On The Beast That Is Writer’s Block

On The Beast That Is Writer’s Block

A blinking cursor. An empty page. The motivation to write something anything but a sudden emptiness of having no ideas at all. The knowledge: that yeah, you should write something. You know how to write. You’ve written before. It’s just words. But the mind-numbing arctic whiteness of oblivion and literally. no. ideas. at. all. covering everything.

What is this?
The ultimate punishment?

Welllll … pretty close. This, my dears, is (and whisper softly for this word is a curse) writer’s block.

Writer’s block is … a very unfortunate thing. We all get it occasionally. We sometimes get it more than occasionally. We sometimes have it at all times. Our lives are sometimes ruled by the mighty writer’s block. Or maybe you don’t get it. Maybe your lucky enough to have dodged the death and horror of writer’s block until this moment … but hear my words. It. Is. Coming.

Eiiitther waaaay … you’ve probably heard of this dreaded creature before. And you’re probably wondering how to exterminate it.

 “And you were just in Equatorial Guinea?”

 “I’ve just completed a year in the field. I’m writing a book about magical creatures.”

“Like-an extermination guide?”

“No. A guide to help people understand why we should be protecting these creatures instead of killing them.”

(Guys. Fantastic Beasts is awesome.)

But yes! That is correct we’re not going to be trying to exterminate writer’s block. We’re going to be understanding it. 😉

Nah, not really. I don’t know what we’re doing with this honestly. This entire post is just kind of random while trying to appear like it has actual advice … *coughs*

Okay so let’s see … the deal with writer’s block.

Writer’s block can basically happen to anyone, at any time. It can happen with poems, blog posts, novels, short stories … biographies … drawings (I guess …?) or … basically anything else in some form. It’s basically the writer’s variety of being in a reading slump. Kind of. Anyway, the point is it happens to basically all people who do anything with words and it’s mean and vicious and pounces upon you like a jaguar.

sourceThere’s no point in trying to avoid it cause it will happen. wow. i’m so cheerful aren’t i? i give you all so much hope … *smiles cheekily*

Hey, it’s not like I have to stick to only Fantastic Beasts gifs in here. Mad-Eye Moody is still perfectly acceptable. 😉

Sooooo … you’re probably scared out of your mind now, right? I just told you that there is literally no way to escape this. Well, worry not my friend. I am here to help! And also scare you. Be scared. Be very very scared.

But, Queen Pineapple, how can you help? Once it has us in its clutches will it ever let go?

Yup. That’s whatcha asked. Exactly that.

I’m glad you asked! Cause I’ve been wondering the same thing … Let’s see if we can go over a couple of things that force the dreaded writer’s block to release you from its evil clutches.

  • Force yourself to write. Like anything. Literally anything. Write down every single thought you have whether it be about ice cream or your favorite character on a television show. Just the act of putting words down on paper will occasionally force writer’s block to release its ghastly hold.
  • Goooo on Pinterest. Pinterest is excellent. For writing. and other things like procrastinating buuuuut let’s not go there.  Find writer’s prompts and picture prompts and make a board for whatever you’re doing and find ideas annnnnd go and be freeeee. Except avoid the other stuff that has nothing to do with writing. No going and browsing about Myers-Briggs types or Pinblr or whatever it is you guys do. *shifts eyes*
  • Write something else. This only works if you’re stuck on one specific thing though, instead of like … writing in general. So, what you’re going to do is pull out an entirely different project and work on that. Or switch to a different scene in your book, or a different chapter. Basically you’re just trying to shake things up and cause your mind to be fresh, thus forcing writer’s block away.
  • Take a break. Okay yes, this feels like we’re feeding the beast of writer’s block, right? write? right? write? *laughs evilly* But nah. Okay maybe? I’m not sure. Why are you asking me?  You’re going to give your brain a quick rest before you can start writing again. Clear your mind. Get away from the computer screen (or pen or pencil and notebook). Go take a walk  Hamilton, take a walk. Who knows? Maybe while you’re not thinking about writing brilliant writing ideas will jump into your mind? 😛


Any of that work? Yes? No?

Oh, there’s actually one other thing that I forgot to mention.

Write a blog post about writer’s block! Complete it with gifs and random links to Youtube videos about Hamilton (cause all roads lead to Rome and all links lead to Youtube videos with Hamilton songs … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) Especially do this if your posting schedule is dying again and you have blog post writer’s block. *grins evilly*

Annndd … that is literally all of my advice. It is very good advice, non? 😛 (Here’s a hint: the correct answer here is “Nahhh … it’s really … not … good advice …?”) Yeaaah … this is all incredibly (this is sarcasm, in case you can’t tell) original advice. This is kinda me just talking to myself though, so you can’t blame me. 😉

Anyway, I’m kind of running short on time (and ideas) unfortunately today so that’s all I have for you. If you actually need advice on writer’s block I recommend … maybe searching for some other advice. And if you’re just here because you wanted to read this post cause I wrote it … *grins* Hopefully you were satisfied (why can i find no animatic versions of Satisfied that i really love? ah well …)

Okay yeah. That’s the entire post. These are getting rather odd, aren’t they? huh … So thanks for reading all that and until … Thursday probably, farewell, my darlings! Hope you’re having a lovely day. 😀 XD


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