Foolproof Ways To Avoid And Get Rid of Colds

Foolproof Ways To Avoid And Get Rid of Colds

A’right you lovely peeps. So it’s no secret that I am sick … a lot. I’m not like a sickly child. I have been blessed so far in my life to never have any broken bones, or chicken pox or to have really anything worse than stomach bugs, fever, flu, etc. But … I have a really bad immune system apparently. I have a cold about 50% of the time, what I think is a cold (but … I’m actually fairly allergic to dust I think …?) another 25% and then I’m actually healthy for … the remaining 25%. Which is a pain. But it’s like in my twisted logic … if I have a cold a lot of the time that means it’s not actually bad, right? I mean if you’re not sick than it stinks when you get sick, but if you’re sick most of the time than when you’re not sick you should be happy, right? Right? XD

Anyway. I hath decided to write a random (and hopefully actually useful/humorous/both useful and funny) post about how you can avoid getting a cold. And when you do have a cold how you can make it better.

Avoiding a cold (In three simple steps)

  1. Stay away from things with low temperatures (ba-dum crash! That’s … not even that funny … XP)
  2. Keep yo immune system functioning like a good little immune system. (In other words … not … like … mine …)
  3. Avoid sick people, dust, people, pneumonia, staying out in frigid and wet conditions for too long, and anything remotely associated with sickness. Like … air. Stay away from air.

Ta-da!! 😛

How to get rid of a cold once you have failed the above instructions (Muhaha. I’m just kidding. XD )

Disclaimer: Kay guys. I actually have like … no authority at all to tell you about this … colds stick with me forever and I catch them all the time. XD I have little to no idea of how to actually get rid of a cold … I am not a doctor. I have no medical experience. I know nothinggggg. But for the sake of entertainment and … hopefully useful advice … I’m going to  feed you (probably not harmful …) some suggestions and ideas and stuff … 😉

Drink lots (and lots … and lots …) of warm beverages


Okay peeps. Staying hydrated is good. What’s also good is the health benefits which come from certain drinks. As a general guideline … herbal tea is good. And I’d attempt to stay away from caffeinated stuff.

I would personally recommend drinking whatever tea you like to just get hydrated, and if possible, switching out sugar or whatever for honey. But then go and get yourself some lemon tea. Maybe lemon tea with ginger. I feel like that’s better. Stick some honey in that. And voila! Instant health benefits! 😛 I think … for some reason I feel like lemon tea is really good for you? Green tea is also supposed good … oh, and then when sleeping get yourself some chamomile tea.

So, back on the subject of lemon tea … guys. Lemon tea … is honestly not my favorite. I despised it with a passion for a bit just because … I’m not even sure anymore. But apparently it’s good for you so I went and made a cup and stuck a ton of honey in and … honestly it’s not half bad.  XD It really helped out my throat.

I’d recommend you keep your tea hot. Like as hot as you can bear to drink the stuff. I feel like that’s good for you for some reason.

If any of you guys actually have real information and can back me up or tell me I’m killing myself by actually using my suggestions could you drop a comment below and tell me? Much thanks. Very gratefulness.

Cough Drops

Right. Lemme tell you something peeps. Cough drops … are good. Most of the time. I don’t … actually find them that useful (I just realized, right before I was going to tell you all about how great they are … *headdesks*) I think I just like to have stuff to chew/suck on/just have in my mouth so I can like … make smacking noises and … I’m not even sure … and some of em taste … not that good. But. They’re good. Yes, yes. Oui, oui.

Cough drops!

So, there’s actually about a gazillion different kind of cough drops out there. Some of them have like … actual vitamins and stuff (there’s this one kind we have that has vitamin C in it I think at it has three flavors in the bag and it tastes so citrusy and fabulous and it’s basically just candy but it’s actually good for you which is the reason they’re all gone now …). There’s kinds that do nothing but make your throat slightly less on fire (we have some of these that taste delicious and are basically just candy and are almost gone even though I opened the bag today …), and then you have your traditional gross cherry ones which help your throat and cough, and … whatever these lemons ones are that we have right now. So plenty of choices.

I think it’d be a fairly good idea to get a ridiculous amount of these in all different kinds, stuff your pockets with them, and when you erupt in hacking and coughing and dying during the day you can just choose one at random and see if it’s basically just candy or tastes disgusting. 😀

An added bonus of this is that you can sidle up to friends (or random strangers if you so desire), dig out a huge handful, offer it to them, and creepily whisper “Hey kid. Want a cough drop?”  

Vitamins (Pronounced Whee-ta-meens) and other such things

Okay. So you’re already loading your body up with natural stuff from the lemon tea and almost-candy-coughdrops, but it’s a good idea to get other stuff in your body to help fight off the cold.

