A Guide To Adventures In The Snow As Written By The Odd Bookworm Who May Or May Not Hate Anything That Is Cold

A Guide To Adventures In The Snow As Written By The Odd Bookworm Who May Or May Not Hate Anything That Is Cold

Brilliant title, non? 😉 It’s … long …  extremely long … but accurate. XD

Anyway … Hello once again and welcome! Hope you’re having a fabulous day. *hands brownies to everyone*

If you haven’t guessed already from the … long post title … today I’m going to give you a guide to adventures in the snow. Or basically fun stuff you can do when it’s snowing like crazy.

This is inspired because … we have like … I’m not even sure how much snow … definitely at least a foot. And it’s still coming down like crazy. It’s really pretty. 😀

Okay … anyway. On to the post! It’s gonna be a list … cause lists are fun … *coughs* *shrugs*

  • First off, mes amies, let’s cover the basics. Snow, winter, and cold in make the perfect circumstance to … *drum roll* drink hot beverages! I mean … hot beverages are delicious any time of year (all those who’ve had the craving for hot chocolate all summer long raise their hands … *whistles nonchalantly*) but they’re particularly good in winter … for whatever reason. Anyway. The snow is a perfect excuse to drink these.

(Okay. So I’m breaking off of the list really quick to stick in … normal thoughts. In other words, this part of my brain is rebelling from the part of my brain that normally writes posts and was writing the list post … XD Yup. That was … a very odd explanation.

Anyway. Of my own adventures … on the subject of hot beverages. Today in a somewhat large mug: a cup of coffee, a cup of … I’m not even sure what to call it … my own concoction of warmed milk and honey and spices and vanilla and stuff, which is very good, and a cup of … I’m not sure what it was. It was interesting. *resists the urge to write this post about a recipe for that for whatever reason*. I would have drunk more today but I was doing school like a good girl (most of the time) and … we have no apple juice so I couldn’t make apple cider. And I didn’t feel like drinking the tea we have and … Kay. Sorry peeps. I’ll stop rambling about my beverage habits. XD )

  • Next up … binge watching. What other time then when it’s snowing like crazy and the conditions are perfect for frigid snowball fights and snowmen and sledding would you decide to binge watch an entire season of whatever show you’re watching? Seriously though. It’s so awesome to get a ridiculous amount of blankets and pillows and warm beverages and just … sink into Sherlock. Or Doctor Who. Or My Little Ponies. Or Gilmore Girls. Or Once Upon a Time. Or Young Justice. Or … whatever else you’re watching …
  • Orrr … If you’re not currently watching anything than … read! Seriously. Reading is … amazing. Imagine sitting curled up somewhere warm and toasty with an excellent book and a beverage while you can see just out of the corner of your eye the beautiful white puffy flakes coming down from the sky. *sighs contentedly*

(Me again … I mean … it’s been me the whole time but … the one who talks about herself again. XD

So … y’know my Thursday post? About getting out of reading slumps? Well … apparently I do know how to get out of reading slumps, oddly enough. I am now … currently reading what … 6 or 7 books … and I’m expecting what … maybe 8 more to come in from the library if we can get to it in the snow … I’ve also read … it’s probably been … let’s do it in pages … 1,000 pages since Thursday. Not counting books that I haven’t finished reading. I finished 2 (may or may not have gotten 2 and a half hours of sleep one night for reading waaay to late … don’t start books at one in the morning, guys … please don’t)  And … Yeah … So I’m pretty good. I’m reading way too much. XD I’m probably going to do a review soonish … Kay. Sorry once again. I’m done rambling.)

  • Hide out on your computer. Look … snow is beautiful. And amazing. So why not track done every blog post involving pictures of it? XD Or y’know … write a blog post yourself about it in the warm safety of indoors?
  • And maybe if you’re extra daring … take pictures of it! I must warn you, my fellow human beans … this one is scary. You have to either go up and look out of the window with a camera or … dare I suggest it? Leave the house. Please remember. Cold and snow are dangerous things. Please bundle up accordingly, even if it’s just for a few minutes. You don’t know how cold it’ll be …
  • And last but not least … stay in bed. It’s warm. It’s comfy. You can drink beverages if you’re extra careful … and extra extra careful if you don’t have a bedside table or something … You can read in bed. You can binge watch. You can write. You can look out the window (if you have a window by your bed). And best of all bed is safe from the cold.

Right. Seriously though … I don’t like being cold. Or wet. I basically freeze to death even indoors in this weather … XD

Snow is amazing though … and I’ll probably venture outside sometime this week when we have so much of it noooo, Saraaaah. you’re going to freeze to death! stay inside where it’s warm and safe! Probably don’t follow my guide. 😛 Except the beverage bit. Beverages are amazing.

So … is there snow where you all are? What have your adventures been like? Do you have any recommendations for warm beverages I could make? (Seriously. Give me recommendations. Please. Beverageeeesss.)

Anyway … until later than, amicis, stay warm, have fun in the cold weather, and stay awesome! 😀


4 thoughts on “A Guide To Adventures In The Snow As Written By The Odd Bookworm Who May Or May Not Hate Anything That Is Cold

  1. Careful, kels about to murder(note the twice used word “bloody” *raises eyebrows* whach your six eva whach your six)

    Im with kell and eva tho…like sometimes ill go out (especially if I have friends) but someimes im like “ya know…I might die out there aaaaaaaand I dont really feel like dying so nope!” Heh heh yeah;)


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