Random Rambling of a Reader (New Years! Edition)

Random Rambling of a Reader (New Years! Edition)

‘Ello, lovelies! It’s me again! This is the post in which Sarah comes and rambles about nothingness … but this month it actually has a purpose! Weird, right? 😛

Anyway … it’s the new year! 2017 … Right … 2016 has passed with many many events going on. So, being the odd little walnut that I am I decided to go back and see if I actually did any of my resolutions and … eh, might as well force you guys to read about them too. (so sorry. XD )

Anyway … *goes to track down this file somewhere on this laptop* *briefly wonders why I have so many files …* *hums*

*coughs* *stares at list* Righttt … Well it’s not that bad. I resolved to do 7 things (which … doesn’t seem like that much …) and I … officially completed 2 of them. *shrugs* Along with kind of completing some others …

So … what I did accomplish was reading 100 books. I had no idea if I could do anything like this … I knew I read a lot I didn’t just know how much. So I pulled a number out of thin air and I completed the resolution with a total of 129! Wow … that’s actually annoying me right now … I should have read another one and rounded it up. XD I mean … I didn’t actually know how many I read until I just checked it now on Goodreads but … Anyway. That was amazing. I’m incredibly happy with how many I read, and the books were amazing. Thank you to all the amazing authors out there who published the books! XD You’re amazing, guys.

Let’s see … *checks list* “Start a blog” Right … did I do that? Not sure … Seems like one of the more unlikely resolutions on my 2016 list … Oh right! Yup! I had the pleasure of started Penumbra Reviews in … *goes and checks* September of last (woah! 2016 was last year!) year and have since then gotten 26 amazing followers (thankeee so, so much all ye amazing peoples who followed me), published 25 posts and gotten 285 views. This is all seriously amazing. I can’t thank you guys enough. Oh, and a big thank you to all those that did the Five Fall Favorites Blog Party for giving me the final push to officially start the blog … because … long story. But I’m competitive and needed a blog to get as many entries as possible in this giveaway … because … I am odd. And felt the need to get as many entries as possible … XD

And … the rest of the resolutions kind of failed truthfully. XD I didn’t really edit any of my current novels, or even finish NaNo like I assumed I would. I guess I technically did write a bit this year but … *le shruggles* I did start a reading the Bible in a year thing but I’m drastically behind on that at the moment … and the only other thing that I actually kind of did was wash my hair more, but only because I chopped off over 10 inches of hair this summer and the bedhead was so terrible that I had to wash my hair …

Anyway. It’s been a year. That’s for sure. I kind of failed at my resolutions … but isn’t that what everyone does? Seriously … if you actually completed all of your resolutions for 2016 tell me because … how.

Anyway … I shall no longer bore you with my past resolutions! Because it’s time to bore you with my current ones! *laughs evilly* *laughs somewhat guiltily*

I typed up this list a couple days ago … and I don’t know. Anyway … I’m copying and pasting directly from my bored self’s list …

New Year’s Resolutions

1. actually write for once in my life

2. experience more stuff

3. talk to more people

4. get more skillz bruh

5. keep in touch and get together with friends

6. keep up skillz that I have … actually have hobbies and stuff, idek

7. get driver’s permit

8. keep up blog an’ get … 50 followers … which I can’t control but whatever …

9. don’t die

10. be a eggplant

11. read 125 books. *evil grin*

12. wear clothes you like even if they’re like … weird and steampunky … idek

13. do a photoshoot with friends. Yeah, bruh, I seriously wanna do this … idek why …

14. eat a bunch of different kinds of food. Make food. Food is life. Food is good.

15. enjoy what I do do. Live in the present, bruh. But still like … think about the future … and grow from the past …

16. uhhhh … help other peeps … idek.

17. breathe. Itsa tradition soooo

18. listen to lots of music, read lots of books, watch a bunch of different shows and try out everything. Grow. It makes you more interesting and a better person and it’s cool I guess … idek.

19. read the Bible. Dude. Seriously.

20. k so … actually get fit … (pfft. Yeah right … never gonna happen)

21. dye yo hair, bruh. K? Do it for me?

22. uuuhhhh … idk. I think that’s it. *le shruggles*


*dies* *whispers “Oh my goodness …”* *hides from the people I just showed that too* *realizes that was probably a really bad decision* *coughs* Anyway … as you can see I … am a very odd watermelon … *coughs* But yeah. I get really weird. *coughs awkwardly* But yeah. XD Anyway … this post is already weird and long enough already so I shall now end it. Here’s to New Year’s Resolutions! (Raise a glass to freeedddom. Something they can never take away!) Erm … apologies for my weirdness? XD

What are your guys New Years Resolutions like? Has so far been a good year *strokes imaginary mustache*?  Any other comments? How … are you still here after my weirdness? XD Erm … that’s all. Byeee! Stay awesome, lovely peeps!


6 thoughts on “Random Rambling of a Reader (New Years! Edition)

  1. Great resolutions! I mean, most of them. XD Seriously, though, I need to get some skillz, too. I’ve heard boys only like girls with skillz. (and … no, I don’t expect you to get that reference. Waaay to obscure …)

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Ahhh … Yeah. I’ve watched bits and pieces of that a while ago … I vaguely just remember it being … incredibly random. XD I must up my reference game though! Even if I shouldn’t get the reference! I should!

          Liked by 1 person

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