Random Rambling Of A Reader – Six Month Anniversary!!! (And February Recap)

Random Rambling Of A Reader – Six Month Anniversary!!! (And February Recap)

(kay first off I thought it’d be fun to mention that there are a lot of tips out there about like … keeping your blog posts names short and snappy and to the point and beautiful. As you can probably tell I have successfully avoided doing this. Like … at all … 😛 Anyway. Let us continue. XD )





Penumbra Reviews has been going for six months. Since … last Monday. XD I’m not even sure how I didn’t realize this but … technically the post on February 27th was … literally my six month anniversary. And I didn’t even realize it. Yup. Yup. I’m not sure what level of sad that is. XD But anyway! Instead we shall celebrate it today! In my monthly rambling posty thing! Yes, yes! Let us do this!

Okay so I haven’t actually planned anything fancy maybe that’ll happen for the one year anniversary??? idek. and … okay I have literally planned nothing. I may or may not be terrible at planning anything (nooooo … that can’t be me, right? I’m way too awesome for that. 😛 ) BUT. I did go and make some graphics? So maybe we can count that into the six month anniversary thing, right? Like … me actually having graphics? Yes? Yes? Let’s do that.


(Muhahahaha. Well look what we have here. I actually went and put whatever small amount of skill I have in doing anything and made something besides puns! (more on … pun graphics later … at some point … 😛 ) yep, yep. this is basically just an example of the fact that I mess around with images waaay too much when I actually make something but … I don’t know. It doesn’t look, that bad, does it? 😉 )

Let’s get some stats!

I started Penumbra Reviews on September 27th of 2017. Since then I have had …

543 views an incredibly wide assortment of places all over the world including (but not limited to):

463 from the US (yep … this is such a surprise … nobody that I know lives there. *sarcasm sarcasm*)

20 from the UK (okay like literally nobody that I know IRL lives in the UK … if any of these views belong to you, you’re pretty awesome (I mean, you were already awesome) but like … the UK is cool. Yes. *coughs*

19 from India (you guys are cool too, just so ya know)

18 from Canada (you guys are also cool. Canada in general is cool)

annndd … a bunch of 1’s and 2’s from so many places that I couldn’t even list em here.

Anyway. Yes, yes. This is amazing guys! Each of these views is from a person somewhere who … either accidentally stumbled upon the homepage and immediately killed it (ha … ha … ha … XD ) or someone who took the time out of their day to read a blog post or something! or it was a spambot sometimes, I must admit, that these numbers just feel like numbers but … nah. They’re all you lil awesome pineapples out there. *sniffles*

Right! Continue!

I have written a total of 38 posts. (which obviously means I was slacking at some point … 😉 but this is still amazing)

Gotten a total of 28 WordPress followers and 2 email followers! Guyyyysss. You guyyysss. Y’all are amazing. Lemme just tell you that. *hugs everybody* man I’m in a weird mood, right now …

And gotten a total of 146 comments! Which is a lot. Like … how guys.

(In case you’re wondering 54 of those were my comments *le shruggles* :P, 8 were from the wonderful Kit, 6 were from the one by the name of BayRay (hiya, Bay. Thanks for commenting, girl. 😉 ) 4 were from the spectacular Julia, 3 were from Agent IT (hiiii) and a couple were from the fabulous April. Oh, and a heaping 52 were from The Amazing Kellyn Roth. Geez, girl. You need an award or something. Seriously. XD )

Anyway. Guys, this is so incredible. I started out just basically reviewing books for a couple of months at the beginning (until I realized that I ramble too much and need to post gifs and random stuff too .. I’m not even sure … *coughs*) so in my mind I’m not technically counting this as a full six months but … look at where we arrrre. Look at where we started! The fact that I’m alive is a miracle! *coughs* But seriously. I am so amazed and grateful and I hope that I can keep growing and just … yeah. And your comments give me life. so be glad you commented so much, Kell. Otherwise I’d be dead. Ha … ha … ha …

Okay! And … let’s move on from there to …


(idk. apparently I like ovals. And graphics. And I messed around with this background so much that … I’m not even sure what it is anymore. But yep. This is basically me throwing together something in like … 15 minutes to half an hour just cause I felt like it … and “throwing together something” basically means me making something and then messing with it until it makes no sense … *shrugs* 😉 )

