Vacation Packing Tips // Books + I want to bring 60 please help me

Vacation Packing Tips // Books + I want to bring 60 please help me


Hello loves! For those of you who don’t know I am currently driving many many miles as of about … four in the morning today.

No, I didn’t write and publish this all as I was both sleeping/driving/sitting in a car. Yes, this is a scheduled post from a couple of days ago because packing is a pain and I will die.

So, on the subject of packing, I have come to help all y’all poor unfortunate souls with tips that I learned the hard way as I tried to pack around sixty books to bring on my two-week long vacation.


1. Find out how many books you can physically bring.

So this one may seem like the exact opposite of what to do if you’re trying not to bring a ridiculous number of books. I mean, you’re basically finding out the most amount of books possible in hope of jamming 100 books into your car and calling it a day, right?

Well … yeah but …

Unfortunately we all probably won’t be able to fit all of our books into the car. Unless you’re driving in a very large bus. In which case … you don’t need this blog post, guys. Bring all the booksssss.

But for those who don’t have room, figuring out how many books you can bring can be extremely helpful, as you will then know the exact number of books you can bring and books you have to leave behind.


2. Decide how much time you’ll actually have for reading.

When it comes to books I’m not all that logical. I mean … I seriously want to bring all of my precious beauties even though statistically speaking I only read around … maybe four or five books a week? So I should technically only have around … nineish books as I’ll be gone two weeks. Not counting that one of those weeks I probably won’t even have that much time to read.

It’s incredibly tempting to pack a ridiculous amount of books,* but if you’re only going to be gone for three days, unless you’re an extremely fast reader it’d probably be better to pack three books. Maybe five. Tops. Or like … ten really really short books.**

*especially if you followed the first step and know you can technically fit in twenty more books than you packed …
** I really shouldn’t be giving y’all advice … I am a hypocrite and bad at this … 😛


3. Grab an assortment of genres

I, happen to read basically all genres. At least most of them. The ones that I can get my hands on. I mean I literally just finished reading a giant classic, a historical Christian romance fiction book, a YA contemporary (that felt suspiciously like a middle-grade contemporary … it was a weird book), and started on an adult fantasy. I’m rather weird, though. I have a hard time reading two books of similar genre in a row.

If you happen to also read a very wide variety of genres, make sure the books you’re taking with you reflect upon that. I know it’s incredibly tempting to just grab every single YA contemporary off the shelves because that’s your current mood of reading, but trust me. If you’re having a longer vacation you will be disappointed and become sick of YA contemporary. Unless of course you only read YA contemporary (or any other specific genre …) in which case by all means, take twenty books (or … however many you need) in that genre alone.

For example, I’m grabbing a giant biography*, three YA books (one’s steampunk and the other two are fantasy), a Shakespeare play, a classic, three-historical fiction, and two self-published books I’ve been meaning to read (one’s fantasy and the other is historical fiction.) Plus Kindle books.**

*I picked up Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow from the library and I’m so excitedd!
** I PROBABLY DON’T NEED THIS MANY BOOKS. I am a terrible example, basically, for everything I’m writing about in this post.


4. Load up plenty of Kindle books

If you happen to have a Kindle, e-reader, tablet, phone … basically anything you can put books on through the Kindle … do so. Oddly enough, it’ll save space for other important things like books clothes or books pillows, or … other necessary things.*

Oddly enough, apparently it’s easier and takes up less room just to stick fifteen books on a tablet in ebook edition opposed to trying to stick fifteen hardcovers into your car?? This was the first I’m hearing of this? Like, I never would have guessed?

All joking aside, it’ll seriously save room, and you can actually get a lot of ebooks freeee.** If you’re into classics you can basically find any of them on there that don’t cost anything, and if you’re not … you can always go to a site like Bookbub or Freebooksy which will give you daily, beautiful deals (and also increase you’re TBR list a lot … *coughs*)

* such as books
** Anyone else think of Tobor from Sharkboy and Lavagirl saying “I’m freee!”? Just me? Actually, has anyone even watched this movie?


5. Use the time to chisel down your TBR list

 If vacation isn’t the best time to pull out a book you’ve been meaning to read for two years and finally get it done, what is? I mean seriously.

I’d recommend grabbing a bunch of books that you own have been meaning to read bringing those.

It’s statistically proven that if you’re a reader who will die without reading and the only reading material on hand is from your TBR list then you’ll read books off of your TBR list. *snods*

Honestly, vacation just seems like a really, really good time to finally get some books off the ever-growing mountain. And as long as you’re without Internet connection, you see no bookstores, enter no libraries, and you talk to approximately zero people, you probably won’t put any more books maybe? We can hope, at least.


6. Make sure you know the due dates on any library books you bring

If you happen to bring any library books*, make sure you know when it’s due.

