8 Book Blogger Problems // Because Sometimes It’s Hard

8 Book Blogger Problems // Because Sometimes It’s Hard


BookBloggerProblems.pngBeing a person comes with its own set of problems. Like, people expect us to socialize?? Apparently we have to sleep sometimes? Why can’t we just read and watch Netflix all day? What is life?

But being a blogger, especially a book blogger, comes with an even bigger set of problems. I mean, how do people do this? There’s just so many problems? Honestly I’m just so proud and slightly amazed at all of you book bloggers. Like what is this. witchcraft? In my own failure of an adventure in blogging and sort of book blogging, I’ve compiled a giant list of some of these problems.


  1. Pretty book pictures somehow exist??

Like guys, seriously. HOW DO YOU DO THIS??* I am seriously in shock and just amazed at people** who actually take beautiful bookish pictures all the time and they are amazing and beautiful and #goals.

The times that I’ve actually tried to take bookish pictures have … *shudders* I might make a bloopers type post at some point and reveal how terrible my attempts are but yes. XD

Frankly though, it just takes so much work, and skill and that weird sixth-sense for aesthetics and I’m just amazed at all the people who actually do it all the time and are amazing??? Like, is this as hard for you magical people as it is for the rest of us??

*oddly enough, there’s actually a Twitter post from Tuesday on my Twitter about this? This #obviously isn’t related to this post at all … Ha .. ha …
** *coughs* I’m looking at Cait@Paperfury. She is my idol in all bookish blog things and is frankly amazing.


 2. Actual cohesive thoughts are necessary

Most of the time reading the books isn’t that hard. I mean, we generally absorb about 20 books directly into our brain every week so like … But like, actually having thoughts and writing them down in the form of a review is basically impossible about 90% of the time.

We either have no idea what to say about the book, can only flail around, or just hate the book so much that we have no idea what to say about it. It’s so haaaarrdd.


3. We can’t just read all day anymore

Once you start blogging, there’s never any going back. There’s blog posts to write, comments to respond to, other peoples blog posts to read and it’s so much fun but it’s basically a full-time job and it’s an incredible time stealer.

Like, the people who’ve been blogging for all 983 years of their immortal life are probably used to this but I wish to spend all of the hours reading books.

Blogging seriously takes up a lot of time, which can be seriously deadly when we have 5281 books in a giant TBR stack that will come and fall and crush us. Not to mention all the books that will feel neglected and just attack us in the night? Like seriously, be thankful for all the book bloggers. We’re fighting for our very lives here.


4. We have to actually talk to people sometimes???

Like come on, this is just so hard.
It’s a truth that should be universally acknowledged, that if you want to have friends and fun and be part of the blogging community, it’s probably a good thing to reply to comments and go read other blogs and comment on those and it’s basically just a good thing to do.

And this is probably an easy thing to do for some people (in which case good on you and you don’t have a problem), but for us INCREDIBLY SOCIALLY AWKWARD people who literally don’t like talking to people because it is painful and WHAT ARE WORDS AND COMMUNICATION it is just very very hard.

Like seriously man, you’d think that once you set up a little corner of the Internet all for yourself and became the ruler so that you can slowly take over the WORLD you could just avoid people no matter how lovely they are? But like … no?? Like I love you all but I have no idea how to speak.



5. Social medias are a good thing

Because apparently it’s not enough to just set up a blog anymore.
You win half the battle when you’re having loads of fun on your blog and writing posts and communicating, but the problem is there’s another half of the battle somewhere. People expect you to have a bookstagram if you’re taking lovely bookish pictures, or Twitter, and honestly like … Goodreads is just assumed because it’s a BOOK BLOG and then Pinterest is always good, especially for atheisticy novel planning and they’re all so much fun but suddenly there’s NO TIME LEFT AND HELP THE WORLD IS ON FIRE.



6. There’s literally nothing original anymore

There’s nothing new under the sun, folks. And sometimes this stinks.

I’m fairly certain we all dream of writing original fantastic blog posts* but then get hit with the cold harsh reality that everything has literally been done before. Basically we’re stuck with either dying a cold, sad death all alone with 955 book stacks unread or just attempting to put our fabulous personalities into posts that have been done before so they hopefully turn out nice and people actually want to read them.


*I mean maybe you don’t??? I don’t want to generalize? Maybe you’re just extremely lucky?


