Who Am I

*cue music* (PRETEND I DO NOT SEE HIS A-GON-Y. THIS INNOCENT WHO WEARS MY FACE) *coughs* (Guys, I haven’t even seen/read Les Mis *is distressed*)

Bonjour et bienvenue! ‘ello! This is Penumbra Reviews (which … hopefully you knew? 😛 ) and I’m Sarah Briel. Yup. The person who typed this. That’s me. 😀 Buuuut. Please call me Sari if you wish. Or Minty. Or Puff the Magic Chicken. Or “Yo, you. The person running this blog”. I will honestly respond to anything, though “Sari” or “Minty” or “Sarah” if you really hate nicknames would usually be the best bet …

Whew. That got … weird. Anyway, hi! I’m glad you’re here and reading this right now! Or am I …? Maybe you’re stalking me. But maybe I don’t care. Maybe I give you permission to stalk me if you wish. Otherwise why would I be writing about myself for everyone to read? Why? Whyyy?

Anyway, if you do want to know about me (for whatever reason … *looks at you suspiciously*) let us … give you some information. I don’t even know.

I am …

~ An avid reader
~ A not quite as as avid writer.
~ A Christian
~ A huge geek
~ Incredibly random
~ The type of girl who jumps obsessively from one thing to the next.
~ A believer in the Bible, that pineapple does appear everyday in unexpected places, and that I can fly. (Wait, what? Okay … maybe in an airplane but that’s it)
~ A dabbler in French and Latin, even though I can’t even English. 😛
~ An incredibly awkward person
~ And probably at least slightly crazy. But we’re all mad here, right? 😉
~ I also enjoy talking

Annnnd … I don’t want to ramble in here for too long. Honestly I’m just a normal insane teenaged girl hahahahaha … yeah … right. Anyway, thanks for popping in! And reading through this. You have passed the test of excellence. *presents you with an award and food*

Oh and hey. Want to stalk  find me in other places around the web? Head over to the contact me page. You can find me social medias over there along with basic contact information. Don’t hesitate to shoot me a message! I’d love to chat.



32 thoughts on “Who Am I

    1. Haha. Nah, you’re not. XD And I mean like … it’s probably all info that you already know sooo …? or is it I actually just updated it like … a couple days ago so maybe it’s a good thing that I haven’t read it until now? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Nah, it’s not technically supposed to do that. Technical difficulties, you might say. 😉 I just didn’t notice right away because my browser was squished and didn’t need all the background. Thanks for alerting me! 😉


    1. Ha, I wish hits were the same thing as followers. Then I’d have around 900 by now I think … 😉

      If I’m remembering correctly it should show how many followers I have on the “follow” button. 🙂


    1. Em … Kind of? XD I had a list of random names with assorted meanings and Penumbra was the top pick.
      It means “Half-shadow” so the general dealio was originally that I was bringing out not as well known books into the light (sort of) or that not that many people would read my blog so it would be half-shadowed. XD


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