The Secret Slipper // Review + Blog Tour

The Secret Slipper // Review + Blog Tour

Hello once again, lovelies! Today I’m coming to inform you have a beautiful thing happening … The Secret Slipper by Amanda Tero is on blog tour! *insert streamers and cheering here* I had the amazing opportunity to read an ARC and now I get to scream my thoughts in form of a review at y’all lovely people. I’m so happy that I had this amazing opportunity, and thank you all for joining me on my stop!


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(look at how pretty the cover is …)

Being a cripple is only the beginning of Lia’s troubles. It seems as if Bioti’s goal in life is to make Lia as miserable as possible. If Lia’s purpose is to be a slave, then why did God make her a cripple? How can He make something beautiful out of her deformity?

Raoul never questioned the death of his daughter until someone reports her whereabouts. If Ellia is still alive, how has she survived these ten years with her deformity? When Raoul doesn’t know who to trust, can he trust God to keep Ellia safe when evidence reveals Bioti’s dangerous character?

As time brings more hindrances, will Raoul find Ellia, or will she forever be lost to the father she doesn’t even know is searching for her?

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