Eeeey! Let’s make a graphic!

Eeeey! Let’s make a graphic!

well hello peoples

Andddd … I’m back. From the dead. Yeah I was never actually gone so why am I saying this??

Erm … anyway. As you can probably tell or not. maybe I’m the only one who can actually tell? 😉 I kind of missed both posts this week? But fear not! I would have posted this yesterday but I ran out of time. Anyway, hopefully this’ll be interesting for you guys …


Okay I honestly had no idea what was even going to be happening in this post until like … ten minutes into writing it yesterday? But ehhh. here we goes …

Yep. That’s right peeps! 😀  I’m going to be talking about how I personally make graphics whether you’d like to hear about it or not *evil laughter*


Step Numero Uno!

Kay. What you should generally do is have a clear idea of what you want to do. Or at least a general idea. Or an idea at all.

I don’t do this friends. insteaaaad I’m just going to go head over to the lovely Pixabay which has a lovely amount of free (yup. completely free) images for usage for peoples. Then I’ll look around until I find something I like. Like sooo ….


Yay. A bunch of random clouds. That’s always fun. hopefully

Anyway, then if I’m feeling like it and the first image could use it I’ll go and track down another image that I could overlay on that. Like stars. Stars are good. Or just some type of texturey like thingy? Yeah? Anyway …

lalalala … maybe?


Bam. Anyway. I usually just find something … and then I’ll see how it works.

Okay, to be truthful I usually find about … ten different pictures in all. A couple that’ll work as images on top and then a bunch that’ll work below and just … I find a lot of em? Just for fun? Then I’ll figure out how to use em.

In this case though … as I don’t really have the time to do that or … include all of the images I would find in this blog post I’m just going to stick with the one example.

Step Two!!

Okay next I’m going to open up my handy dandy Pixlr. I know a lot of people use stuff like Canva or … I’m not sure. What do you guys use? XD But I honestly really really like Pixlr. It’s like a … free slightly smaller version of Photoshop/Illustrator that you can use on your web-browser. Anyway. It works really well for me.

Sooo … I will then go and stick the images in like so …
Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 2.19.16 PM

Fun, right? probably …? and proceed to mess around with them.


Like look how cool this looks? *laughs evilly*

Okay one sec …


Anyway, I’ll do that for a while until I get something that looks … completely weird. *grins evilly* If I’m not satisfied with it I’ll trash it and get another image and work with that one instead.
In this case … the image isn’t my favorite, but I’m just going to stick with it and see how this turns out. *shrugs* Hopefully it’ll look better …

Next up!

Kay, as I’m talking about … blogging graphics here. I think I’d then find some words to stick on it. In this case I’m going with “Designing Graphics at Penumbra Reviews” cause why not.

I’ll … maybe crop this or get it in a general shape I want, possibly adjusting like the shadowing and I might add like a circle or something so the words are all obvious? I’m not sure … anyway let’s see where this goes …

Actually, at this point I run into a problem and realize there’s actually one problem with Pixlr. They … don’t actually have fonts?
The deal here (which can be good or bad) is that Pixlr just takes the fonts that are currently downloaded on your computer and pops them up there. This is nice cause you don’t run into the risk of it taking fonts off or anything, and you can always download more fonts onto your computer but … if you happen to be on a different computer than you’re usual on … *coughs* *glares at self* Sarah. *coughs* you’re kind of stuck until you get on another computer?

Anyway … yes.

But no problem! Just save it as a .pxd if you want to keep the layers (or … jpeg or png if you don’t care) and email it to yourself or something! Then just download it when you get on the other computer and continue writing your blog post! *headdesks*


(Okay no seriously this was at least 24 hours later that I’m typing this now … XD Kinda odd … )

Right. So anyway, mine now looks something like … this.


