Introduction to Beyond The Sky

Introduction to Beyond The Sky

Sup, peoples? 😀 I’ve had this post hanging around and waiting to be published for a while. This is the WIP which I’ve mentioned a couple of times before. I actually currently have a different WIP which is unnamed but I’ve been writing and it’s kind of different but … this post is not about that…

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I’ve talked about it a bit before, but I kind of wanted to tell y’all bout my WIP that I worked on during NaNo along with Through The Mist.

I have titled it (for the time being, at least. Though it’s growing on me …) Beyond The Sky.

Oi! Looky! I actually made a cover! XD Sorry for the bad quality image … I have it saved as an Illustrator file and had to transfer it to a PNG and it did it all weird … :/ Don’t steal this, please! Even though it’s so terrible I’m not sure who would want to steal it. XD

I can’t remember how much I’ve actually told you guys about Beyond The Sky… Um. Basically the idea came to me a little while before November. And then I wanted to write it for NaNo, didn’t then did, etc. etc.

The plot … is well. So the original idea that inspired me was like … writing these adventures that come from well, dreams. How that happened was I just had a reaaaallly wacky but awesome dream that was … story worthy and I was mulling it over and … that happened. I wanted … to write a world where anything can happen. Where it’s changing constantly and it’s amazing and beautiful and wonderful and everything is just fantastic. I wanted to write this world where it’s not just one thing, where the setting could be anything. Where there could be dragons and knights one day, a cloud palace another, and a “normal” modern world the next.

But then I thought more about this idea and … it didn’t seem

Le random quote from Beyond The Sky

like enough. It was good but there wasn’t really any actual plot. So I decided that this world isn’t … It’s all … not really real. The main character who has all these wonderful adventures, is in a coma and has been for a while. She’s created this beautiful, amazing, perfect world in her mind and lived there for so long. And … well. She gets out of the coma and … it’s just, not there anymore. Instead there is the bleak, cruel reality.

And … yeah. That’s basically the main idea behind it. It’s more of an emotion journey at that point. *le shruglles*

So I currently have … about 3, 500 words on it from NaNo. It’s basically cobbled together bits and pieces and random scenes and everything … and I normally never write like that but I think it’s fine, because … that’s just how this novel is going to work out. *shrugs* I think through the whole thing I’m not … really writing for anyone else and I’m probably not going to try to give it some big theme or something, though who knows?Anyway. It’s really just a big jumbled down mess right now. XD I won’t pretend it’s anything really amazing but yep. *le shrugs* I had a lot of inspiration when the idea first came to me like it always is but it’s been dying a bit but I still wanted to say something about it and … this post was lonely. And I had nothing else to post today. *coughs* XD I honestly don’t know what I’m doing …

What do y’all think of it? Do you like my cover? Want to hear anything more about Beyond The Sky? Want to hear about my other novels? Want me to stop talking? Want a completely different style of post? Comment! I’d love to hear from you! Even if it’s just like “Yo. I’m commenting. This is what you wanted, right?”

So until later, stay awesome!



5 thoughts on “Introduction to Beyond The Sky

  1. Ah, the cover isn’t THAT bad! I mean, the font is a little boring, but other than that, it looks really neat! You got that shattered glass going for you … and that … thing. Balloon thing. What are those called? I’m having a mental block … balloon … float … jet engine wind-tunnel … XD yeah ….

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