CWWC // Challenge Two

CWWC // Challenge Two


And hello once again! So today is another CWWC story*. As a reminder, CWWC is the Creating Worlds Writing Camp hosted by the lovely Loren over at Let’s Be Lost. I’m on team Hogwarts (which is behind currently. But we can do this Hogwarts!)


I used all three prompts again this challenge, and had a ton of fun writing my story … enjoy! 😉

*I meant to post another normal post between this and last Thursday but I didn’t realize how close together the challenges are? xD

Seb was fairly sure today would be his last on the war-torn planet called earth.

People had been disappearing from The Home for over a month now. At first, he’d thought it had been a mistake, but as more and more left it became obvious that something was wrong. He’d asked The Superintendent and she had said that people were being “relocated” and that “they were simply going somewhere better than this drab house” seeing as The Home “has been overcrowded for far too long.”

Simply put, Seb didn’t believe anything that The Superintendent had said in the slightest.

And yesterday evening, he’d been notified that in 24 hours he would follow the path of those unfortunates he’d been missing all month and also be “relocated”.

As it was, Seb wasn’t very excited about this prospect.

But today was the day, and he didn’t plan to turn tail and run and be torn apart on the streets by The Rageful. So Seb left the house with the group of soldiers, and marched bravely into the bus, only turning back to stare at the only home he could remember once he was seated.



As the bus stuttered and the engine began to hum, all Seb could think was that The Home looked so small. Yellow trim doing barely anything to brighten the dull taupe of the siding. The building was pushed between the other houses, closed in on both sides with barely a metre of space in between. The eternally grey sky in the background did little to help the atmosphere, making it feel even more boxed in than it was.

Seb tried to take a mental picture of the place, tried to preserve it in his mind, but even as he tried he knew how futile it would be. New images of the world would overwhelm the old images of his life. Besides, he’d be dead soon anyway.

The bus pulled away and Seb turned away from The Home, and prepared himself for death.


He woke up to a quiet whispering. He couldn’t remember falling asleep, and definitely didn’t remember getting off the bus but here he was. In a new room, sitting on a chair. His feet bound in chains.



Oddly enough, he didn’t feel any panic setting in. He had assumed he would be dead by now. Instead he was facing this alternative. Whether it was better or worse was still up for debate.

A few moments passed before he heard whispering again.

“Why this boy, Alfrik?”

“He’s ready, he’s perfect, he just needs training. Do not doubt me.”

“I will doubt you. I do not agree at all with your motives, or the way you execute them.”

The whispering stopped, but the sound of footsteps soon followed, growing quieter with each passing second. Seb was tempted to let himself relax, to sink into the chair and let his fate come. Instead he stood. Chain was heaped in coils at his feet, and a door was mere steps away. Obviously, his captives either assumed he’d either be so unintelligent that he would not realize this, or meant for him to attempt to leave.

Either way, he was completely content to stand shakily and head toward the door.

Surprisingly, it opened at his touch and he exited into the hall, carrying several metres of excess chain with him. He spent a single moment glancing around, before hearing voices in a nearby room, and stalking closer.

Seb carefully laid the chain down as he went, crouching near the floor and attempting to make little to no noise. He stopped when he reached a door, open just a crack. A voice trinkled through, both into the hall, and into Seb’s waiting ears.

“No, please! I’m begging you!” It was thin, wrought out. Oh-so-tired and very, very afraid. Seb moved closer, a part of him longing to comfort the owner of the voice. The chain on his foot made a gentle clinking sound as he moved, alerting him that he was at its end.

“It can’t end like this. It can’t! I’ll do anything! I’ll be anything you want me to be! Just … just … tell them I said something, please. My children … they don’t know where I’ve gone.”

A silence, followed by words laden with disgust, tinged with panic and longing, “Fine. I’m done with you all, I’m done with this organization … but my children. Please. Don’t let it end like this. Tell them where I’ve gone, lies or the truth, I don’t care. Tell them I’ve said something. Tell them I love them. Please. Please.”



The voice broke, and a gasping hiccup followed by the sound of tears filled the space. Even though he didn’t fit in here, didn’t even know the woman, a small part of him broke as it tried to reach out to her. Another part began to fill with fury at whoever would make her suffer like this.

The sound of footsteps down the hall, the quiet voices he had heard from the room in which he woke drifted to Seb, who started and turned. A step, two, trying to get back to his room but it was too late.

A man and a woman faced him. The woman’s eyes were wide, shocked, surprised, at seeing Seb standing there. The man betrayed no such emotion.

“Hello, Sebastian,” he spoke, in a cool voice, “we have a mission for you. How would you feel about finding a girl called Tess?”

Aaannnd, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed it! Congratulations if you read through the entire thing. 😉

I’ll be back with another CWWC post on Thursday, and hopefully? Maybe? A normal post at some point. I’m hoping I’ll have time to get one up this Saturday but no promises. We shall seee. CWWC is taking up most of my time AND my normal posting schedule so this is slightly unusual.

So I’ll see you then! Until Thursday though …


Are you doing CWWC? If so, put a link in the comments with your challenge! have you ever done CWWC before? Have you ever done any other writing challenge types thing before? Comment below!



15 thoughts on “CWWC // Challenge Two

  1. Fantastic story! But the ending??? WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE US LIKE THIS?
    Ha ha, anyway, this sounds like a cool writer challenge! I have never done anything like this, but your team name is Hogwarts, so it must be great. 😉
    Good luck on the rest of the challenges!

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