CWWC // Challenge One

CWWC // Challenge One


Hello lovelies! The lovely Loren @ Let’s Be Lost is hosting the third annual Creating Worlds Writing Camp (or CWWC) and after loving observing it last year before Penumbra existed, I’m participating this year! *sparklers explode* *cake is thrown everywhere* I am EXCITED, folks.


So I’m ended up on team Hogwarts, which is fantastic (even though this isn’t my favorite color tbh. Don’t judge me 😛 I’m #shallow, a’right, m8?)

Anyway, the prompts were quite awesome, and included all three of ’em. I also wrote in 3rd person present which is something I haven’t done before but always thought was really cool and … yep. Here’s my story then. ^.^

Tessa isn’t sure how she has gotten here, but here she is. The bus rocks back and forth as it drives along the deserted road. Tessa blinks as she sits up, wincing at the pain in her lungs.

The interior of the place is dim; no lights fill the space save for the grey filtering through the grimy windows. It’s frigid inside the bus, the sort of damp that fills your bones.

Tessa feels her neck prickling and narrows her eyes as she scans the bus. It’s half-full of other people. They sit and talk among themselves or stare out the window save for one, who is looking at Tessa.


Tessa fixes her with a questioning stare but the other girl only returns it. She mouths words that Tessa can’t hear as the bus continues to move.

Without warning, a heavy darkness settles over Tessa’s eyes, filling her head, and stopping her breaths. She panics, trying to move, trying to stop the darkness, but it pays no heed. Tessa’s eyes close and her head droops and she’s lost in darkness.

A white light slowly filters through the dark clouds as Tessa opens her eyes. She’s inside a house, clean and white and pretty, though there are no windows. When she tries to move, tries to speak, she can’t. She’s facing a table, and through the corners of her eyes sees that she’s wearing a dress, a pretty white thing.

Her hand slowly moves, though Tessa isn’t sure if it’s she’s willing it to or if it’s moving of its own free will. It skirts the table top until it reaches a simple black notebook. Tessa, or rather, Tessa’s body, her mind though present, is from another time, picks up the notebook and flips it open, scrawling words that Tessa can’t see, can’t read though she desperately wants to.

Then the darkness returns and she’s gone once more.

She wakes up once again, this time being thrown from the bus. The girl, the one who was watching, is yelling something but Tessa can’t understand it. Then the girl is gone, though a bus remains. Whether it’s the same bus or one completely different, Tessa isn’t sure. She only knows that it’s grown over with weeds, falling apart. A shape flits and moves inside the bus, visible through one of it’s cracked windows. Merely a shadow, but there’s something menacing about it.

Tessa scrambles backwards, her body filling with fear, as some part of her brain recognizes the shape. She turns and gets to her feet. She’s leaving, walking, hurrying, running away when she sees a book on the ground. She pauses, and turns back, picking it up and hurrying once more away from the bus, glancing back fearfully.

It’s only when she can no longer see it that she begins to inspect what she found. It’s a black notebook, the same, she’s sure, as the one she saw. The cover has a piece of paper taped to it, filled with words written clearly, marking the book. It simply says “THINGS I WANTED TO SAY BUT NEVER DID”


Tessa feels the urge to open the book, the urge to see what she wrote that time once upon a dream, but a growl splits the open air, breaks through the cloudy day and she’s running again, the book tucked under her arm.

She can’t hear them but she knows she’s being chased.

Suddenly, her feet fly out from under her and she’s falling, falling, falling down. She tumbles, clutching the notebook, the only thing that matters to her. The ground meets her body, pummeling her mercilessly every few seconds.

And then, without warning, she stops rolling, stops moving.

Tessa is scared to move, to look around, but the quiet forces her eyes open. There are no more birds tweeting, no growls, no sounds of rain, not even the subtle swish of grass. Slowly, she rolls over, pushing herself to her feet, her head swaying. She glances around and finds that she’s in a garden. White bushes of flowers surround her, and trees cloak the place, dark against the grey sky. But all is quiet.


Tessa steps forward, a stone path beneath her feet. She holds the book closely to her chest as she nears a gazebo, a stone statue of a woman in the center and the white flowers spread all around.

When she reaches it she sinks to the ground, pulling the book from under her arm. She’s about to open the cover when a hand touches her shoulder, a voice speaking one word breaking through the never-ending silence of the garden.



And there you have it! I don’t know how I feel about my actual writing but honestly, that was really fun. 😉 If you want to read more CWWC stories, and maybe some poems or other stuff, I’d seriously recommend going to check out the post here at Let’s Be Lost.

Anyway … that’s about it I think! Hope you enjoyed this and have a fabulous day 😛


are you doing CWWC this year? have you done it before? what’s your opinion on 3rd person present? have you read any other cwwc entries yet? comment below!




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      1. Nuuuuhh. You’ve betrayed meeee. XD We can no longer be friends XD
        CWWC is really fun! You can do it without a blog so if Loren is doing it next year … 😉


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