Oddness and Assorted Fangirling

Oddness and Assorted Fangirling

*dances around like an octopus*

*realizes this post is a day late*

*actually probably more because I haven’t actually written this post yet and … it may or may not come out on the day I am typing this*

*or maybe it’s actually on time because it’s so late?*

Well, hElLo lovely peoples. It is I, the frenchiest fry. Not. Idk guys. It’s me, Minty Pineapple Sarah Magic Chicken Lady.

If you can’t tell I am ODD today.

Fun, right?

Erm … wow. I like seriously have nothing to actually write about?


Idk man.

I feel like if I just type stuff something useful will pop out of my brain? Like that happened last week … cause I just get annoyed that I am not actually writing anything that is anything so then I’m just like “bro. sarah. child. ya gotta write something real please.” so then I’m like “finnnnneee.” and then that works sometimes? Like yes?

Does anyone else have the feeling that this really isn’t what a blog post is supposed to look like?


Oh wow.


oh okay.

Let’s start this over.

Hello lovelies and welcome to my evil lair of much oddness and I’m not even sure what. I still don’t actually really have anything to talk about but I’m going to be talking anyway cause that’s always fun. So. I was able to watch the amazing Moana for the first time this past weekend (yes … first time … I’m kinda late to the party, guys? Shush 😉 ) with some amazing friends (hello, lovelies. If y’all are reading this you know who you are. Thanks so much, it was awesome. 🙂 ) But! I mean I could technically just talk about Moana and how perfect that movie is but instead I’m going to be talking about the music in Moana and how amazing that is.

Or more accurately I’m going to be talking about how awesome Lin Manuiel-Miranda is.

K. It’s no secret that I have a mild to extreme on and off obsession with Hamilton. HAMILTTTOOOON.  And like … yep. Hamilton, guys. But! There is more to Lin than Hamilton (which reminds me … I must go like … listen/watch if I can to a ton of other musicals … In The Heights for one and just … yeah … I’m sad that way …)

Okay no but seriously … the Moana soundtrack is like …. cmaeriunaergiaejngr *coughs* *hacks *chokes* *dies* I cannot tell you how beautiful that thing is. And I mean … the movie is fabulous too. And Hamilton is awesome therefore making basically everything to do with Lin awesome by association but have yOu HeARd?!?! the reynolds pamplet. have you read this?! that song tho … the music and everything and it’s just like “the world is crashing and burningggg” seriously it’s so like … man.

But the Moana music … *hyperventilates* Okay it’s just fabulousness right there. It’s all like … fabulous and I can obviously not form coherent sentences or actually talk right now but yep, yep.

Do I even have anything real to say right now? The answer to that question is …

No. No, I do not. Not really at all, man.

Words have basically failed me? And I can honestly not like … write anything that resembles y’know … a nice semi-professional blog post that actually makes sense.

But oh weelllll.

So. Because I might as well continue randomly talking about Lin and Moana … and … lists are always fun let us make a list of the excellence!

(yknow if anyone like … in the far off future where I am hopefully employed and a successful adult ha. like that’s happening 😉  finds this I believe I’m doomed? Or they’ll just be like “Yup … -.- … that’s her …” Anyway. Just a thought~)

  • k tho, to be honest they’ve been all in my head about 24/7?
  • How Far I’ll Go is just so … it’s like … child … yes, yes.
  • The coconut
  • Maui is awesome
  • Moana is awesome
  • the crab dude … *snods* *dies inside* gUyS he’s shiny!
  • LIN! LIN! LIN!
  • it’s all sO gOOD, tHOUgH!
  • Lin rapping …
  • Rapping in general
  • the general just … everything
  • yes, this is an actual list

anyway. this is basically my life right now? Devoid of most spelling, capitalization, punctuation and everything … I’m basically just sitting here and binge doing everything … *snods* blog posts and Goodreads and Netflix and Youtube and Pinterest and books … honestly … idk, guys. I’m weird.

Y’know when you kind of want to absorb everything? That is moi currently. And I’m not really sane enough to give anything half-decent back? XD But yep, yep.

So I honestly don’t really know what’s going on with this blog post … it’s devoid of gifs, graphics, common sense, and basically anything that would make it interesting but … I’m not sure. XD

So I’m actually going to cut it off here and post … *gestures* this.


(eyyy, it’s a gif! HHTYD is pretty awesome though, guys … *snods*)

Sooo … honestly … that’s all for now? Thanks for reading, if you got this far in this hodge-podge of I don’t even know. XD So until later, stay awesome, friends!


Yep. I don’t have any questions to ask you, actually. But ehhh … What’ve you all been up to recently? Have you watched Moana? Is it awesome or what? Is Lin awesome or what? Is the Moana soundtrack awesome or what? He’s SHINY! Did this post disgust you or is the oddness okay every once in a while? 😉  How are you still reading this? Oh hey, do you remember the crab dude’s name? Cause I completely forgot and I’m too lazy to go look it up … *coughs*



6 thoughts on “Oddness and Assorted Fangirling

  1. Lin is AWESOME. ASDFGHJKL. I somewhat knew he was helping to write music for the movie, but it wasn’t till after the movie when I was listening to the soundtrack WHEN I FOUND OUT HE ACTUALLY SANG IN ONE OF THE SONGS ASDFGHJKL. AND THEN CHRISTOPHER JACKSON WAS MOANA’S DAD??? WHAT??? *mindblown* TBH, I liked Hamilton better than Moana (not that I’ve seen Hamilton, I wish), BUT IT’S HAMILTON, SO???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesssss Lin. I was just sitting there and then he was singing and it was just like “wait … that’s Lin?? What? Lin? Lin, is that you?” And he raps that one bit in “You’re Welcome” in the credits and *dies* WAIT CHRISTOPHER JACKSON WAS MOANA’S DAD?? I DID NOT KNOW THIS.
      Heh, yeah, honestly I don’t think anything could be better than Hamilton, cause I mean … Hamilton. XD


  2. What’ve you all been up to recently?: girl. Why are you asking me this? I legit tell you everything that happens to me. Like that we had a pastor and his wife over last night? I told you that. But yeah. Friday is out light school day so I’m just … hanging. I’m supposed to be writing a book report. XD
    Have you watched Moana?: nope.
    Is it awesome or what?: wouldn’t know.
    Is Lin awesome or what?: uh …?
    Is the Moana soundtrack awesome or what?: Idk
    Did this post disgust you or is the oddness okay every once in a while?: actually, this was a great post. I mean, it read more like an email or something that you send me, but yeah, I liked it.
    How are you still reading this?: uh … Idk. I’m bored, I guess. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay this was a nice post!!! And because my dear friend May introduced me to Hamilton and yay! Hamilton! And Yay! Moana! And I was excited because another person likes Hamilton and I really liked this post and just Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

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