Dying WIPs

Ever feel like reading about my dying novels? No? Maybe? You’re in luck …

Over the course of random posts, I’ve mentioned a few of my novels. I’ve yet to finish even the first draft of any (except one I wrote at age 11 … which turned out to be terrible. But that’s another story), let alone actually have one finished finished and edited. I do hope to self-publish at some point at least one of them but … that’ll probably be a while.

Nevertheless! I, for some odd reason, just decided to make this a page … just to keep you up to date with the projects that I’m actually working on, I guess. Yeah …. Hopefully this will help you not become extremely confused when I talk about any of my writing. XD

(Be a dear and don’t steal anything. 😛 )

Beyond The Sky


Read my post about this here.

“Eevee Writer lives in a world of beauty and adventure. She is free to go where ever she wishes in the constantly changing surrounding. Battling pirates, fighting dragons, flying everywhere in her hot air balloon, gathering candy grass or helping design contraptions, any of this is a normal day for Eevee. Her world is filled with excitement and joy around every turn and she loves it.

But suddenly it isn’t filled with excitement and joy. Darkness and danger start to fill the corners and creep into everything, and Eevee is determined to find out what is threatening the perfect and beauty. But beauty is fragile, and as Eevee gradually figures out the truth her entire world threatens to crumble.”

Pinterest Board

This is the one that ruined my rewrite of Through The Mist for my 2016 NaNo novel. It proceeded to die. I will hopefully resurrect it but … It’s about 3.5K words at this point.


Eigengrau (Previously “Unnamed WIP”), Exemplar, and the other one …

Read a random snippet here …

[Yeah … I don’t really have a blurb …]

In a the cliche where there is always light and darkness, evil and good, a villain and a hero, the trilogy of Eigengrau, Exemplar, and … the one other one redefine expectations.

What of the story behind the villain? What of the truth behind the lie? Every battle is told by the winner.

Illyana has been shunned and betrayed all her life. Her childhood and her face seem to define her, and no matter how hard she tries she can’t make the world see her as anything but a villain.

Conlan and his sister are the world’s most revered soldiers. She, winning great fame after the war, and he joining his older sister as they traveled from one end of the nation to the other. But disaster strikes and he is left along to bear the burden of the illusion of honor and glory that he no longer feels worthy of or desires.

Illyana and Conlan crash in a battle that the world sees as good and evil, but they see as their duty to illusions. The battles rage outwardly, as the battles inside themselves rage even more.

I actually work on this occasionally … This is like … the one project I started outside of a NaNo that actually survived past the first 500 words. I don’t really have anything else to say about this currently … so … yep. *coughs*


Through The Mist

[no cover … or blurb … or anything]

I’ve mentioned this … a couple times. This was originally my 2014 NaNo project which achieved greatness at 20,000 words and … desperately needs a rewrite. A fantasy, that turned out slightly cliche, I’ve actually chewed on the idea a bit and know what I’m going to do. Alas, alas, I’m basically terrible at … actually doing anything, and although I attempted to rewrite for NaNo of 2016, that kind of failed.



And this one … (yes, I have … way too many books that I haven’t actually worked on …) is my historical fiction christian romance. This was my 2015 NaNo project that achieved violent gagging at about 25,000 words. It was incredibly sickly, shallow, and stupid. However, the idea was actually quite good, so this one has an actual reason for my not working on it, mainly, it’s awaiting a time (which … will hopefully come) when I can right romance which doesn’t make everyone want to die.


A Misadventure In Time-Travel

Righto, this is probably the one that’s furthest along in any process …

I originally wrote this one for my 2013 NaNo, which achieved greatness and an actual ending at 6,000 words. It was basically a glorified terrible conglomeration of a great deal of short stories smushed together. It wasn’t that good.

I then proceeded to re-write it with an actual plot for … some camp? It was apparently July 2015. Anyway, this turned out way better even though that July failed on day 25 with 17,805 words. I’m also pretty sure I worked on it in April 2016 for Camp NaNo? Anyway, I currently have 28,330 words on this one, and have actually semi-recently let some friends read it instead of hiding it under the bed forever.

And that’s about it! Hopefully that  was mildly interesting and relieved confusion instead of creating more … If you’d actually like to see any of these as actual novels at some point … please tell me. Otherwise they will most likely die because of lack of inspiration. 😉



4 thoughts on “Dying WIPs

    1. I’m glad you liked it! 😉 In all honesty it does seem wayyy more of your type of story than Misadventure. Hopefully I’ll have the time (and maturity) to rewrite Rose soonish. 🙂


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