Beautiful People // June Edition

Beautiful People // June Edition


Hello all and welcome! This month I’m plotting/planning a book of mine which I’ve sort of mentioned a couple of times (you can find an actual summary on my “Dying WIPs” page here if ya like) and as the lovely Cait @ Paperfury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In are one again hosting Beautiful People I thought “Hey! I might as well do this with Illyanna of Eigengrau to develop her further!” And thus here we are now. 😛

Also, just for funsies, I’m editing the questions very slightly to be directed at the characters themselves.


  • What’s your favourite place you’ve ever visited?

I ran through (almost literally) this beautiful little place by the mountains when I was around 17. There was a lake and some lovely (looking at least) swans. I’d like to spend some more time to just be there at my leisure but unfortunately that seems slightly unlikely.

  • What’s one mistake you’ve made that you learned from?

My entire life? *coughs* Erm … I would probably say … Let’s just make this general advice not to pickpocket people.

  • What was your favourite subject in school? Or favourite thing to learn about?

I didn’t spend that much time in traditional school and have to say I didn’t actually learn that much. I suppose learning to read and write was a fairly useful skill, if only because it gives me the advantage of being able to read things others write …

  • What’s your favourite flower/growing thing?

I … have a love/hate relationship with trees. I think I probably like lily’s the best, out of the flowers I’ve seen, just because they’re so pure and white and perfect.

  • Have you ever made someone cry? What happened?

Em … I’ve probably made people cry quite a lot in my life. People are just generally scared of me?

  • Would you consider yourself a reliable or unreliable narrator?

Should you really be asking me this question. 😛 I’d say reliable but that’s up for debate … especially as I’m sure basically anyone would answer reliable.

  • What do you dream about at night?

Must I answer this?
I don’t always sleep at night so this isn’t technically the answer to the specific question but … nightmares frequent me occasionally. Specifically of the past. Other than that … I once had a dream that clouds were made out of bread and I lived in cloud land. That … yeah. I’m not sure what happened there? I was probably hungry.

  • You’ve gone out for a “special meal.” What would you eat?

Any food that exists? I don’t exactly go out for “special meals”. If I could eat anything I would probably eat … cake. Or a meat pie.

  • What’s at least one thing you want to do before you die?

How about … live? I’ve always kind of wanted to find someone who didn’t hate me … or wait! I know! I’ve always wanted to bake a cake. I know this is a really weird goal but … it’s just kind of something I’ve wanted to do?

  • Do you have any distinguishing or unique talents?

Em … probably? Not sure … what counts as talents here … Em, I can use basically any weapon for one thing … I’d like to say I’m good at climbing trees but I’m probably not. I … yeah. That’s about it. *coughs*

Alright, and that’s just a snippet featuring the lovely Illyana! I hope you were entertained or had fun reading her answers … if you’d like to learn more about her just ask. I probably have lots to tell. XD

And that’s about it! I know this was a pretty short post but I don’t want to bore you with endless details about my characters. 😉 Once again a huge thank you to  Cait @ Paperfury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In!

And to anybody who’s a writer … don’t hesitate to jump in Beautiful People! And if you do happen to post tell me in the comments! I’d love to read about y’all charries. 😀

So until later …


What did you think of Illyana? Are you guys doing Beautiful People too? What’s your favorite kind of character to read about? Comment below!



4 thoughts on “Beautiful People // June Edition

  1. Illyanna seems like a really interesting character! I love this bit: “Em … I’ve probably made people cry quite a lot in my life. People are just generally scared of me?” Heh.

    I’m planning on doing Beautiful People sometime this month…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m really having fun writing her and watching as she develops. 😀

      When you post, if you like, let me know somehow! I love reading about other peoples characters. 🙂


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