If you take like … daily vitamin things … keep taking that … good for you.

I’d also consider, if you have ’em, taking vitamin c, Zinc, Echinacea and … other stuff you think would be good. Like I said I’m not a doctor and … you should avoid my advice. Erm … we had like these chewable tablets that tasted of the purple fruits of summer at first and then after about 20 of em tasted like purple was trying to kill you that had like … zinc and Echinacea in that and … those were useful I think …? But yeeeeahh.

I personally usually use elderberry syrup stuff when I have a cold. It’s supposed to be good for you. *snods*

Oh! ACV! So, I personally have little to no experience with Apple Cider Vinegar but Jordan Taylor swears upon it so it must be good. I … will have to try this, but I believe he says to get a giant glass of water and put like … a couple tablespoons (like 2?) in there? Yes? If anyone actually does this or watches Jordan and/or Blimey Cow tell meh please. XD

Coconut oilll

Coconut oil. Jordan Taylor also likes this, and so does Katie Gregoire I think? You can take a spoonful of this and swish it in your mouth for a while and then spit it into a napkin and throw it away. I think it like … grabs all the gross stuff out of your mouth and throat? Anyway, I tried this once upon a time and it feels … incredibly weird … XD I only did it the once, though I might again if we still have coconut oil … but yeah. That’s supposed to help …


I feel like there were a few more things I was going to mention …

Nasum (Your nose and it being stuffy/runny)

tissues-1000849_1920Right … noses … All I can think of here is good luck. I really haven’t figured out anything that helps that much? Drinking really hot tea will kind of help. Eh … carry around like 294 tissues at all times. You’ll also probably get like … that weird chapped nose thing. I know nothing about how to fix that. If you do, please share your information.

General Advice (but especially if you have a cold)

And thus comes the part of the show where Sarah comes out and becomes a hypocrite cause she never actually follows most of the advice that she’s about to tell you. 😛

Kay, one of the most important ones is to get lots of sleep. That means going to bed at a

Be like this adorable cat and actually get sleep …

reasonable time (e.i. not writing blog posts and midnight Sarah. Not reading until one on most nights and occasionally till 3 or 4, Sarah.) Sleep is your body’s natural way to heal. I think, at least. XD It needs to be well rested to be able to keep you healthy.


Try to stay away from extremely dusty places. This may mean vacuuming your room (Sarah.) I’d recommend keeping your room relatively clean and free of allergens, dust, infection and all that jazz. It’s honestly just better for your body to be in a clean environment, especially if you’re going to spend a big chunk of time in there.

Exercise, get out into the air and stuff. Just being physically fit or moving and stuff on a regular basis can help keep you healthy. (Wow, I fail at this. XD) Take it easier if you’re actually currently sick, but when your healthy consider really doing stuff. A strong and healthy body is less likely to get sick. Just take care of yourself.

And … just because it’s so important stay hydrated. Water is good. Warm beverages are excellent. Your body will love you if you keep it hydrated. It’s just … better for you. And, I mean, you get an excuse to drink a ridiculous amount of tea. 😉

Annndd … that’s really all I can think of? Thankee for reading! Hopefully you found this post entertaining and/or useful. If you have any questions or want other suggestions for whatever reason ask and it shall be given to you if I can? Oh, and if you have wisdom, please, please share it. XD

And that’s all for now! Until later, stay lovely. *supplies you all with lemon tea and creepily asks if you want coughdrops*

Oh … and just because I watched this last night … I … don’t even know … XD


10 thoughts on “Foolproof Ways To Avoid And Get Rid of Colds

          1. Yeah, probably. God was like, “So what? Already gave them an immune system in anticipation of this event. In fact, some illnesses they can only get once. Like chicken pox.” And Satan was like, “WELL THEY CAN GET COLDS OVER AND OVER AGAIN LIKE TEN PER WINTER SO THERE!” And God was like, “Yes, but colds don’t even qualify as a real sickness. People just go about their business when they have them.” And Satan was like, “Ah, darn … back to the old drawing board …”

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  1. I’ve seen that video!!! It’s so funny! Also I currently have a cold too! My church did this fundraiser last weekend called 30 Hour Famine where we don’t eat for 30 hours and then we sleep outside in a cardboard box and that like seriously weakened my immune system, and now I’m sick. Those citrusy cough-drop vitamin things really do help, and taste amazing! ~Julia ❤

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    1. 😀 The only thing better than Hamilton music is Hamilton music with Lin faces. XD
      Ah, that sounds … I won’t say fun but that’s impressive that you did that! I can see how it would weaken your immune system though. :/ I hope you get well soon!

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