Random Ramblings of a Reader (Post November Edition)

Random Ramblings of a Reader (Post November Edition)

Officially welcome December, folks, because we’re living in it! The last day of November slipped away and we are now in the final month of the year. 😀

I actually don’t have that much to update and ramble about, because … I’ve posted a couple rambly updatey posts this past month. XD But I shall update you quickly anyway, and chances are, I’ll probably end up rambling. 🙂


My word count … didn’t go any farther than the 8,200 words, I’m afraid. Life became too busy, and … other excuses.

Still, I’m extremely happy that I wrote any words at all, and I came pretty far on my lil plot bunny. (I’m thinking of writing a post specifically about that book idea. Would anyone be interested in actually reading that? Just wondering. 🙂 ) Once everything calms down, I’m going to try to actually write more, and regularly, and hopefully that small start that I made will expand into something great.

I’d also like to give a huge congratulations to everyone else who wrote in NaNoWriMo! If you reached your word count, or if you didn’t quite make it, I’m still super proud of you for trying! You’ve done a great, amazing, wonderful thing! And for all y’all who didn’t participate in NaNo … Join us next year? 😉


According to Goodreads (have I ever told you how much I love Goodreads?) during the month of November I started and finished reading 2 books and 2 short stories. Which is a bit sad for me. XD But ah well, right? My reading goal of 120 books this year has now been completed and exceeded to the point where I have now officially read 126. 😀 I had no idea at the beginning of the year that I would ever read this many books so I’m pretty amazed at that. Anyway, now that the my classes at the public school are over for a trimester, and NaNoWriMo has ended, I’m hoping to actually get some time to read for a change!


I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen here. I’m hoping December won’t be quite as crazy, but honestly? It’s going to be pretty busy. Advent and lots of Christmas concerts, and birthdays in my family and snow (hopefully. Pretty please, snow?), it’s probably going to be pretty crazy. But that’s what life is like, right? I probably won’t get back to two reviews per week, but I’m hoping that I’ll get out two posts per week. I think, if possible, I’m going to try to expand to lots of other things besides reviews (which, honestly, I’ve already started doing). This blog will probably still be at least half devoted to reviewing books, because … it’s called Penumbra “Reviews” for one thing, and I think it’d be pretty unfair to just like … stop reviewing stuff for another but … *shrugs* we shall see.

Please tell me in the comments below what you think! What are you interested in hearing about? My poetry? Geeky things (HAMILTON! FANTASTIC BEASTS!)? My (*coughs* terrible *coughs*) writing? Erm … me ranting about random things XD ? Please tell me! I don’t want to just be sitting here typing stuff for myself and boring everybody! XD

Blog Design

Look around, look around (at how lucky we are to be alive right now). Nah, at my blog. Because everything here is about me! XD Yeah, not really. Anyway. As you can see, I’ve made some major changes to the blog design in general. I’ve just been fiddling around with it. What do you think? Is it terrible? Despicable? Ghastly? I’m not sure if I like it or not. Chances are I will *coughs* probably change it again in the future. I’d love to hear from you about that too!


Hope you had a great November, and hope you have an even better December! Until later, stay awesome!


18 thoughts on “Random Ramblings of a Reader (Post November Edition)

  1. Actually, I really like the new theme. 🙂 It’s really pretty. Puuuurple! I love purple … but mostly pink … but also purple. And the font is awesome. The picture is cool, too. Though it’s a stock photo I’ve seen fifty times. But I still like it. A lot. 😛

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    1. Ooh, yay! I’m glad you like it! 😀 Yeah, that picture is actually the original stock photo that came with the theme … XD I haven’t had a chance to change it yet and it was cool enough that I just left it. *whistles nonchalantly*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, if it isn’t broken, why try to fix it? *is wise* *not really*
        Sarah … *evil chuckle* *wiggles eyebrows* I just had a fantastic idea. Which is mostly inspired by my own laziness. And evilness …


          1. XD Sharrrrks. Right. Yep. Sharks. I DEFINITELY know ALL about sharks and could therefore right a BRILLIANT post for you about them … XD
            Actually, that would be really fun! Heeey, or what if we did like exchangey guest posts? (Cause I’m lazy too … hehehe XD ) Seriously, this is a good idea, Kell! *thumps you on the back*

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Ooh, yeah, that’s be fun! I’ve never written a guest post before! I’ve … said I was gonna write a guest post before … but I’ve never actually written one. XD What about? How about dragonflies?!?! (although … I know less about dragonflies than I know about sharks …)

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          3. So, I went. It was a long journey, but I made it. So, mostly they’re Kell-related things (I really romanticized these in my head; they’re awful post ideas), but I have one that might work … Five Things You Need to do to Survive as an Author. Sound interesting? It’s … humorous. Or I hope so. XD

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          4. Well, when I did it once before, the girl just emailed me the content of the post (text-wise) and let me do the formatting. I just posted it myself (giving due credit to her in the way of links to her blog, a bio, etc.) and then I also *ahem* added my own comments into the post. XD

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  2. Hello! I’m Kit. I followed your blog earlier today, since I enjoyed this post. 🙂

    Writing 8,000 words is definitely an accomplishment, especially since you would not have written that much otherwise! I would love to read a post about your plot bunny, since I always enjoy it when bloggers talk about their WIPs. I also enjoy reading other people’s poetry, too; just wondering, is there a style you tend to write your poetry in? (As in free verse or something.)

    Wow, that’s a lot of books. I think I’ve read fewer books than I usually do, this year, which is sad… although that might just be school nipping at my heels and leaving me not much free time which makes me think that.

    Your blog design is pretty, imo. I really like the purple-y color scheme.

    ALSO YOU LIKE HAMILTON? IT IS AMAZING EEEEEE (although I haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thank you for following Kit! I’m so happy that you enjoyed reading this post. Thanks so much for commenting! It’s so great to hear from anyone; you really made my day. 😀
      To respond, (in hopefully the correct order. Apologies if this comment is confusing XD ) I think I tend to write poetry in free verse, though I’m overall really just an amateur so I really have no idea. XD
      Ah yes, school does do that. I understand how you feel. XD
      Aw, thank you!
      Yes! I have started to become greatly obsessed with it! YOU LIKE HAMILTON, TOO! THAT’S AWESOME! *highfives*


      1. You’re welcome! 😀 And thank you, I’m glad.

        I usually write free verse, too, but I’m also an amateur, haha.

        *highfives back*


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