April Is Over Update! Random Rambling Of a Reader// Featuring: Failure and cake

April Is Over Update! Random Rambling Of a Reader// Featuring: Failure and cake


Hello, loves.

Well, surprise, surprise, it’s May! April seemed to have gone extraordinarily fast, did it not? Camp NaNo and NaPoWriMo (which … I did neither so … *shrugs* 😛 ) happened … congrats to all who participated! If you won or not you went for it and that’s an accomplishment in itself. Whether you got 1 word or 100,000 words (anybody actually get 100,000 words? If so … please throw yourself a party. I am in awe of you.) you tried and that’s all that matters. You have more than you have at the beginning of the month, and even if you think it’s trash that needs to be burned (it’s probably not tbh. don’t burn anything, please) you experienced stuff that you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t tried!

Yeah … enough cheesiness. (*falls over* *chokes* *dies* my liiifffee) (though seriously, good job, you peoples). Let’s now move on to the failure of the month! Or … the goals for April. *quiet, sad laughter* (The leader of the bad guys sang// something soft and soaked with pain// [insert additional, skipped lyrics] as the four walls declared … her … insane. *coughs* That just seemed … fitting …)


Oh, lovely, I made a graphic.
(this terrible graphic describes my life, tho)

Right. As you can see … I kind of failed most of my goals in April? Like a very large percentage of them? I’m not sure if it’s worth going through them all so … here’s a couple that I actually did do. heh … heh … heh … *headdesks*

  • Read ten books, five of which must be off of my TBR list.
  • Eat mango, pineapple, and watermelon. Why you ask? Cause #reasons. It’s just important …

Wait. That’s … oh my word … that’s literally all that I did … like I didn’t even realize this and was just going to put highlights but I literally just did these two … and like … yeah …

But yep. So I did *counts* 2/14 of my goals which is … 14% apparently? Eh? Yep. Not sure … what that means … but I failed everything else basically yeah … eh …






Eh, let’s go check out my reading habits. Cause that’s always funnn. (maybe? yes?)



So … I actually just barely made my goal for books in April (but I didn’t fail it. yayy … XD ) with 10 books. Yesh. I think I reviewed … wait … I reviewed two of these … so that was a goal … Yay_I'm_not_a_failure

(as much, at least …)

But yep … I read 10 books, five of which were off of my infinite, forever expanding, to-be-read list on Goodreads, and apparently actually reviewed two of em on Goodreads.

(Navigating Indieworld: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing Your Book here and The Graham Quartet and the Mystery of the Day Maid here.)

Overall, on satisfaction level it was kind of low, though. A disappointing amount of these that I thought would be good were disappointing for assorted reasons (I’m currently resisting the urge to start yelling about these …) but yeppers.

Oh, but y’know … let’s at least give a shout out to Illuminae

ta dun!

for being probably the top book of April. And for having not only a gorgeous cover, but like beautiful weird formatting that’s incredibly lovely and also a potentially psychopathic AI who is my favorite character of all time. 😀 (Which may or may not say something about me …)

Seriously though, this book was beautiful. I may have cried. Just a bit. Maybe. If I wasn’t an ice queen who doesn’t feel anything. Ha … ha … ha … ha …

I’m pretty sure I would have chucked it across the room though, if … it wasn’t a precious book and beautiful and I’m not that cruel even if authors happen to be.

Anyway, enough reviewingness shoutouted bleh. (That sentence made perfect sense. 😛 )

Anyway I just got the sequel, Gemina from the library a couple days ago (yessss) and have been reading that so *dances* Anyway. Yes. It is beautiful.

[update: I actually finished reading Gemina last night … so … XD  It was beautiful too, just so everyone knows.]

(and I’m actually literally boring myself right now so just a shoutout for everyone who’s read this far … like … bro. XD I’m sorry  for killing you slooowllly)


So, Sarah, what did you actually do this month? This is a monthly wrap up,right? And you can’t have failed the entire month, right? So what’d you do?

*awkward laughter*

the more accurate question is what did I not do?

