out of town, just a couple miles, and there’s a glorious tree, yellow and orange against the blue sky. It’s gone in a second, but I catch a tiny glimpse of it, of the grass (grass, real grasscovered in it’s leaves.

The outside is such a glorious place. The sun is beginning to set and it sets a golden glow over everything, the golden orb caught in the branches of the trees as we speed past one after another.


I’m only getting used to the sight when the train slides to a halt. We’ve reached the end of the track.

There are very few people here, and it seems most of them are only here for a glance out the windows. I’m alone as I go through the air lock into the outdoors, my bag hitting the ground behind me. There’s no going back now.

I spend the next few days exploring. There’s so much to see. The moss on the trees, the site of rain, I’ve never seen rain like this before. The place seems almost nearly abandoned. I stay at a hotel, and see a grand total of three other people the entire time.

The world is so beautiful and I’ve never realized it before.

It’s the final day of what I’ve decided to be my stay (although I’m very reluctant to leave this place I’ve just discovered) and I stumble upon a house.

I’ve seen them before, this place isn’t totally abandoned and there is no slice of the world untouched by human hands anymore, but this one seems different, unlived in.

A tree drapes itself over the place, abandoned toys and contraptions I’ve never seen before buried underneath.


Curious, I push past branches and bushes until I reach the front door.

It creaks upon, and the place is empty. Dust covers the floor, spiders scuttle, but other than that, the place is undisturbed, perfect. I turn to leave and a longing hits my chest.

I’ve wanted to join the corps my entire life, but what if … this week has been the most fulfilling, the most amazing of my entire life. Couldn’t I just stay here? I glance back at the house, so perfect, even though it’s empty so much more beautiful than my tiny flat back home, and turn to leave, a happy feeling filling my entire body.

I’ll go back into the city, but only to sell everything I don’t need. I’ve decided. This will be my new life. The most exciting journey in my life.

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