7. You have to fit a niche

The problem with any type of blogging is that you’re blogging to a very specific audience. When you think of book blogging, it sort of seems like it’s just to the people who loves books … But no! You can’t just read all the genres and age ranges and stick them on your blog.

For most reasonable people this … probably isn’t a problem that much. Oddly enough, I feel like people will probably read mostly MG and be content, or read mostly YA and be content, or read mostly classics or whatever but I BREAK THIS STANDARD, MORTAL FOOLS.* I am almost literally** allergic to reading multiple books in the same genre in a row? I don’t know why this is so hard for me?

So basically, for those book bloggers who read a very wide range of genres, only reviewing a few is acceptable.
Oddly enough, unfortunately, most people won’t want to read random reviews from a historical-fiction romance, to a sci-fi YA, to a self-published MG Christian book. Like, idk what’s wrong with people??

*Actually, can anybody relate to this? I feel like some must but I don’t know anyone IRL XD
**ALMOST! I said almost. Don’t use literally incredible, my minions.

8. You want to read all the books

Once you get a taste of getting books for review it just gets so hard to stop or say no. The books pile up for review and soon there’s 64 of them and you’re buried under them and it’s just a little bit too much?

If the pile is so large you can’t breathe anymore when it falls on you then that’s probably a sign that you should probably read them already.

It’s just way more addictive to request books and add other ones to your TBR list and people still haven’t learned the secret to immorality and there is clearly something wrong here.love-books


In the end, though, being a book blogger, or really a blogger of any kind is so rewarding. Even through all the tears and pain and problems, it’s just so much fun, the friendships you make are amazing, and you even get you’re own little kingdom out of it!

We should all make it a goal in life to look down upon our hard work and sweat and blood that is our blog and feel just as fabulous as Moriarty looks in a crown.


LetschatHave you experienced any of these problems? What’s your favorite thing about being a blogger, or if you’re not, what do you appreciate most about bloggers? If you’re a blogger, what type are you? Who’s your favorite book blogger? Comment below!



20 thoughts on “8 Book Blogger Problems // Because Sometimes It’s Hard

  1. SO TRUE. Alllll of it. I’ve pretty much experienced every item on that list.

    The worst thing about being a blogger is the days when you’re doing Nano, you need to write at least 298479 words before bedtime, you have a gigantic TBR pile that’s being neglected, you find out you’re going out with your family to do (fill in the blank) and you have a blog post due sometime… Oh wait was that TODAY??

    Haha. I really do love blogging though. It’s so fun to connect with other people. 😊 (and not… You know… Have to talk to them. 😁)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you found it relatable! I was slightly worried that nobody would have any idea what I was talking about haha. XD

      Oh wow, that sounds so chaotic and busy. Many congratulations on surviving! 😛

      Yeah, I totally agree! Everybody on the blogosphere is so nice and the not having to TALK talk to people is an added bonus. XD


  2. Cohesive thoughts are so impossible. My emotions do not always have the power to go into a cocoon and come out as beautiful word butterflies. They just sort of stay as inarticulate caterpillars of FEELINGS.
    And talking to people is so hard. I read someone’s post and think, “This is great! I should comment…” and then I sit and stare at the screen and try to think of something to say for ten minutes and end up just typing, “Nice post!” or, “Good job!” or something of the sort.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I relate to a lot of things in this post even though I am not really a book blogger. (What type of blogger am I? I HAVE NO IDEA. I have identity issues, mate.)
    I relate so much to liking books in many genres! THAT IS ME. I do NOT stick to one thing; (because how BORING) instead I read a haphazard array of everything, and when people ask what “type/kind/genre” of book I like I just have to sweat and laugh nervously. Most of the time I end up answering, “GOOD books.” And these come in every genre. So.
    Cohesive thoughts? Originality? WHAT IS THIS?
    And I am a blogger who is allergic to social media. Help.
    (Can I just be Sherlock instead though?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe, glad you liked it! I’m basically the same way. XD
      You can be Sherlock if you insist, though I feel like you’d be more fabulous overall being Moriarty. 😉 Sherlock being all mysterious with cheekbones and the coat collar up could work just as well though, I suppose …

      Liked by 1 person


    Anyywaayyyssssss. I SO AGREE. Like Social media is growing on me. First, I’m like WP! And then Twitter steals all my time away and GR makes me addicted and SUDDENLY I’M DROWNING. #rude
    I started taking my own bictures but use a black and white picture to get rid of all the ugliness. XD
    And all the post ideas are taken? I AM SAD

    Liked by 1 person

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