I (Technically) Won Camp NaNo? // RRR and Other Updates

I (Technically) Won Camp NaNo? // RRR and Other Updates


Well, if it isn’t the very last day of the month ….

[note: yeah … I do realize that it’s actually the first day of the month currently. Basically what happened (and partially why I didn’t post last week …) is that we ripped out all the carpeting in my bedroom and everything is in boxes and a mess and I couldn’t find my laptop charger ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Which … was a serious problem. BUT I FOUND IT SO NOW I’M BACK AND GOOD TO GO HOPEFULLY]

This may come as a shock to some but Camp NaNo (and July) is officially over tomorrow. What does this mean? Many are frantically writing their hearts out to get the last 500, 1k, 2k, however many words down in their story to reach their goal for the month. Many are eating celebratory cake. So which one are you? And which one am I?

Wheeeell. I’m not currently frantically writing my heart out*, but I have no cake either**.

What DID happen for me was I started out the month okayish, then we went on quite a lot of unplanned vacations plus day trips during the first half of the month which sucked out all possible time, and then I met my new camp goal of 12k today, actually. No early goal achieving for me, I’m not that productive folks.

What I do have, though, is over 20k on Eigengrau. Which is exciting

*seeing as I’m currently writing this blog post so I’m not sure how that would work if I was …? I do not have that much skills.
**Which is a tragedy into itself


I read 15 books in July which is quite surprising and excellent even though it was one of my goals …

I wanted to take a picture but most of all of these were either ebooks or books from the library and I keep. Returning. All of my library books. Somewhat obsessively, so I have no opportunity to take pretty pictures, which is sad. I will fix this at some point!

Some noteworthy ones …:

I finally read The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore, which I’ve heard so many good things about I didn’t fall in love with it but I must have liked the last bit at of a lot even though I can’t remember it because I rated it ★★★★☆

I also finally got to read The last book in The Nyssa Glass Series by H. L. Burke I don’t think it really help up to my standard of Nyssa Glass but it was good. ★★★★☆

Lastly (expect for all the other books, but we don’t need to mention them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) I read 3 Schwab books. Have I ever said how much I love Schwab?? Anyway, I read A Gathering of Magic, The Archived, and re-read This Savage Song.*

*I’m currently buddy reading Our Dark Duet with my buddy Padfoot and I AM INSANELY SCARED because everyone dies promptly after reading it. It’s so good tho. xD


Like I previously said, I won camp NaNo!


I mean that looks slightly sad and I couldn’t write quite a lot of days due to us LEAVING CIVILIZATION. I mean #rude* but I did it! Yeeeee

*even though it was fun …


July was an okay month for me blogging wise. Stat-wise it was really good for me, but I didn’t get out as many posts as I would have liked*. My top 3 posts were

BeautifulPeopleBlogButton-PF2_zps5c587c9e BookBloggerProblems


I just realized apparently none of my graphics are actually the same size … I should probably work on that.

*Due to many things, some in my control some not …


And loads of other stuff happened probably but I either can’t remember, it was too awesome to list, or I’m not following your blog so make sure to tell me comment so I actually know you exist. 😉

And let’s wrap up my goals for last month so that July can turn into just a pleasant memory and August can ceremoniously be cast forth into the world!



  • Read 15 books ✓✓ Amazing, yess
  • 8 of which have to be off your TBR ✗ This was a no. I was trying so hard and I thought I only had to read 5 but it was 8 so … xD
  • 2 of which have to be non-fiction to enrich your brain and all that jazz ✓✓
  • 1 has to be a classic. To enrich your brain and all that jazz ✓✓
  • And 6 have to be reviewed 


  • CONQUER NANO. Which means write 30k words this month on Eigengrau ✓✗ I mean … I did NaNo but I moved my wordcount down so … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Plan stuff on Exemplar 
  • Wordbuild, man 


  • Post twice weekly!! ✗✗ Failure. xD
  • Get 60 followers? ✓✗ So if you look on the counter on the side it says I have 70 but THAT IS A LIE. I have 66 WordPress followers and 3 email followers, (WHICH IS AMAZING GUYS THANK YOU), and then I connected to my Twitter so I think it might have added those to which makes it say 70? But idk.
  • Comment on other people’s bloggos 


  • Get together with friends at least … 5 more times? It’s summer, mon, no excuses ✗ Apparently there are excuses. xD
  • Go to the pool loads, it’s summer, mon ✗ Yeah … no.

ExcitingAugustAnd now we’re into August! Some stuff that’s happening …


I’m not actually going to make any goals for August, because I’m unsure if I’m going to keep doing a Random Ramblings monthly … Any thoughts? I might just take it down to one every three months or something like that … we shall see.