So. This month is going to be semi-shortish (famous last words 😉 ) because … this post is already like … long. So I’m going to try to stop the rambling from going on forever. (This’ll be hard guys. You should be happy I’m trying. 😉 )


Right. Let’s revisit the goals for February real quick to see if I actually did anything … 😛 (And let’s make this fun colors cause I don’t even know why. XD Blue equals I actually did it and orange means I failed majestically. As there is literally no in between here pink means I kinda did this thing. Right … no that we have it all confusing …)

  1. Get to 10,000 words on the WIP Haha nopity nope nope nope. I maybe worked on it … like … once? I’m not even going to check the word count because it’s so sad. XD I did … come up with like one extra idea and maybe pinned like 2 things? but … failure here. 
  2. Do at least a post a week on here Guys. How did I even do this? But yesss! I can’t believe it. ^.^ 
  3. Read … 6 books. Review at least half, and post at least one of those reviews on here. I read seven total in the month, and six of those were after I posted this goal thing so … I’d say success with that? I also reviewed The Rose of Winslow Street on here (yaay) and … technically three books total. Okay so I reviews The Rose of Winslow Street, Through The Woods, and as The Lady of The Vineyard was a re-read that I already had reviewed … though I did add like … me rambling at the end of that review after I finished it? *coughs* But anyway. I think I technically said that I would review … all of the other books that I read on there .. at some point … I’ll probably do a couple soon. man I’m bad at this anyway. More on books soonish. 
  4. Don’t die in driver’s ed. Wheeeeeel. I’m here now so I guess this was a success? I mean I did stress an unlawful amount last month (and I’m still stressing … Ahhh … it’s almost over … I have like … three classes left … and then a final drive … pray for me.) but I survived for the most part! I got 100% on the first couple tests, survived the first three drives (and technically the fourth one though it made me realize I hate hate hate driving in towns with a passion that will make me wish to go and move to a place without civilization) Anyway. Yeaaah … XD 
  5. Actually practice flute. What. This was a thing? Noooo. XD Yep. I … didn’t … actually … practice … like in a sad amount. I maybe practiced once? So kinda? But really no … failure … XD 
  6. Drink lots of beverages. (There is literally no go between blue and pink either … wait no there is … Purple! Yasssss! Let’s make this even more confusing! Right. So … I don’t think this was even a real goal noooo what are you saying???  but I did drink warm beverages. Occasionally. Mainly binge-drinking. Why do I always end up drinking like … tea and then hot chocolate and then coffee and like honeyed spiced milk all in a row? What is this, man?Books.png


These are they, friends. Yup, yup. Oh, and credit to Goodreads for arranging all those pretty little covers in the pretty lil rectangle and credit to me for ERASING THE OTHER BOOKS FROM THE NARRATIVE AND WRITING WORDS ON IT! MUHAHAHAHA

Errr … I’m not really sure what to say here … Let’s just ramble about books, shall we? So honestly, this wasn’t like the best amount of books read (though I’m still technically on track to my 125 goal with 20 books read so far. yesss) but like … these were all pretty good quality. A good chunk of them were 5 stars, and then the others were all pretty close to five stars. ^.^ Granted a couple of em (2. It’s 2) were re-reads that I knew I liked but … Oh. And guys. Fantastic Beasts. Armygosh Fantastic Beasts. The screenplay is just as good as the movie (specially since I’ve seen the movie and really wanna rewatch the movie but can’t cause it’s not out on DVD yet …)

****Okay I just realized I’m about to give stuff away sooooo … Spoilers, sweetie 😉 ****


*coughs* Right. Done. I just … agggh the feels man. *cries* *stabs Graves.* *literally yelled “shut up, Graves” and “CREDENCE” multiple times while reading this* *realizes I become waaay to violent when reading* *apologies profusely for my violent reading ways* *the only excuse I can give is all the feels* *apologies again*

**Spoilers (and yelling) all done now. Thanks for your patience.**

Annnnd … what else … I finished Death Cure soooo … I’m happy that I finally got around to reading that? Anyway. I need to post many reviews and … yeah. XD


Annndd … I literally have no other categories. My life is reading. That is all. Peace out. *flies away* *comes back*

