Rambling …? A Bunch of Ways to Get Out Of a Reading Slump

Rambling …? A Bunch of Ways to Get Out Of a Reading Slump

Hey, all! It is once again Thursday … and … once again I have no idea at all about what to post about … Heh.

I feel like … I probably shouldn’t just start rambling about random things because … I’ve done a lot of posts like that recently and I don’t know if anybody actually wants to read my random rambling? So … yep.

Let’s see … Geez. What do I normally post about? XD I’m sorry … I have no reviews because I still haven’t read anything. Oh! Okay. Cool. Let’s talk about reading!

10 (or … some amount …) of ways to get out of a reading slump

So. I have been in a reading slump. For quite a lot of time. I normally read …
enough that I thought I could post at least 2 reviews for books a week and still have books left over that weren’t reviewed. XD That kind of died … *coughs* But! That means I should know how to get out of a slump, right? (What … no … Sarah … you just said you’ve been in a reading slump … for a while … and you’re still in one … that means you don’t know how to get out of one …) (Oi, shush, logical Sarah.) Anyway! Let’s go find some ways!

Numerus Unus!

Drop any books that you’re trying to drudge through. It ain’t working. Or finish them already, depending on how far you’re into it. If you’re reading it just because you feel like you have to read it even though you hate it (unless it’s for school or something. In which case you do have to read it …) then it’s honestly not worth it. Just drop it already and find something good.

Numéro Deux!

Go … find some books you actually wanna read. Seriously. Go to the library and check out every random book that looks interesting. All different genres. Stuff you haven’t tried before. Go home, read … 50 pages into a book. If it’s interesting congratulations! you’re technically officially out of your reading slump! If you hate it … you have a bunch of other completely different books! Rinse and repeat.

Número Tres

Look … go on Goodreads (if you have it…). Go look in your “to-read” stack. Realize that (if you’re like me …) you have way over even a hundred books. Look through there. Find a bunch of books that you think you currently want to read. Find them either in your house, or at the library. Read ’em.

Number Four

Go to your friends’ houses. (One friend at a time, preferably. Unless you can clone yourself or something …) Bug them. Get them to tell you what they’re reading. Track down their copy of the book. Steal it. Read it. (stealing is bad, kids. Don’t steal.) If it’s awesome (which … it should be if you have awesome friends. 😛 Just kidding. Different reading tastes are fine. You definitely won’t love all the same stuff. Unless … they’re your clone … because you have no real friends …) go to the library and get that book (because you can’t borrow it from your friend cause they’re currently reading it … 😛 ). Read it. Happy birthday! You’re out of your reading slump!

*insert another language* Five!

Go annoy your friend again. This time, get them to tell you about their current favorite book. Or books. Books are good too. Because it’s ridiculously hard to have just one favorite book and you need lots of books anyway. If those books sound awesome, go find them. Read. Good job.


So … this might be harder to find the books, but what you’re going to do is go on Amazon (oh, this only works if you have a Kindle tablet or … something that you can get ebooks on …) go and find a bunch of random, free ebooks on Amazon that sound cool. You’ll find some somewhere. Download ’em. Read em. The nice thing about these free ebooks on Amazon is that in most cases they’re more … novella or short story length so even if you don’t love it you won’t have to trudge through 500 pages … Oh. But be careful though … there’s some weird books on there … Okay. Scratch that. *has now actually gone to check amazon* No. Come on Amazon. Why … these are all stupid romance books or really weird things just … NORMAL BOOKS! COME ON! THIS SHOULDN’T BE SO HARD! *coughs* Yeah … number six is a failure. XD

Number Revised Six

Same thing. Just combine five and the old six. And do it like … with internet friends too. Like … go on Goodreads and be like “Yo! Anybody have any good free ebook recommendations?” and then … go do that … *le shruggles* *tsks at Amazon* *shakes head sadly* Come on, son.

Number Seven

Eh … Catch up on reading your friends novels and short stories that you said you would? XD *coughs awkwardly* *runs away* *apologies profusely for being such a bad friend*

Hey. Or if you don’t have the type of friends who write (and therefore send you stuff …) go and like … find someone to beta-read for. And go do that. *snods awkwardly*

Annndd … number … ten. Right? This is obviously ten. I said I’d do ten soo … this is the last one.

Write a blog post! And then ask for recommendations from all your fantastic followers at the end of it. Even though you’ll have a bunch of books from your Goodreads to-read list in at the library in a couple of days to a couple of weeks or so … and you do technically have a couple books you’re reading … but you’re still saying you’re in a reading slump …

And … that is all the advice I have. I am not that good at getting out of reading slumps. XD

Right … sorry for the odd post. Oh, and if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them. 😛

So … this post is actually getting ridiculously long … it’s almost 1,000 words … XD Apologies.

Until later, good luck with your reading, and stay awesome!


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