Blogging Hiatus // In Which I Must Say Adieu

Blogging Hiatus // In Which I Must Say Adieu

Heyo, peoples. As you can probably see (unless you’re the type of person who doesn’t read titles of blog posts at all … like … okay? Good for you. 😉  ) I am unfortunately going on a hiatussss.

Okay so technically it’s not really a “hiatus” hiatus as … many reasons.

So basically I’m just on spring break right now and a vacation is going to happen and I’m going to have to leave my giant piles of books and easily accessible computers (nuuuuhh) in favor of “adventure” and “other places”. *shudders*

Soooo … that’s only this week though, so I will be back shortly! I know I’m not actually the most reliable poster scheduler person so I mean … me missing an actual post for today and Thursday’s post isn’t … that different? But I still felt the need to tell you. *snods* Because I am a … I’m not sure. Insert some adjective here. Bean. *snods again*

But yep, yep. So I actually do have a couple posts kind of  in the workings … or at least I have a couple of ideas … so I mean, I will try to work on those and have actual organization and stuff? Yes? Maybe?

Anyway. XD Sorry for my disappearance. (Who am I kidding, I love disappearing! *throws smoke bomb on ground* *poofs away like Trixie*) I love y’all and will hopefully still be able to read people’s blogs when I’m gone … but … I mean … yeah …

So until then, thanks for reading! I will see you again (in … the … seeing … way as is I will post …?) shortly! Stay awesome, lovelies!


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