Rambling About Tests And Driver’s Ed And Let’s Add Random Gifs Cause Why Not

Rambling About Tests And Driver’s Ed And Let’s Add Random Gifs Cause Why Not

Whew. Long name. (Oh, and none of these gifs belong to me btw)


What’s up my lovely peoples? It has been long … much too long … since … I don’t even know what. But don’t question me, it’s been too long. *snods* (Oh, fair warning, this is probably going to be an odd post? I’m sorry it’s slightly late and I’m in an odd mood and run for your life while you still have the chance. Still here? Alright. Buckle up. Let’s do this.)

(This is you running away for your life in case you didn’t know)


So. I didn’t think that I’d actually get a post out today. I’m slightly surprised that I’m writing this, honestly. This entire day has been taken up by … I don’t even know what I did. Study for driver’s ed and do driver’s ed mostly?


I took a test in driver’s ed … and probably failed it … (okay probably not … but I probably didn’t get 100% on it … *glares at test* I … am a perfectionist in case y’all didn’t know that? At least on tests … and agh, stress and anxiety is terrible and TESTS GUYS *shudders*) Okay seriously though. Does anyone know the laws about yielding in entering roundabouts? Like … ya have to yield to the people already in there but do you also have to yield to pedestrians and/or bicycles? I’m so confussssseeed. I guess I’ll find out shortly enough when I get the test back but … Meh.

But tests … I don’t know how I feel about this. Honestly I stress ridiculous amounts for little to no reason.5e34b54ea5d5ae5ed17d526995f1f8ff.gif


And then I start doing the actual test and it’s either like

636015530530116037454557519_who could possibly.gif


Yeah … here both Harry and Hermione are me. XD


And all three of these … In like the period of 10 seconds …

And then I’ll finish and get the test results back whenever, and as I have already done a ridiculous amount of stressing and studying I will hopefully pass it (generally with flying colors) at which point it’s basically just like:


(And I’m really sorry all you guys in my driver’s ed class are awesome, and this applies for any test ever with people, not really at just driver’s ed peoples but  … ) then when others have to retake the test cause they got like … 40% and it’s basically just like


I’M SORRY THAT SEEMS HARSH I WOULD DELETE IT BUT THE BACKSPACE BUTTON DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE and ahhh … *cries tears of sadness* now I’m yelling and lying too … But honestly in basically any test I stress huge amounts and study probably too much and stress way more than necessary but it’s like … guys. Did you study. Thou who got 40% and was so confident. I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CAN NOT STRESS INSANE AMOUNT AND NOT CARE THAT YOU FAILED AHHH. *coughs* Many apologies for my yelling.

But yep. That’s basically my thoughts there. Heh. EXCEPT this test was worse cause I wasn’t even 80% positive on a couple of questions and I could only get four wrong cause it’s a shorter test and ahhhh


But yep. *shrugs* *puts on sunglasses to hide the fact that I’m inwardly dying currently*


Oh! It’s Presidents day! 😀 YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS RIGHT?

Let us celebrate Presidents! And … I don’t know … Ten Dollar Founding Fathers while we’re at it? 😛

Now … as I do not currently feel like rapping (cause it’s late guys, I’m sorry.) and like … I don’t really have anything to discuss about Hamilton (EXCEPT LIN IS AWESOME DUDE ARE ANY OF YOU ON TWITTER THE PEACHES THING AND MIXTAPES AND YASSS AND MOANA AND I NEEDA SEE MOANA BUT YEAH THAT’S ALL) soooo … Idk. I have a Hamilton board on Pinterest? Bah.

Let’s just say that needed mentioning …

Humm … Y’know I honestly don’t have that much else I want to talk about now? I mean … I wish this was longer (cause gifs are awesome for one, even though you probably don’t want to read about me taking tests. XD ) But yeah. I’m going to end here cause it’s late and I need to go eat smore’s bark. Sorry for … yeah. I don’t know what’s up with this post but it was kinda fun to write so hopefully it’ll be fun to read? XD

Anyway, until I see you again (whoa-ooah. This is not where it e-ends. I will carrry you with meee. wooooah. this is not where it e-ends) stay awesome! *offers smore’s bark*


8 thoughts on “Rambling About Tests And Driver’s Ed And Let’s Add Random Gifs Cause Why Not

  1. They made me stop that stupid test when I had a passing grade … *glares at stupid underachieving driver’s test* But yeah, I was studying it religiously. Like, I think I read that thing more than the Bible during those couple months before my birthday … so it’s not your fault. Only the greatest studier ever could ace that test … and I still missed all the ones about motorcycle safety. PROBABLY BECAUSE I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DRIVING A STINKIN’ MOTERCYCLE!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The permit test? Oh yeaaah. That irked me a bit. I’m like “Nooooo! Come on! You didn’t even let me try! I know I can get even more questions correct!”
      On that one I think I actually only got one wrong …? Which was just a mistake cause I thought I was in the clear and not really entirely reading all the answers on a sign question. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I probably might have missed a couple more but they let you skip the questions until the end?? So like … I just skipped the ones I wasn’t 100% sure about and I didn’t even need to answer em cause the weird thing with not letting you do the entire test and … yeah. It felt like cheating buuut … 😉
      Motercycles … XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, if they’re going to make it possible for you to cheat easily, it ain’t your fault.
        Yeah, they were like, “A motorcycle is passing you on the right. What do you do?” And I chose “run him over because he’s in my space.”
        Not really, but … I feel like it was something like that …

        Liked by 1 person

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