And thattt’s about everything, folks.Congrats to anyone who actually got through this post. xD I’ll be back on Thursday with my CWWC entry(!) but until then let me know what’s happening in your life!


What’s happening in August for you? Did you do Camp NaNo in July? What are you excited for? What’s your opinion on my monthly ramblings? Have you read any Schwab books? I’d love to talk to you!



18 thoughts on “I (Technically) Won Camp NaNo? // RRR and Other Updates

  1. CONGRATS ON WINNING CAMP!!! That is seriously awesome. ❤ And omg SCHWAB BOOKS!!! I'm excited to see what you think of ODD because I've heard it's crushing. Gosh, I LOVE McLemore's books! They are SO beautiful. Oh, it's Kellyn's birthday in August??? Thank you so much for linking my post and hope you have a wonderful August!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU! Yesss, Schwab. I’m frankly, very very scared of ODD as I’ve also heard it’s crushing but it’s really good so far, and I haven’t died yet so that’s probably a good thing. What’s your favorite of McLemore’s books? Hope you have a wonderful August too!! Thanks for commenting! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your number of fulfilled life goals vs. number of fulfilled reading/writing/blogging goals is hilarious but also kind of painful because it is so me. Do I even have a life?!?!
    Also, I just discovered The Story Sponge too and it is AMAZING. Whenever I read a new post I end up just staring at the computer screen, grinning like an idiot, and sometimes actually laughing out loud.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so honored to be mentioned on someone else’s blog. It is bizarre to know that other people realize that you exist. (Sometimes I don’t even know that I exist…so…that’s awkward.) When I read this post I fell onto the floor and died of shock. But don’t worry, I am okay.
    Even though you didn’t meet all of your goals, it sounds like you did a lot in July! Congratulations on winning NaNo!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. UM WELL HELLO, you just mentioned me? I am A HAPPY BEAN. I just followed The Story Sponge because of Sherlock and Series of Unfortunate Events…AHEM, I AM A FAN.
    And nooo, I like these monthly ramblings! I wish it is still every month? They’re so much fun!Congrats on winning Camp Nano! And 15 books? WOW, that is amazing! I read 11 books so I am proud of myself. AND YES FOR the Schwab books. I need this savage song and read AGOS and ACOL last month In July and MY SOUL ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You needed mentioning. xD Yess, Sherlock and SOUE all the way!
      Thank you! I’m really quite surprised that I was able to read 15 books, actually. xD I normally average at around 11 or 12 I think so this was amazing! SCHWAB YESS. This Savage Song is amazing. I still need A Conjuring of light and I am so excited but very very scared to read it due to everyone saying it’s destroying.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. What’s happening in August for you?:
    *much dancing* *Rhett&Link voice* YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!!!!!!!


    Okay, yes, that’s extremely conceited, but seriously, I look forward to my birthday all year. Like, on August 13th all I can think about it planning my next birthday! And I’m having y’all over on the 11th, so technically I’m having 2 birthdays. Kinda. IT’S JUST SO EXCITING I WANT CAKE AND ICECREAM AND ROLLOS AAAAAAAH!!!! (um … I don’t know what the rollos are about … it just came to mind …)

    Did you do Camp NaNo in July?:
    Yep! Well, kinda. I edited for Camp (something I’ve never done before) so I got 20K which was about half-writing, half-editing. So yeah. And no. I don’t really know how to count it … it feels cheaty to edit for camp, but whatever. *shrugs*

    What are you excited for?:
    *coughs* Nothing at all …

    What’s your opinion on my monthly ramblings?:
    I enjoyed them! I really like reading stuff written by people who I know, though, so yep … um … that could be part of it. But I still think they’re cool and I love the graphics and everything! (even if they are sometimes sized incorrectly …)

    Have you read any Schwab books?:
    Nope … should I? I need to read more. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I AM ALSO VERY EXCITED FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY. AND I GET YOUR EXCITEMENT (even though it’s a bit … how shall I put this … extreme 😛 Jkjk) I’m going to get you Rollos now … *snods*
      Ohhhh, congrats on camp. Personally camp always feels way more chill than normal NaNo so I don’t feel as bad when I go all cheaty and work on 20 projects that have already been started and count them all and everything but … y’know. It’s probably good that you have a conscience. xD
      Schwab is amazing and I want to yell at you to read all her books but honestly I don’t think it’s really your style. xD Plus, I think there’d be a tad bit too much bad content (mostly cursing) for your tastes … And no you don’t need to read more. You need to read less because I’m competitive and you read more books than me. xD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha … I bet you will, too … but that’s not a problem. I love Rollos. XD

        I think last year I counted emails and certain blog posts, so yeah … I really shouldn’t feel guilty … if I was willing to do that last year … XD

        Yeah, but I read all the same kind of book. So I guess technically I just need to read more … broadly.

        Liked by 1 person

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