A Letter to 2016

A Letter to 2016

Hey, lovely people. I hope you’re having a fabulous year so far. I meant to write and post something last night but … yeah. I’m not sure how this post is going to turn out. But here you go. Anyway … yeah. Stay strong and be beautiful.

Dear 2016,

You’ve been long. 365.25 days to be exact. Ish.

You’ve been interesting. A lot of people have said you’ve been terrible. Do I believe them? I’m not sure. You’ve been good to me. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve lived life long enough to have a “good” year and a “bad” year. The seconds and minutes and hours and days and weeks and months are just too many. How can we label something as just “good” or “bad”? How could we shame you, 2016? You’ve had bad things, sure, but you’ve also had fantastic things.

I, in you, have grown so much. Who was I at your beginning? Who am I now? I’ve done so many things in your days, 2016. I’ve met so many people. I’ve laughed so much. I’ve wept bitter tears. I’ve experienced new things. I’ve grown.

You, 2016, have been filled with so much. You’ve seen so much. So much hate has happened in you. So much joy. Pain, suffering, laughter, exhilaration. Good things and bad things. You are now filled to the brim. I’ve seen destruction and pain and hate … but I’ve seen joy in your days too. And now … you’re over. We filled you and you were both wonderful and terrible and you were beautiful during it all, 2016.

I’ve … done a lot in your days, 2016. I’ve felt way more. I’ve made many new friends and I’ve read good books and watched new shows and listened to fabulous music and done so much … I’ve grown so much … but was it enough, 2016? Will I ever be good enough?

So many things passed in your beautiful days … people died and were terribly hurt. Terrible decisions were made and terrible, terrible things happened. But … new things were created. Somewhere a happy bride was married. Somewhere a small child was born into the world to tears of joy. Somewhere someone did something they never thought they could accomplish and that they had given up  hope on.

2016 … you’ve … been long. That’s honestly all I can say at this point. But … all the seconds and the days added up and now you’re over.

A new year is here. I’m not sure what’s going to happen in it. I know that bad, horrible, terrible things will probably happen. We can never escape pain in this world of sin and hate. But I also know that good things will happen in you. There will be joy. And that gives me hope.

2016 … please … just stay with me. I pray that God helps me to remember all the experiences that have occurred in your days, and that He leads me to grow from them.

And 2017 … 2017. Let’s try to fill you up with more joy than pain, eh? Let’s try to remember the small, beautiful things during these coming days and hold onto them. Let’s make this beautiful new year that’s spread before us count.


Someone who hopes this year will possibly turn out to be something wonderful



One thought on “A Letter to 2016

  1. 2016 was a fantastic year! I can’t think of a single bad thing that happened in 2016. I’ve been going around the internet reading everyone’s weepy posts about last year (eesh, it’s last year! Wow!!!) and yeah … I’m just like, “Man, this is one of my favorite years EVER!” XD


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