Stages of My Personal Hamilton Obsession

Stages of My Personal Hamilton Obsession

So I’ve been reading/watching a lot of the “Stages of Being Obsessed with Hamilton” and I’ve been sitting here nodding along and cracking up. But! Honestly, my personal Hamilton Obsession was just ever so slightly different from all of these posts so far. So, being the geeky, weird person that I am, I have decided to write a blog post about it! (What, I don’t hear anyone complaining … 😉 )

Oh. And for all y’all crazy people who don’t know what Hamilton is (yet … *evil laughter*) it is this like … hip hop Broadway musical about … the founding father (THE TEN DOLLAR, FOUNDING FATHER WITHOUT A FATHER!) Alexander Hamilton. And the revolution. Yup. It was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and … I’ve just recently gotten into it and yep!

So to the Hamilton Obsessions! XD

Number One!

(The challenge: demand satisfaction. If they apologize no need for further action)

Have a friend who knows what Hamilton is randomly pull out her phone show you Guns and Ships, because you have somehow survived under the rock you’ve been living under for the past … six months or so. (I am indebted to you foreeeevvver. XD ) Love it immediately. Push it to the side of your mind, because for some reason you’re crazy enough to not let it absorb your whole life yet.

Number Two!

(If they don’t grab a friend, that’s your second, your lieutenant when there’s reckoning to be reckoned)

Go home. Listen to Guns and Ships on repeat. Attempt rapping. Memorize the lyrics. Become slightly skilled at rapping but still a failure. Annoy your friends while you fail at rapping Guns and Ships.

Number Three!

(Have your seconds meet face to face. Negotiate a peace… or negotiate a time and place.This is commonplace, ‘specially ‘tween recruits most disputes die, and no one shoots.)

Listen to a few other songs. Memorize those. Sing those. Live those. (For me it was HamiltonSchuyler Sisters, and kind of … not really fully memorized, but My Shot)

Number Four!

(If they don’t reach a peace, that’s alright. Time to get some pistols and a doctor on site. You pay him in advance, treat him civility, have him turn around, for deniability.)

Listen to the entire Hamilton play. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all at once, because the first time you do it it is kind of long. Attempt to memorize the lyrics while you go. If you take breaks, you must rap, sing, and annoy your friends while not listening. And while listening to, of course.


(Duel before the sun is in the sky. Pick a place to die where it’s high and dry.)

Finish the play. Die inwardly. Weep. Tell others of your heartbreak. Start listening to it again. Try not to be too dead.

Number Six!

(Leave a note for your next of kin. Tell ’em where you’ve been. Pray that hell or heaven lets you in.)

Go on Youtube. Proceed to watch every animation, interview, or clip. Watch for hours. Obsess. Also, go on Pinterest. Obsess. Pin everything.


(Confess your sins. Ready for the moment of adrenaline when you finally face your opponent.)

Put your already memorized lyrics to use. Memorize the lyrics better. Sing karaoke. Memorize more. Sing more. Be awesome. Annoy everyone around you.

 Number Eight!

Cry more. Obsess more. Pin more. Annoy more. Listen to your favorite songs for the 30th time, listen to your not as favorite songs for the 5th or 6th time. Get to they point where anything anyone says triggers lyrics in your head and you burst into Hamiltunes.

Number Nine!

Write this blog post. Continually annoy your friends more. Continue to listen. Wish you had twitter and tumblr so that you could actually follow all these peeps. Instead, just creepily stalk them. Continue Pinteresting. Let Hamilton be your life.

Ten paces, fire!



Yup. And that is all I have for you! That is the point in which I am at. Sorry for the kind of odd post. XD

Credit Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton for the random lyrics I was singing … *coughs* And that is all for today! *runs away* *comes back* As you can tell … I am just a little bit obsessed with Hamilton. Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Do you also love Hamilton? Are you here to complain because you are my friend and I am annoying you waaay too much? Please comment below! I’d love to hear from you! XD

Until later, then. Stay awesome!



3 thoughts on “Stages of My Personal Hamilton Obsession

  1. I haven’t used Pinterest for pinning Hamilton things, but that’s a genius idea!! *runs over to Pinterest to make a board*

    A lot of these are how I became a big fan of Hamilton, too, although I listened to the entire thing straight through, the first time. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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