Random Ramblings of a Reader — April Edition

Random Ramblings of a Reader — April Edition

‘Ello once again, lovelies! I’m back from vacation! Did y’all miss me? 😉 Nah? I probably need to be gone a bit longer for that to happen …

As y’all can probably tell, it’s April! Did anybody pull any pranks on the first? My sis cut out a ridiculous amount of paper fish which are now hidden all around the house …

Anyway, without further ado let us merge into …


Let’s see what I did in March, shall we?


Once again I wish to make this as complicated as possible. And … y’know it would probably be smart to keep last month’s colors? But … blue is for actually finished. Green is for failed (which is basically the opposite of any rational person’s color …) and yellow is for kind of.

  1. Read 10 books. Review at least 1 on here. Review at least 5 of the ones you read in March on GR and … write at least 3 of the reviews that you meant to write in February … Ah … and at least 2 of the books you read must be off of your to-read list on GR. Well yes, very much so I accomplished most of this but at the same time not really?? More on this in a second …
  2. OFFICIALLY SURVIVE DRIVER’S ED. YESSSS. Yup! Guys I did it! I aced my final written test and although I needed to retake my driving test, I pretty much aced that the second time too. It’s over! Finally! Now I just need to get about 30 more hours of driving time in and get my license when I’m old enough … or just … avoid driving altogether which is what I’ve been doing. 😉
  3. Write … at least 2,000 words.  Hahahahahaha. No. I wrote nothing. Nuff said.
  4. Actually practice flute. And it’s a no for this too. Though, in my defense, I was gone for a week of March and unable to bring the flute …?
  5. Work on graphics on hereeeee Technically …? I mean I used graphics but I kinda doubt I actually like … improved on them? I was basically just fooling around. *snods*
  6. Post at least twice a week.  Ehhh … no.
  7. Get 31 followers. Wow. Guys. I have an amazing 38 followers. Can I get a what what? wait … is that a thing … why do people say that … And I didn’t even bribe anybody! probably … Nah. But you guys are amazing! Thank you so much, and hello newish peoples! Welcome welcome. *hands out brownies*
  8. Try one thing new. Yes, yes. This is a thing. Just go … *flails arms around* do something. I … have no idea … though let’s just say yes? Oh I know what I did! So I was able to try out a piccolo this month! Not as much as I’d like (I mean … I haven’t even practiced flute that month so …) but yep yep. XD
  9. Okay, I don’t know why this is on here but … Finish watching at least one of the many television shows you’re meaning to watch … Yep again. XD Due to vacation I had a large amount of time in which I wasn’t doing anything and thus I finished … at least Gilmore Girls … the new thing. Which I … yeah. And … yep. XD
  10. Read and comment on other peeps posts regularly. I’d say maybe kinda? Those of which I’m following could probably judge this better … I tried to comment a bit more than I usually would though so I’m going to count this as a success.

Woah … that’s colorful … Why … Okay, the colors are probably confusing. I’m sorry guys. XD


As promised (and because, let’s face it, I reallly like talking about books and my reading habits forever …) let us talk about books and my reading habits! *snods awkwardly*


As y’all can see (pretty lil graphic …), I read a total of 14 books in March. Yay … XD Anyway, the reviewing didn’t go quite as well as I planned … I only reviewed one of these on Goodreads I think, and none of em on here but eh. *shrugs*

A bunch of these have been on my to-read list on Goodreads for far too long, and now I finally sat down and read them. By my count at least 12 of them were on my to-read list for at the very least a couple month and 7 of them have been on there since 2016. So yep. That was successful at least. XD

And to top it all off 3 of the books ended up being 5 stars for me. So yay!

Have you guys read any of the books up there? What’d’ya think? 

Life.pngAnd in other news … I actually kind of had a life? Vacation happened, I got to watch Moana (!! It was beautiful) and Fiddler On The Roof both for the first time with different friends on separate occasions, a sleepover with buddies happened, the weather is finally niceish and I’ve been busy climbing trees, and the trimester arrived in which I once again continue taking part time classes. And driver’s-ed finished. And much other stuff. Basically, stuff is happening like it always does. 😉

Erm … yep. I really don’t have anything to ramble about here cause … I don’t know … I feel like most people don’t wish to read random facts about other people’s lives? Or maybe ya do? Ah, well, let’s continue. XD


As said before I got no writing done at all. I am useless folks. I don’t think I actually have any hobbies that I stick with? Yep. Even though this makes life more interesting, it’s kind of annoying.

So, as many of you know, it’s Camp NaNo this month! I however, am not actually officially participating in it. Yeah … I think I just remembered it too late and it kind of just died … But for those of you who are doing camp … hey! Congrats! *hands out chocolate to keep you alive*

It’s also NaPoWriMo, I believe … which I honestly don’t know that much about. I’m really not all that organized. XD For those of y’all who are doing that, good for you too! I may end up jumping on the bandwagon halfway through the month all unofficial like but that remains to be seen. *strokes mustache*

Okkkeee, let us move on once more and make some goals for April.


  • Read ten books, five of which must be off of my TBR list.
  • Write at least 2 reviews.
  • Post at least once a week this month. Or … let’s say at least five times.
  • Continue actually commenting on and reading all you lovely folks blogs. ^.^
  • Get together with friends more! The weather is niceish and there are no excuses.
  • Let’s say … do an unofficial camp NaNo and write 10,000 words this month. Yay. I didn’t even plan this. XD Why, Sarah, why.
  • Eat mango, pineapple, and watermelon. Why you ask? Cause #reasons. It’s just important …
  • Practice flute and guitar. Because adding extra stuff will obviously make me practice flute … right …?
  • Just at least bleach my hair already … I still want to dye it so I might as well make it a goal and try to make it happen, right?
  • Randomly do acts of kindness. Or something like that. Yup. Let’s hand out pineapple, mangoes and watermelon to people randomly!
  • Get … at least a little bit of driving time in. *tsks* *glares at the car* If I can just get these hours over with and get a license I will never have to drive again.
  • Read the Bible. I’ve drastically fallen behind again.
  • Work on making decent pages on here … Yep.
  • Get an actual decent picture for here instead of a stock picture of books for my face. Yep …

And … that’s about it, I think? I’m not sure why I made so many goals … but I mean, it’s better to try to reach higher, right? That means even if I fail, I’ll have done more stuff. 😛 Yeahhh … I’m not sure about my logic here either, but I’m sticking with it …

So yep, that’s about it! Let’s see how well April works out … So, how are you guys, though? It’s been a little bit, still alive? 😛 Hey …


Seriously, children, I wish to know hows yous are. What are some of your goals for April? How did March go for ya? Seriously, did you pull any pranks? I wish to know. I need more ideas. Are you participating in Camp NaNo or NaPoWriMo? If so, how’s that going for you? Do you have any ways in which to actually get stuff done? Eggplants!




One thought on “Random Ramblings of a Reader — April Edition

  1. What are some of your goals for April?: TO NOT DIE!!!

    How did March go for ya?: I’m still alive. *shrugs* So pretty good …

    Seriously, did you pull any pranks?: uh … *awkwardness* Noooo, why would you think that? XD

    Are you participating in Camp NaNo or NaPoWriMo?: NANOWRIMO!!!! It is so awesome. *nods* I have the best cabin this year. Probably because they’re mostly older than me and they’re all accomplishing stuff so I’m like, “Uh … I guess failure is not an option?” XD

    If so, how’s that going for you?: great.

    Do you have any ways in which to actually get stuff done?: nope. Not really.


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