Blogging Do’s And Don’ts (Minus the Don’ts …)

Blogging Do’s And Don’ts (Minus the Don’ts …)

So. (A needle pulling threeeeaddd!) Today I hath decided to write a post about blogging do’s a don’ts. With a catch. Okay, no catch, because I’m pretty sure my depth perception is weird (or … I could just be terrible at sports?) and I can’t actually catch basically anything. (fun facts ya may or may not have known about me 😉  ) *coughs* But anyway.

Basically this is a list of blogging tips, that I hath either read about online, been brainwashed into knowing, or *gasps* come up with myself. Or maybe I just heard about them or read about em somewhere. Who knows.

But anyway … I think I’m getting off topic again? So this is a list. Of stuff that would be useful to do for your blog. And how I don’t actually do it. Maybe you do? If so, good job! But basically this is just me showing off how awesome I am at blogging. Ha … ha … ha … XD 😛

Okay let’s go!


1. Have a general topicish theme for your blog

This basically means that you should probably have a general topic theme that you’ll talk about, so that you don’t bore half your audience to death so they’re not like “Hey, I like what this person talks about” but then you go and talk about everything else except that topic for years and slowly kill them. *snods* This is very important.

So maybe just kind of pick a generalish theme and try to stick with it? I mean … if you have a blog about like … dogs and doggy things … you probably shouldn’t go and write a post about … writing. Or something. *shrugs* If ya know what I mean. Or you could but then you should probably just stick with dogs and writing and maybe relate them in some way? … probably don’t write full length posts singluary devoted to dogs. And then writing. And then … ice cream. And then paper. And then pepper. Just … maybe don’t.

I, on the other hand (who’s hand, you ask? I have no answer for that, I must reply) have like … no theme at all? Like I did book reviews and I generallyish talk about … I don’t even know. That’s the problem, my peoples. I don’t even know.

So, I mean, this probably isn’t that much of a problem. As long as everyone else reading your blog likes reading about all the billion topics and … yeah. I’m not sure where I was going with this. It’s just nice to have a theme so you actually know what to post about and you know everyone who reads your blog probably won’t hate the posts you write or anything and … yep. XD

2. Read and comment on lots of other blogs. Be part of the blogger community!

It’s kind of a given that if you have friends who read blogs and you have a blog and they’re your friends who enjoy the stuff you blog about they’ll read your blog. *snods solemnly* That … makes perfect sense. Probably.

But seriously, though, the blogging community is amazing. These (y’all) peeps are fun and cool and their blogs are cool and it’s a great way to get followers if you’re going to be creepy and selfish and focused on your blog … 😛

But seriously tho, friendddshiiipp!

I … eh … Okay here’s my problem which I feel like I may or may not have mentioned before … I don’t do … talking to people. Or any social interaction. I am much too awkward and insane a bean. *smiles sadly* Like, bro. Idk, man.

So I got the reading other peoples blogs part down … mostly … I just don’t actually do anything with the blogger community most of the time. I’m sorry, guyses. You is awesome. And I is sorry. But yep, yep. I just … like seriously can’t talk to anybody? Or I mean to and forget? Or I psych myself out of it? I don’t even know! #LifeFails

3. Have lots of nice graphics!

Yup, yup. These is always pretty. Graphics just like … attract everything like a moth to a light. Or a light to a moth? Whichever way works better. And they just make everything prettier.

4. Annnd, even harder, make sure the graphics work well with your current pretty blog theme

This is where I reallllly fail folks.

So, even if you have delicious graphics and an amazing blog theme if they clash terribly they both automatically look ugly. Make sure all your fonts work well together on both your website and your graphics, make sure all the colors fit pretty well together, and if possible … make them have the same general feel and theme?

Like say, if your blog has a lot of … flowers … in the theme … have … kind of … flowers … on your graphic … or something … Wow, I’m bad at explaining this, but you kinda get what I mean? Probably? No? Ah, well.

5. Give your blog posts names that make sense, are not incredibly long and … yeah, that’s about it

Seriously guys, apparently it’s a good thing to have nice short catchy blog post names or something? That make sense? Like what’s up with that?

As you can maybe kinda tell occasionally, I like having my blog post names incredibly long, with like … no actual coherence. They’re more beautiful that way. 😀

So I can’t actually remember the reason who people think blog post titles shouldn’t be an entire paragraph and should let people know what the blog post is about and shouldn’t be gibberish. So yknow … whatever, man. 😉

6. Have a normal, regular, frequent posting schedule

Apparently it’s good to post frequently, on a normal basis. But whatever. So yes, it gives people stuff to read, it keeps people coming to your blog, it’s probably more fun to actually post frequently …? I’m not sure about this one, guys.

I, as we well know, don’t actually post when I’m supposed to most of the time. It’s more fun that way. you do realize, Sarah …? Yes, I did in fact say it was fun if you don’t do it and then I said it’s fun if you do do it. Shush. I mean, I actually don’t even post randomly enough that I can say I post randomly. I’m sad that way.

I don’t even post that frequently guys. I’m lucky if I get out one post per week. I’m not sure why it’s so much fun to talk about how lame I am but it issss preciousssss.

But seriously. *points upward* Regular, frequent posting schedule? Yes. That is good.

7. Actually talk about interesting stuff

Yep, yep. I’m not just saying this because I’m running out of things to say probably. maybe. Posting about interesting stuff is a good thing to do. I mean, your regular posting schedule won’t work if you don’t actually say anything interesting?

But don’t take this to mean that you should talk only about what other people find interesting. Talk about what you like! And yes! I feel like I’m getting off topic … at least in my brain … Er. Yes, interesting stuff. Like don’t just post the same stuff over and over again.


Though I must admit. This is fun. Very fun.

Okay, unless you’re doing it like Kronk, don’t repeat the same stuff over and over again. That’s just boring. I mean, talk about the same thing over and over again if you have new stuff to say and still love it but … okay this is just getting circular. Let’s move on!

And I have nothing to move on to.

Right. I have no more ideas in my head? So there’s that. I felt like I had more stuff to say but I guess I kinda don’t all that much …?

So anyway! Guyses! Thank you for reading this, darlings, and I hope you have a lovely day! Let us …


Okay seriously now, can you think of any other tip like do’s or don’ts? Do you do any of this? Do you don’t any of this? (“Do you …” okay, whatever, that makes sense). I literally don’t think I have any other questions either? Like my brain … is all like … squish … though it is almost ten at night right now and for some reason I’m writing a blog post? Idk, man. Do you have anything else to say? You can just … ignore these questions and like … comment something else … idk. These are weird, though. Porcupines!





2 thoughts on “Blogging Do’s And Don’ts (Minus the Don’ts …)

  1. Okay seriously now, can you think of any other tip like do’s or don’ts?: nope
    Do you do any of this?: nope
    Do you don’t any of this?: yes
    I literally don’t think I have any other questions either?: yes
    Like my brain … is all like … squish … though it is almost ten at night right now and for some reason I’m writing a blog post?: yes
    Do you have anything else to say?: nope

    Heh. That was me being a boring person. *nods* Okay, so, all this is true and I need to do it … but blogging is hard, man! 😛


  2. I definitely agree, dearie! I do think that it’s okay to have long titles (if they’re funny, like Cait’s at Paper Fury are), as long as you fix up the slug/URL. 😉 And only if they’re funny lol! Great tips!


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