Storytime! Mypets (or … whatever it was called …) (I’m still under construction btw)

Storytime! Mypets (or … whatever it was called …) (I’m still under construction btw)

Alright. So yeah, I’m still technically under construction … and will be as scheduled.

Basically though, I’m really really really bad at actually following any guidelines that I set forth. Or basically any instructions. Or rules. #rebel

Yeah … anyway … for whatever reason I said something like “yeah, I’m not turning penumbra into that weirdo website mypets so don’t worry lol kk brb muhwa muha lots of love lol” when I said I was under construction. shhhh … it sounded exactly like that … 😛

So. This created storytime!, the part of the show where Sari comes out and does a little jig whut and tells you a story even though she’s technically constructioning this entire blog and shouldn’t be posting.


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That is right m’dears.

So here’s the news:

Penumbra Reviews is going to be shut down and under construction for about a week (until maybe the 19thish?)

Yes, I know I said I’d follow my posting schedule for once this month but that ain’t happening.

The dealio is I currently have a great plethora of ideas that, unfortunately, need time.

I mean, I could always do what I’m kind of doing now and work on stuff but not actually post but … this is killing me slowly inside. I will have no heart or soul if I continue on this path.

I am, however, doing assorted bookish things that I actually signed up to do so have no fear! I will be back for at least one post on the 20th and one on … somewhere after that. I should probably go check.

I will not, I repeat, will not turn this construction thing into that one weirdo website … MyPets … I think it may have been called. 

That was an odd site …

In this time, I shall be (1) Working on pages on here (2) Working on posts and post ideas (3) Working on graphics (4) Possibly improving this theme and overall just … making this better I guess?

Penumbra will still be accessible so you can always come on here … just … let it be known that it is currently under construction and subject to change and it’ll probably be really odd, kk? 😉

Alright. You have been warned. 

So stay safe, stay brilliant, have a lovely day, and I will see you on the other side! 😀

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