The Twin Arrows Review // Adventure and Excitement with Lovely Christianity

The Twin Arrows Review // Adventure and Excitement with Lovely Christianity


Hello, lovelies! So I have exciting news: The Twin Arrows by the lovely Kate Willis was released today!  What’s also exiting for me is that I had the lovely opportunity to read an ARC for review so now I can ramble on about my thoughts to y’all. 😉



Two children. Two journeys. Twin arrows.

Ryla follows her father’s parting instructions as closely as she carries his gift. Her protectors are kind, and safety is certain inside the convent’s strong walls. But now she must leave and what lies ahead is uncertain…

Her brother Drewin won’t wait any longer. The knight promised to escort him isn’t coming, and gossiping neighbors threaten to reveal his identity. He strikes out on his own, sure he can outrun the danger…

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I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since I knew it existed. I’m constantly searching for good Christian books and this satisfied it with the Christianity woven in beautifully with the adventure.

I feel in love with …

  • the writing style. Everything flows perfectly, and there was there was the perfect balance of action, dialog, and description.
  • the first chapter (because it’s honestly the most perfect set up). It made me want to get into the story and read and love it. It made me seriously reminded me of several series that I loved when I was a wee bit younger and seriously into middle-grade. (Think: The False Prince series as a major one, though more so The Scourge by the same author.)
  •  the setting. I seriously liked the general vibe of the setting. It was very fantasy and it worked out well with the hints of war, royalty etc.
  • the characters. I liked Drewin and Ryla’s distinct personalities.
  • the Christianity. Oh my word, guys. This was amazing. The book is a fantasy-type book that’s packed full of adventure so I wasn’t quite expecting it to have an actual faith in it.
    Sadly enough, in most books besides say … historical Christian romance books,
    books specifically “Christian” as … basically the genre, or allegorical fantasy, there really isn’t that much Christianity in books these days. This had the adventure I was seeking and the Christianity in one smol pretty package. It didn’t feel preachy (though, like I’ve said before, I honestly have no idea what’s preachy anymore…), and just brought the whole thing together. It fit in perfectly, not feeling like it was shoved in just because the book wanted to be “Christian”.
  • and the cover. Like seriously, folks. Look at that beauty.


Howeverrrr … there were a couple things that just left me not feeling satisfied completely, and made me not love the book as much as I wanted to.

  • It was seriously short.  The first chapter fleshed out a book I thought could have been much longer than this ended up to be. Although I appreciated the shortness because I didn’t have a lot of time to read this because I was so busy (*headdesks at self*) my reader brain was craving more.
  • The plot honestly just felt … lacking to me. I think part of the problem here is that I didn’t actually read the summary before I read the book … *coughs awkwardly* mea culpa. From the first chapter I was honestly expecting such a longer book with a much deeper, more fulfilling plot.* The rest of the book didn’t really deliver this for me. I think I like things more direct so I can say “Oh yeah, this is what they were trying to do and what an adventure it was.” And … I’m not quite sure what it was in here? They were just … running mostly. I couldn’t really tell what the main conflict was, and thus the tension, though there was plenty didn’t pack a powerful punch for me.
*Apparently I just really, really like the first chapter …


Overall, there were some parts I liked and some parts I wasn’t particularly fond of.  The book had a lot of potential and personally I think it fell short of the potential a wee bit. I’m really hoping for a sequel here, which I would snatch up in a heartbeat. And if not, the author has so much potential that I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for anything else she puts on the market.

My rating is …: ★★★☆☆


What do you look for in books? Have you read any good fantasy books lately? Are you planning on reading The Twin Arrows in the future? What makes you disappointed in a book? What makes a book wonderful for you? Comment belllowww.



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    1. *pats* Yeah, I get what you mean … I think technically I probably shouldn’t have done this either because I was busy, though it all worked out pretty well … When you do end up reading it I’d love to hear what you think! 😀

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