River Of Silence Spotlight // Blog Tour

River Of Silence Spotlight // Blog Tour


Hello, all! I’m coming to you on the first day of the blog tour for Sel Harmoni‘s debut book River Of Silence.  I’ll be spotlighting the book today and telling y’all a little bit about it. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I’m looking forward to it. 😉



Aberfa can neither hear nor speak, but she has grapheme-colour synesthesia, meaning that her brain associates anything and everything with a certain colour. Emotions have colour, words and numbers have colour, and people have colour. Because of this, Aberfa is able to communicate through colours to other people with synesthesia (but she doesn’t know that).

However, an evil plot is unfurled – a plot to rid the world of colour in order to make commoners more susceptible to the government. Aberfa and her new friends must travel to free colour from the king’s iron grip and restore colour before it’s too late.

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Sel Harmoni is a proud Texan. Raised in the south, she’s always had an inclination to spin tales of grandeur and daring. Now that’s she’s a high schooler, she finally feels brave enough to put some of her stories together in her first-ever published book, River of Silence. You can find her on her website at selharmoni.weebly.com, and on her personal blogselenesilver.wordpress.com.







The blog tour will run from 10th-15th so if you’d like even more fun be sure to follow it! You can find an active schedule here. Or be sure to check out:

August 14th, Monday – FL  Potts http://fireflysstoryspace.blogspot.com/


Annnndd, that’s all! Thanks for reading! I’ll have my third CWWC post up tomorrow hopefully, but until then …


Are you excited for any new book releases? Have you published any books yourself? Do you need any pointers for book marketing? (Because apparently I really like marketing and read all the books in the library about it xD) What’s your favorite type of book to read? Comment below!



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