Storytime! Mypets (or … whatever it was called …) (I’m still under construction btw)

Storytime! Mypets (or … whatever it was called …) (I’m still under construction btw)

Alright. So yeah, I’m still technically under construction … and will be as scheduled.

Basically though, I’m really really really bad at actually following any guidelines that I set forth. Or basically any instructions. Or rules. #rebel

Yeah … anyway … for whatever reason I said something like “yeah, I’m not turning penumbra into that weirdo website mypets so don’t worry lol kk brb muhwa muha lots of love lol” when I said I was under construction. shhhh … it sounded exactly like that … 😛

So. This created storytime!, the part of the show where Sari comes out and does a little jig whut and tells you a story even though she’s technically constructioning this entire blog and shouldn’t be posting.



So Mypets* … this was a beautiful site which I learned of at the age of … around 10 maybe. At this stage in life, I was basically obsessed with a plethora of internet games, mainly Webkinz, Poptropica, and … a couple other ones. I wasn’t quite as obsessed as I would be at a later date but I was on the internet a lot. see … nothing has changed …

Mypets wasn’t exactly one of these bigger sites. I wouldn’t have known about it but for one simple thing: Walgreens.* See, at this stage in my life I was not only on the Internet, but I was also spending my money like it was water. Because we obviously all spend water. Obviously.

And Walgreens happened to be one of the places I spent it.*

Like … looking back I must have spent so much money there.

Walgreens was the place I bought a ridiculous amount of My Little Ponies and My Little Pony books and … apparently I was really into My Little Pony merchandise at that point … even though I don’t remember watching that generation of My Little Pony … anyway I basically bought a lot of stuff at Walgreens. One of these things was a little mini stuffed animal dog. A kind of sad looking dog actually but she was cute so whatever man.

*Okay, sidenote. I literally don’t actually remember what it’s called. I’m pretty sure it was something like MyPets or … mypets or … Mypets or … okay the capitalization doesn’t matter. But just so you know … I’m not sure if this was it’s actual name. *hums nonchalantly* OKAY GUYS MAJOR NEWS I LOOKED IT UP AND THEY WERE CALLED MYEPETS. YES.
**Which … is apparently global. Thanks Google … that’s nice to know.
***I literally have no idea why this was because I very, very rarely actually go to Walgreens at this point in my life so …? I’m not sure why me as a child did …


“So,” you ask “what in the world does this have to do with anything? And like … why are you telling this story in the first place?”

Yeah … I can answer your first question but I don’t even have the answer for the second so … *shrugs*

But yes, anyway I bought this sad little doggo from Walgreens with my precious eight year old money and brought her home, naming her … “Sunset” or something of the sort. I was a generic child.

The bb looked like this … look at the sad little doggos eyes … aww …

But see, the problem here was that I went and read the packaging of the sad doggo after I arrived at the house via car driven by a parent who probably looked at me in shame at my spending money on sad little doggo like water ways* and realized that “Hey. there was supposed to be a tag on this sad little genericly named dog so that I could join yet another website. Where is it.”

Gone, apparently.

So, for the first time in my life, I returned something to Walgreens. Or … actually I just got another doggo with a tag this time for freeeeee.

I now had two sad little doggos. I think I named this second one Gr4ce or something … I’m not sure about that one … I’m pretty sure I needed a name for a pet that wasn’t taken and … anyway.

*shhh … this sentence makes perfect sense …


After getting home again from the spending place of dreams that was Walgreens, I went and made an account with my doggo on a site that was called


(yeah … it was MyEpets for all those that were wondering about that … Funny story though, whenever I wanted to go on I forgot what it was called and typed “mypets” instead of “myepets”? So like … My forgetting now makes sense? 😛 )

I remember very little about this site. Except for this one game where you had to go to the vet or something and catch this demented little creepy flees that jumped around like incredibly scary kangaroos or something (no offense to any kangaroos out there at all).

And, the one thing that kept me coming back (cause it sure as death wasn’t the flee game …) The Under Construction Zone.


As any normal 8 year old* I was enthralled by new stuff. Because as we know “Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.” I was that cat. I’m still dead.u sse

You see … this new zone looked fun. It was like a … circus or … zoo or … I don’t even know what. And to tell you the truth, the rest of the MyEPets site was like … really lame. Like there was the flee game and … I’m pretty sure a couple other things but that was it. I didn’t lie when I said it wasn’t on the same level as Webkinz.

