The Eating Habits of A Bookworm // Just Books or Actual Food???

The Eating Habits of A Bookworm // Just Books or Actual Food???


It’s a commonly known fact that bookworms like munching on books. At least in some sense. It’s slightly less commonly known that they also have to (and like) eating other types of nourishment.

But eat we do, and most of us enjoy food immensely, though obviously not as much as books.*

But what do bookworms even eat? Will the world ever know this deep and dark secret??

The answer to that question is simple: No.

Wait … possibly yes, depending on if I a self-proclaimed full-blooded bookworm even happen to have this exclusive knowledge.**

*The books with food actually in them are probably the best, as they combine two of our loves.
**Which I really shouldn’t as I’m obviously not trust worthy.

The most common food for bookworms (besides, of course, the books themselves and possibly unicorn blood*) doesn’t happen to be what normal people eat, at the normal times, such as pasta for dinner, sandwiches for lunch and cereal for breakfast. OH NO, we, more mythical than humans, don’t restrain ourselves to specific foods and specific times, and if possible we will most definitely read through dinner, or postpone breakfast slightly to finish a book. Or, if we’re feeling especially creative, the mere human three meals a day will be shunned and instead the much better schedule of Hobbit meals will instead be followed, with its lovely second breakfasts and such.

Overall, we really don’t follow any standards of normal eating patterns. If cereal for dinner sounds good then it’s oftentimes cereal for dinner, and if we feel the need to eat nine meals a day so be it.

*Though only if you’re so far gone that you feel the need to do the unspeakable to conquer your TBR mountain. DON’T DO THE UNSPEAKABLE. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO BECOME IMMORTAL.


What we eat is a completely different matter. Yes, we’ve established that bookworms will eat whatever they wish at whatever time they wish, but isn’t there a basic guide to what in the world they eat? Or maybe just a few common things? Well, yes and no. See, the problem is that bookworms will eat whatever they wish, so the standards can’t be held to all of them, or even most of them.

For explain, for whatever reason, I, Sari Briel, enjoy randomly eating huge chunks of cheese.*  I’m sure there’s lovely people out there who like eating … beets or something like that. All I’m saying is these standards can’t be held to all bookworms. But is there something?

*Though let it be known that only Tillamook cheese is the best. None of that generic kind will do.


Tea, or other warm beverages, seem to be a common thread. I’m not sure what it is but curling up with a nice cup of tea or hot cocoa and a book, especially on a cold day is an incredibly nice experience.
And, if you just happen to have a cup of coffee just, y’know, waiting to be drunk for whatever reason, what else could you be doing than reading? I mean, you need to be doing something as you drink your beverage, and if you’re a bookworm, that something will generally be reading.

Really, it’s just the smartest and common sense pairing to drink warm beverages and read books at the same time, though I’ll never say no to a giant glass of nice cold lemonade and a book, especially in the warmer months.



We commonly munch on sweet things. I think it’s human nature (no, not just bookworms this time) to love to eat sweets. I mean, what’s not to like? They’re generally bad for you, full of sugar, and I mean they taste delicious so really, we’re definitely going to eat them.

What type of sweet things you ask? Well that really depends on the person. Some like cake, others cupcakes, tarts, crème brûlée, pudding … you get the idea. Any sweet thing will do, as long as it’s not something extremely messy like … an ice-cream cone because we must remember, above all, we bookworms love our books more than even ice-cream and thus, when forced to take a break from reading, will then eat ice-cream.



While reading a book with food in it we’re definitely going to be eating the food featured in the book, if it’s available to us.

I mean, it’s really not our fault at all. Did we write the words that describe this food so deliciously on the page before us? Are we the ones that say literally devouring a book because it describes food is a bad thing? Are we the ones who decided not to invent the technology to not make extra pages in the book at the end that taste like the food?*

The answer to these questions is an obvious no. So can you blame us when we are forced to go get up and eat the food that is so deliciously described in the book we’re reading?

*Actually, with a bit of modification this seems like a good idea … someone write this down …



We will eat literally whatever is next to us. If there happens to be any bowls or plates of easily accessible food set out and we’re reading nearby we will most definitely absorb it. Mostly without meaning to.

I’m pretty sure that there’s a rule of human nature that says “if there’s food somewhere. It must be eaten.” I mean, what’s the purpose of food if it’s not going to be eaten? Just to sit there and look beautiful?

Fair warning: If you happen to set food out, it will most likely disappear if there are any people reading books expect that stuff to be gone. Probably without actual knowledge of people eating it …


But overall, the one thing to remember, is that we love and need food. Reading is a lot of work, okay? It might not seem it but it’s incredibly true. Any of y’all non-bookworms shouldn’t think that just because we’re not running around or “working up an appetite” cause look … we’re actually working up an appetite. We are ravenous creatures who need much nourishment. Depending on the creature, we will eat many a different kind of food but it’s definitely worth the time to find out what we enjoy eating.

And if you do happen to be a bookworm … good luck on your devouring of both books and delicious food such as muffins.


What types of food do you like as a bookworm? When was the last time a book killed you because of the beautiful descriptions of food? DID YOU SEE THAT I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO CHANGE HOW BIG THE FONT IS? I’m so happpppy. I probably used it too much in those post but … *coughs* Can you relate to being a ravenous bookworm? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you!



13 thoughts on “The Eating Habits of A Bookworm // Just Books or Actual Food???

    1. Ahh! I thought I was the only one! I mean … Cheese is pretty popular but it’s usually in other food or with wine, not just alone with books. 😛 Agreed, though, it’s a great combination. XD


  1. What types of food do you like as a bookworm?:
    Chocolate. And chocolate. Chocolate is good, too … XD Okay, so, I don’t know … I had no idea that there were bookworm-specific foods until this post. You’ve enlightened me, darling.

    When was the last time a book killed you because of the beautiful descriptions of food?:
    A book I’m currently reading has these mouth-watering descriptions of scones. I’M DYING I NEED A SCONE WITH CHOCOLATE AND A SCONE AND A SCONE AND AAAAAH!!! WHAT EVEN IS A SCONE!?!?!? I HAVE NO IDEA BUT I WANT ONE SOOOO BAAAADD!!! *sobs*

    Uh … yeah. I did notice. XD It was random, but yeah, cool for you. I figured out how to do it, too (because I was lazy and just Googled it, lol), but … yeah, I’ve yet to use it. I guess I’m just too stubborn to admit I never would have thought to do it if it weren’t for May, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Armygosh chooocollaate. I need some now. XD
      Scones are so good, Kell! You haven’t had one before?? They’re like … Bread/cake, like a biscuit basically except sweet. Ahhh … I need a scone now too … What book were you reading that has scones in it?

      YES! I FIGURED IT OUT! FINALLY! Like … I actually Googled it too but … GOOGLE WAS HIDING IT FROM ME! I finally got it to release the info I needed. *snods* I’m not sure why I’m so happy about this, in all honesty. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sweet biscuits? *immediately thinks of England* *shakes it away* But yeah, I don’t think I have … okay, maybe I have … idk, though … And … um … now I can’t remember. XD Uh … whatever historical romance I read before the one I read last? IDK. I could figure it out …

        Liked by 1 person

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