Nah, that was a lie. I did … very little … like obviously not (1) posting on here (2) driving (3) writing (4) practicing the flute or … a very large amount of things that I meant to do … so like … really


(actually … I have been watching a lot of Youtube in this week … like *goes to look it up* almost eighteen hours of Youtube in the past week (? or at least … yeah … about eighteen hours). Most of this watching Dan and/or Phil whooo I just started watching and … yep … I’m slightly obsessed. Just a bit. So … *coughs* that’s probably where all my time has gone)

But what else did I do? This is a wrap-up of April after all so, y’know … we might as well go through a couple major events … *coughs*


  • I’ve been doing a Graphic Design class at le school.

see, I even made a graphic for this so I could write a post … which … didn’t happen … and I’ll just group in here …


(dunno, I think it’s pretty. 😉 )

I’ve made a designed a variety of things by now such as …:


This lovely magazine cover! (*laughs evilly because #Hamilton* *coughs*)


This greeting card that never actually got printed out and is therefore like … it looks weird. Yep.


This random movie poster without a movie to accompany it! (tho cause it has tbs and robbie kay in it it’s probably … good … maybe …)

And last but not least …


(zat is moi. Apologies for the bad picture … this was annoyingly hard to take and I seriously need an actual camera. XD )

this shirt!

*awkward silence* Yep … idk … XD It’s been fun.


  • Prepping for a band concert!

Yep. I barely practiced flute. But there does happen to be a concert this month.


Yeah … *coughs* this’ll be fun though …


  • Celebrating frien’s birthday!

A friend turned 15 last month and a party was involved. *snods knowingly* That featured: very little sleep! Exercise! And lots of food! (exercise tho … *shudders*) lots of pictures were taken (or … *coughs* selfies mainly … of mine … but y’know …) and … yep, yep. yeppity yep yep. Happy belated birthday again, girl!

Annnndd …


  • Signing up for stuff!

Yep. Apparently my April self said to my May self

“yo. You’re going to be doing actual stuff on your blog. So y’know.


who else wants to go ask my April self what in the world she was thinking at any point in her life

But yep! It’ll actually be fun. There’s books and assorted things because this … was technically supposed to be a book blog at some point … *coughs*


Moving on though, because this post is getting kind of long already and … I’ve been writing it for a couple days … *coughs*

Goals for May!


  • Do the couple things I signed up to do along with … 3 other posts this month. idek random numbers are great guys
  • Read 10 books! Five have to be off your tbr again.
  • Write 2 reviews again!
  • Actually practice flute please, i’m begging you
  • Successfully get through assorted band and choir concerts!
  • Please actually read the blogs and catch up on the hoards of email notifications because you mean to read them …
  • Same with Bible reading. Catch up, child.
  • CHANGE YOUR FACE to stop being those books already. Where is your face.
  • Survive.


There. That should hopefully be easier. 😀  Maybe I won’t fail for once … ha … ha … wishful thinking.

I think … that’s about everything? Yes? Maybe? Mmmmhm …

Alright, so, I shall see you all in some way or another … wait … that sounds creepy … I will talk to you all shortly so until then … thankee for reading, darlings!

Let's Chat

How did your April go? Have you read the lovely Illuminae? The cake previously mentioned is a lie. *snods* Any plans for May? I’m … running out of questions here. Anything else you’d like to talk about? Please come up with your own words I can’t think of any questions. XD



5 thoughts on “April Is Over Update! Random Rambling Of a Reader// Featuring: Failure and cake

  1. *coughs* Yes, I made you sign up for it … so yeah, it was probably more me than you …

    How did your April go?: good. Busy. Hectic. Sad. Brain-deadedness … okay, I guess it wasn’t so good … but I did get some stuff done …

    Have you read the lovely Illuminae?: I haven’t.

    Any plans for May?: oh, you know, cover reveals, editing, etc. I’m supposed to write 8K, but I DON’T WANT TO! :/

    Okay, so, no joke: there were two or three people in my cabin that hit 100K AND THEN SOME! I was like, “*hides 26K in the corner* Um … yeah! Good job, guys!” Really, though, it was fun. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shhh. I must take this blame upon myself. You don’t get to steal any of it. 😉
      Ooh, whatcha writing on? Was it still … oh my gosh I’m so terrible I can’t remember … whatever you were working on for camp? (Why is my brain failing so badly …)

      HOW. PEOPLE. 100K. HOW. 26k is good though. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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