So I was pretty pumped for this. All it said when you clicked on it was “Coming Soon. New Fun Stuff.” Or … something like that. And I, the foolish young child that I was, believed them.

Like I’m not sure how much time I spent on there but as the funnest thing they had was the demented flea game … there was like … no actually good reason for coming back.

And yet I did. For years.

Okay, I’m not saying that I came on every day … but I did check on with frequency I’m pretty sure for the first bit and because I’m who I am and everything I do check back on my old hunting grounds every now and again.

*I said ten at the beginning of this post, didn’t I …? Ah well … It was somewhere around that age range, I believe.


So it’d been literally years. And the freaking. Coming. Soon. Thing. Never. Came.

Like I’m being completely serious. I’d been on this site for who knows how long and they never actually updated it. Which was honestly just a tad odd for my … however old I was brain to process. I mean, you don’t just abandon websites when you’re still selling animals, do you?

Apparently so.

I seriously have no idea what was up with that man.


Anyway, what’s even worse and somewhat anticlimactic is hat I went back and checked this after all these years (as I still have the dogs …) and the site literally vanished. Like I’m not talking me forgetting that it was “Myepets” instead of “mypets” (which … that happened way to much …). I’m talking that I tried both of them and still got nothing. Or rather I got a sign saying that the domain was for sale.


So, who knows what was really up with the MyEPets site. I’m not sure if they were actually still maintaining it when lil however many years old Sari went to Walgreens, but it was kind of a downward spiral from there. It was all just a little bit odd.

Anyway, that was one story of my childhood. I’m still constructing round these parts but … yknow … Imma #rebel *coughs*

Soooo … if you enjoyed reading that then lemme know, because rambling is always fun and I actually have a plethora of odd stories from my childhood so y’know … might as well share them with the Internet … 😛

*Is anyone else thinking of the Dutch Bros rebel drink thingy? No? Just me? I guess Dutch Bros isn’t everywhere but …


Anyway, thanks for reading and sticking with me through this week of construction and … always … (Yeah … I’m Snape too … or … you are … I’m not sure how this works …). I will see you on Saturday at least if not before that … until later, stay awesome, my peoples!

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Do you have any odd stories from your childhood? Did you have any idea what MyEPets was before I mentioned it in this post? Have you ever played any weird games as a child on the Internet that died? Did you also have that weird stage as a child in which you bought a large collection of MLP merch or something from Walgreens or some other store? Let me know in the commmennnntsss!!! 😀

(Update: Okay so apparently this one person made a tour of it and it put on YouTube in 2009. MEMORIESSS. They didn’t play the demented flee game in the vets office though … coincidence? I think not! That game was weird and annoying, bro. Anyway, the coming soon thingy was still on there in 2009??? Like, did they ever plan on doing this? Actually I very well could have been on there during 2009 as I can’t remember how old I was … Anyway … yep. Tada!

And guys. The amusement park thing wasn’t just me. Looky.






6 thoughts on “Storytime! Mypets (or … whatever it was called …) (I’m still under construction btw)

  1. Do you have any odd stories from your childhood?: yes, but you *coughs* know them all … XD

    Did you have any idea what MyEPets was before I mentioned it in this post?: nope. But … now I know.

    Have you ever played any weird games as a child on the Internet that died?: eh … idk. There was this dog-owning-pet-thing site … and several animal sites … and is Howrse still around? idk.

    Did you also have that weird stage as a child in which you bought a large collection of MLP merch or something from Walgreens or some other store?: nope … not really. I never was the type who collected a certain kind of merchandise … well, I guess those high-quality little … animal things that were all realistic. What are they called? I can’t remember … and I always wanted to collect Breyers but I never did. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *cracks up* *coughs*
      Ah yes … howrse … *stares off into the distance* *suffers from a crige attack*
      Hey you could start collecting Breyers now! Fulfil a life-long dream … All that jazz … Your inner child wants you to Kell … Go spend all the money you never did as a child … 😉 Or … you could just go get Breyers Jelato, which is apparently a thing. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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