Sooo … let’s make some goals for March. ^.^


  1. Read 10 books. Review at least 1 on here. Review at least 5 of the ones you read in March on GR and … write at least 3 of the reviews that you meant to write in February … Ah … and at least 2 of the books you read must be off of your to-read list on GR
  3. Write … at least 2,000 words. You can do this.
  4. Let’s just say … actually practice flute again. Just cause.
  5. Work on graphics on hereeeee
  6. Post at least twice a week. Yes. This is your blogging schedule. Follow it for once, child.
  7. Get 31 follows. Yeah, man. I can do this. okay yeah … I mean … technically I’m aren’t doing anything … it’s not like I’m going to like … bribe someone into following me … or am I …
  8. Try one thing new. Yes, yes. This is a thing. Just go … *flails arms around* do something.
  9. Okay, I don’t know why this is on here but … Finish watching at least one of the many television shows you’re meaning to watch …
  10. Annnd … Wow. I’m out of ideas. BUT THIS IS TEN WE MUST MAKE IT NICE AND EVEN. Oh, okay! So read and comment on other peeps posts regularly. ^.^ Cause you guys are awesome. I do basically already do this with reading, but I’m not that good at commenting honestly. Or responding to comments on here. AHHH. Okay so I feel this needs explaining. So I love getting comments and I read em and stuff but like … I have no idea how to interact with human beings. Like at all. I mean, I seriously try to respond to y’all and I love chatting with you and I don’t know what’s wrong with me but … yep. Heh. And then half the time the problem is I’ll reply in my head and not realize I haven’t actually replied until like … a week later and then I’m like “Ohhh … drat. Well …” and then sometimes I’ll just like … awkwardly like this stuff and then other times I’ll awkwardly reply and I’m just … awkward. FORGIVE MEEEEE.


Ohh … kayy … well those were apparently all goals for March? 😛 Right. Anyway … ONE LAST THING GUYS. NO PLEASE DON’T LEAVE YET YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Yes, I realize this post is incredibly long and THANK YOU FOR READING UNTIL NOW YOU ARE AWESOME. Okay but  one last thiiiiinnng. I made a quiz. Feedback thing. I’m not really sure what they’re called. Which should hopefully be fun to take. It’s about feedback. (yup) And ice cream. okay that’s a lie. unless … nah. I gotta put ice cream in it now …. Anyway, hopefully it’s kind of fun because I literally have the inability to make anything all professional like so it’s weird  But if you could take just a second to answer a couple of questions that would be like … the best thing in the universe. You can find it heeere. Thank you so much guys. XD Kayyy soo … you’re free to go! I mean you were before but like … Until next time, I hope you have a lovely day. Stay awesome! 😀


I don’t actually have any questions or chatty things! Surprise surprise! Errr … that’s all really! Like you don’t actually have to chat unless you feel like it! You can just be like “Bruh … why.” And I’ll be good with that. Or … whatever. And I’d ask for feedback but as there’s a quiz then … Here’s a link to the quiz again! Is anybody even still reading? lalalala! Porcupine!





9 thoughts on “Random Rambling Of A Reader – Six Month Anniversary!!! (And February Recap)

  1. For some reason I just really loved this post. I mean, I love all your posts … but I don’t even know why … I just liked this one. I was reading it and going, “Ah, this is fun …” XD I have weirdnesses sometimes …

    I’m still reading! Like I said, I got a little, um, obsessed. Oh, you read TLOTV again?!? I legit didn’t notice. *ashamedness* Seriously, though, when did that happen?! *needs to pay more attention to her friends*

    So I took the quiz. And I was all critical. Like, I was super mean. *nods* So the mean one is me. Haha, jk, I was mostly just goofing off … and then I did say one thing critical … just because I was trying to think of something … but it wasn’t really even something that bugs me. *facepalm* Critiquing is hard …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, that’s cool! Thanks, girl. ;P
      Nah, I was probably all sneaky about reading TLOTV again. *snods knowlingly* I was all like “Yup. Gonna go undercover and make sure no one can see this … let’s be a ninja …”

      Hehe, thanks for taking the weird quizy thing. XD And being all critical and super mean is good … probably … Nah, thanks for all your input. XD

      *regards comment chain* I think … I may know how you commented so much? 😛 But seriously … I kinda want to make you a reward or something that’s just … yeah … XD

      And, yes. Rambles. They’re kinda odd or whatever but yay you found em!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thanks, Kit!
      Ooh, yeah, you should check! And I mean, however long it’s been a celebration and cake or something is probably is probably due, right? 😉and I’m not saying this just because celebrations are fun and cake is delicious


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