(ahhh … look at the beauty of pixlr …)

As you can see I used different words? But that’s because the Internet died as I was waiting for this here blog post drafty thingy to load so … I wasn’t able to see what I wrote in here what I was going to say? Oh! That’s another cool thing about Pixlr. As long as the page is loaded you can literally still use all the tools? As long as you have your pictures it still works just fine, which … was nice as it let me finish my graphic last night!

Now. As this text is reallllly not readable I’m going to stick a backdroppy circle darkness thing behind it like so …


Which … makes it slightly better. Okay actually it makes it worse. The font is way to dark and it just all looks terrible right now.


At this point I’ll then change the font color but … as this still isn’t quite as visible as I want it I’ll pull up the handy dandy thingamajiger like soooo …


Bro. I can not tell you how much I love this thing. It’s so much fun to mess around with … Anyway. Then I’ll eventually end up with something likkkkkeee this.


Yep. Yep. Anyway, this’ll basically be the finished project at this point, unless I decide to mess around with it some more. I’ll just get it the size I want and save it and …


Boom. Oh wait I just realized that I did actually mess around with it a lot … like … font color but … *coughs*

Anyway. That’s basically it! Oh, and … I did have a different one at the beginging of the post because I … enjoy messing around with it until it looks really odd too much? Heh. That one looks like …


Which is like … basically the same graphic? But completely different?

Anyway, that’s really just about it! XD I hope you enjoyed this. 😉

(oh, and if you haven’t had the chance and all that … it’d be so completely awesome if ya could pop over and for this weird feedback quiz thingy here. Thank you so so much for y’all that already answered it. And if you haven’t feel no obligation to and … skip as many questions as you want (like you could literally just answer the “what’s your favorite ice cream thing” and that’d be cool? like seriously man. XD ) anyway … yep yep. I really appreciate it guys. thankeeeee)


Do you like the graphics? 😉 How do you normally make graphics? Which of the two ones that I made do you like better? Do you have any recommendations on how I can make my process better? I got nailed in the face with a soccer ball today *snods sadly* What’s your favorite color? What type of font do you like? Why am I asking these questions? Have you tried Pixlr? What’s your typical … thingy that you use to make graphics? What else? Hedgehogs?!


3 thoughts on “Eeeey! Let’s make a graphic!

  1. Do you like the graphics?: how silly, Sarah. Everyone likes graphics … right?
    How do you normally make graphics?: Canva. And that not too often. I’m frankly too lazy to actually edit pictures …
    Which of the two ones that I made do you like better?: the first … or the second … no, definitely the first. I like the first better.
    Do you have any recommendations on how I can make my process better?: girl, I know nothing …
    I got nailed in the face with a soccer ball today: *laughs* I … wasn’t there. Was I? I don’t think so. I feel like I’m answering this eons late … because of sickness and stuff … *nods*
    What’s your favorite color?: pink!
    What type of font do you like?: cursive!
    Why am I asking these questions?: idk
    Have you tried Pixlr?: I have, but I can’t get it to work. Maybe you should come over and show me. We could have a graphics designing day! *dances* XD Okay, that was weird … why did I randomly dance? Is this sickness still making me loopy? That must be it …
    What’s your typical … thingy that you use to make graphics?: you just asked this, girl! but yeah, I snag random pictures from Pixabay or ones I took myself (I’m trying to transition to using only my own pictures, but my camera is broken, and yeah …), and then I just add text with Canva. #solazyitain’tevenfunny

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *whispers* Woah … she actually answered the questions … weeeiiird.

      Yes, yes. Everyone loves graphics.
      And Canva is cool … Don’t tell Pixlr I said that … honestly I have no idea how to really use anything besides Pixlr? But I like Pixlr sooo … *shruggles* 😛 Hehe! A graphics designing day would be fun though! We should totally do that!
      Er … soccer ball … Nah, you weren’t there. 😛 XD
      Adding text is good … err … this answer is completely random and out of place and thus is probably confusing … XD
      Heh … dancing randomly … nah I do that too. Even when I’m not sick. But I may or may not be loopy about 90% of the time so I’m not good to just off of … 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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