Random Ramblings Of A Reader July Edition // Past Road Trips & Camp NaNo!

Random Ramblings Of A Reader July Edition // Past Road Trips & Camp NaNo!


Hello, lovelies! I can’t believe it’s already the second week in July. Now that I’ve finally gotten through all the blog tours and such,* Penumbra can finally just chill a bit, so I’m going to update you on my boring life! *streamers explode* *people cheer*

Anyway, June was a pretty packed month and July promises to be another one so … I did loads of stuff. Which I can now ramble to y’all about if you’re so kind as to listen.** *runs away laughing evilly*

*Which I have to admit were fun, if a bit stressful. Hopefully I still have some hair after tearing it out and rushing to read books and write posts after vacation for a while?? Who knows.
**Or even if you don’t listen. That’s still chill.


Wrapping up my goals for June…


  • Plan Eigengrau for camp in July ✓ Mostly, at least … I outlined most of it (though some parts still need more fleshing out) and started world-building (which needs waaay more fleshing out). Fingers crossed that it was all enough for me to survive camp! xD
  • Attend honor choir and drive across the US! ✓✓ Dude, we surviveeed. I got to drive for about 9 hours which puts a dent in my driving time before I can get my license. I also had a ridiculous amount of fun at honor choir and made a bunch of frrriiiens and yep.
  • Go see a concert while across the US! One of my sis’s favorite bands is having a free concert pretty near where we’re going to be! It’ll be cool! ✓ I just realized most of these goes weren’t even goals …?? But yeah, we went to the concert for Saint Motel and it was extremely load but awesome. We also saw two other random bands perform in the music festival and that was cool too.
  • Finish (if that’s possibly. We gotta keep striving for better 😉 ) all construction type stuff here on Penumbra. ✓ I think … maybe? I’m not sure, man, but I’m hoping that this is probably near finishing …
  • Finish all school, yo. ✓ I mean I still have maths and bio to do which I should probably work on over the summer but …
  • Read 12 books (6 of which off the TBR), and review 5. Oddly enough this was really the only thing I failed? Why am I channngging so muuuch. My reading … why … where did it go? *cries* But yeah. I’ll go over this more in the book section but I only read 11 books (*le gasp* 😛 ) only 5 were off my TBR and I guess I reviewed 7 (counting the ones on here …) but only 4 on Goodreads. So basically I just fell a smidgen short of everything. XD

Now let’s just wrap up June to move on to bigger and brighter things …




As I said I read a total of 11 books in June. Honestly looking through my Goodreads they all kind of disappointed me? Some of my favorites though were …


Ivy Introspective 1

The Dressmaker's Secret

  • Five Secrets of Story Structure by K.M. Weildand *le gasp* Nonfiction! No! But yeah, this is a really mini book but it’s chock-full of awesome plotting advice and it’s inspiring and just … good. And it’s also free! 😉 You have no excuse to not buy it. Unless you’re not a writer. But still.
  • Ivy Introspective and The Dressmaker’s Secret both by Kellyn Roth Probably my other favorites of the month? What can I say? the reading was slow Nah, these books are both really good and if you really want me to ramble about them just go read my blog post for the tour. Shoo.



I have a terrible memory otherwise I’d put some of my favorite blog posts from other blogs up here … *coughs*

  • Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab came out on the thirteenth! Guys, I am so pumped for this book. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to read it yet as I’m broke and the only two libraries in our system that have it won’t let you put it on inter-library loan when it’s new #rude. But I need to get my hands on this book! I’ve heard all good things about it and I’m just ridiculously exited.
  • I’m ridiculously behind on everything and hiding in a cave so I have no idea what else was going on in the world in June. Did you honestly expect me to? And I’d rather go bowling get on to new! Exciting! Stuff! In July so y’know …


Yo peeps, it’s July. Righteo. So, unless you’re actually somewhere living a life (no offense to those who do occasionally decide to leave their houses. You have my awe, adventurous beings) you’ve maybe heard of NaNo and camp NaNo? Yep, nope, maybe, yep. Let’s just all agree on the fact that you have. And if not … you will be enlightened if you seek enlightenment.

But yes! I’m currently participating in Camp NaNo! *jazz hands* I’m working on my novel Eigengrau which … you may have heard me mention. And if not … fear not, it doesn’t matter all that much. (you can go read about all my WIPs here)

So anyway, that’s the main thing I’m doing this fine month of July. If you’re not doing it, bring chocolate, if you are doing it, good luck! Oh, also, an open invitation to anyone willing to do word wars with me. I’ve searched high and low and got my friend to do some (sup, girl 😉 ) and YWP people but … WORD WARS PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Also! I must tell you: If you don’t already have a cabin (which … it’s already a week in so this is unlikely but still) join me and a currently just a couple other people! I’m on basically all the time and need word wars and it’ll be chill. If you’d like to you could probably just tell me your username or head over to Tess’s lovely blog, Steeplechase (Tess made the cabin originally) and comment over there and yep …


  • Frien is having a birthday! Idk if you’ll read this, frien, but shout out and happy birthday anyway 😉
  • The new Spiderman movie is out. Like guys, this has nothing to do with books or anything I normally talk about but I AM EXCITED! I literally just watched Civil War at Honor Choir for the first time and I’m catching up and Spiderman is awesome and yassss.
  • There’s probably books released but I’m so deep into my giant hole of TBR’s and despair that I have no idea.
  • May has a sign-up for a writing project thingy! The actual project isn’t happening in July but … y’know. I won’t be participating because I stink at responsibility and showing people my writing and critiquing but for those who don’t and aren’t me it’s probably going to be extremely fun!
  • idk if you want to know other July happens go read a newspaper or something don’t ask me


and just so I actually do something in July, very briefly …


  • Read 15 books (you can do this, me man)
  • 8 of which have to be off your TBR
  • 2 of which have to be non-fiction to enrich your brain and all that jazz
  • 1 has to be a classic. To enrich your brain and all that jazz
  • And 6 have to be reviewed


  • CONQUER NANO. Which means write 30k words this month on Eigengrau
  • Plan stuff on Exemplar
  • Wordbuild, man


  • Post twice weekly!!
  • Get 60 followers?
  • Comment on other people’s bloggos


  • Stay hydrated causeit’s summer, mon
  • Get together with friends at least … 5 more times? It’s summer, mon, no excuses
  • Go to the pool loads, it’s summer, mon


Aaand … who cares about the rest. So yeah! Hope you all had a fabulous June and have so far had a fabulous July … and survive camp NaNo. If you don’t have a cabin or … hate your current cabin that was randomly assigned you then feel free to join me? XD If not, good luck, my duckos. This turned out to be one of the shorter random ramblings™ but I’m going to cut it off here due to the fact that I’m behind on my camp novel. 😉 I’ll be back with an actual creative post on Thursday hopefully (unless I die from Camp NaNo and the writing disease …). But until then …


Are any of y’all doing camp NaNo? Will you word war with me? 😛 What are your goals for July? Have you read (or are you planning on reading) Our Dark Duet? Are you going to enter May’s writing shindig? Comment below!



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