I’m just saying, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to be caught out in the middle of nowhere with my library far, far away, with a book collecting millions of dollars of fines on it daily.**

Check the dates the books need to be returned.

You have been warned, and you definitely cannot blame me if (or when) you get attacked by the library dragon and have all your money stolen. *nods seriously* Hopefully I remembered to bring my books in yesterday … which is tomorrow from when I’m writing this.

*which … is a trouble as of itself because if you lose them you won’t be the only one heartbroken and you’ll have to pay the price *evil cackle*
**Yes, millions. No, I’m obviously not making up random incredibly high numbers. Yes, the libraries are obviously lying when they say the fines are around ten cents a day. It’s actually a million.


7. Remember that there may be libraries over wherever you’re going.

If you happen to stay with relatives* who don’t live out in the woods in the middle of nowhere, chances are there might be a library?? Make sure to check, and don’t count on it, but if all else fails and you forget to bring books or a squirrel carries away your backpack, and a pigeon thinks your Kindle is a bagel and eats it, you may be able to check books out from another library besides your own.

I mean, even though my library doesn’t have the greatest selection ever (though it is improving with a fabulous semi-new teen librarian), I will always be loyal to it and no other library will take its place, but if need be and worst comes to worst, sometimes you just gotta go check out books from other libraries if they happen to be around.

* Wouldn’t recommend it. Unless we’re talking the lovely relatives here opposed to the ones who literally eat your books because they think paper is more nutritious than muffins.


8. And bookstores!

I mean I and therefore don’t actually own that many books or buy that many books but for some it is an option! If all else fails and you’re out of reading material you may be able to just y’know … buy a couple of books.

Also Thrift stores are an option too! On spring break I found a beautiful thrift store that sold hardcovers and paperbacks of a decent selection of books for literally 25 cents each. I may or may not have bout about ten books that I had to lug home.

Be warned though, this may cause problems with your already well thought out plan of how many books you can physically carry with you. Though I mean, you could always just … eat the extra clothes you have so there’s more room …

* or at least unwilling to spend a lot of money due to my fear of living hungry on the streets with no cake.


9. Remember that vacation will (finally) end at some point, and you’ll be reunited with all your lovelies.

Because sometimes all we can do is hope and wait for it to end.

So yeah! I left at about four this morning (ahhh), and will hopefully be back in around two weeks if all goes well. I actually got through with packing my books and will (hopefully) survive with what I have. 😉

I am hoping that I will be able to keep up my normal schedule though I really have no idea what it’s going to be like or how much free time I’ll have to write posts. I am bringing a (very old and slow) computer and tablet (and tablet for reading but, y’know 😛 ) and I’ll hopefully be able to find Internet so I might still be around a bit responding to comments and such?? We shall see … I’m praying and hoping but I’m not actually sure how anything in the rest of June is actually going to work out … XD

So! I will hopefully see y’all round your blogs and respond to your comments here and maybe have a post up by Monday, Lord willing, but if not … I wish you a wonderful week, June, and life!


Do y’all got any tips on packing books for vacation? Any vacation plans this year? Will you miss me? 😉 (Actually, don’t answer that. I know that you will 😛 ) Anything fun planned for this June and/or this summer? Do y’all tend to read one type of genre or a bunch, like moi? Talk to me below! Hopefully I’ll be able to respond to y’all. 



11 thoughts on “Vacation Packing Tips // Books + I want to bring 60 please help me

  1. Do y’all got any tips on packing books for vacation?:
    Have a separate backpack just for your books. 😉

    Any vacation plans this year?:

    Will you miss me?:
    Duh! *ties you to a totem pole*

    Anything fun planned for this June and/or this summer?:
    Eh … not really. All the plans I had keep getting canceled …

    Do y’all tend to read one type of genre or a bunch, like moi?:
    Just the one. Historical romances. *facepalm* I try … I really do …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I brought an entire separate crate for my books this time … 😛 *pats Kell* You’ve survived vacations so far, you’ll make it somehow.
      Nuuh. Where do all these totem poles keep coming from? XD Where do you get your supply?
      And it’s probably nice to only have one genre … Opposed to being as temperamental as I … XD I mean, at least you always know what you’ll be in the mood for?? XD

      Liked by 1 person


        Uh … I just … pull them out of my backpack. Like Mary Poppins. Only with a backpack instead of a carpet bag …

        And I’ll always be dangerously unbalanced. *sigh*


  2. I hope that you have a great trip! I always bring a separate ” book bag ” when I go on vacations. 😜 As for vacation plans this year… I am going to the beach and maybe Gatlinburg, TN.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness, yes. This is hilarious. ;D Me packing for vacation: *frantically crams all books possible/a way to write on the road into one large bag that suddenly seems too small*


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