And hello again!

I felt a little bit guilty about not posting any reviews recently (I suppose that’s what happens when I try to put myself on a schedule šŸ˜‰ ) so I thought, since I still haven’t finished anything recently, I’d do a post specifically about books. Or, more accurately, the books I’ve been kind of reading but haven’t actually like … finished reading or very actively be reading recently. XD

Ready Player One

So the deal withĀ Ready Player One by Ernest ClineĀ is that … I listened to bits of it on audiobook over people I know who wereĀ actually listening to it shoulder. So, I know the general gist of it, but haven’t actually read it … or know what happens in most of it. Anyway, I’m in the library for a while each day, so I went and grabbed it and just started reading from the beginning to actually … get the back story and all that jazz.Ā But I missed waaay too much and am going to read the entire book. XD I’m actually pretty far into it … but I haven’t actually checked it out from the library … and since there’s a school break I won’t actually be at the library every day … So I’ll have to check it out if I’m actually going to read it.


Or, more accurately, Heaven To Betsy. Now the story. (Yes. I have stories. I am forcing you to read them. Sorry about that.) I borrowed this from a friend. I’m pretty sure said friend knows who she is … (*coughs*brilliant author Kellyn Roth*coughs*) Anyway … I’ve been a lame friend and didn’t actually … y’know … read it. For a while. And … yep. I’ve started reading it. If you follow me or look at the side widget you can tell I added it on Goodreads. So it’s official. XD

The Death Cure

Basically same story as Ready Player One. But … not at all. Remember this postĀ Ā back in whenever I wrote that? Yep. So I’ve readĀ The Maze RunnerĀ andĀ The Scorch Trials but haven’t really gotten around to readingĀ The Death CureĀ yet. And trust me. I want to … But I haven’t … Anyway. So. Library. I went and picked it up and have read the first like … chapter … But I still haven’t gotten around to actually reading it. So I shall do that. I must go check it out of the library.

The False Prince

‘Ey! A book I actually finished reading recently! Surprise surprise! XD So … I may actually write a review on this one but I’m not sure. The story here is interesting (for your sake I hope so at least. ;P ) I read this serious a while back … maybe when I was around 11 or 12 (or maybe even 13? I can’t remember that well) And dude. I loved this. I loved these books with every inch of my being. I basically fell in love with the main character and the action and everything and this trilogy was like … beautiful. And I actually bought all the books and I mean, I had no money and barely ever bought anything so that’s a bit of an accomplishment. XD Anyway, I recently decided … cause my mood was random and I failed at reading that I wanted to go back and reread it. And I finished the first one and will probably read the others at some point.

Anyway, it’s not …Ā quite as awesome as I remember it being. XD The writing style is just a leetle bit young for me, or at least my current mood. But I can still remember why I fell in love with them (and … let’s just say that the books themselves weren’t the only thing I fell in love with … *whistles nonchalantly* Yes, I have had crushes on characters before in books, why do you ask? XD ) Anyway. The action is brilliant and … y’know, maybe I will write a review for these. XD So that’sĀ The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen. Check it out on Goodreads here.


Yes. I do meanĀ the Lodestar as in the awesome fifth book of the awesomeĀ Keeper of the Lost CitiesĀ series by the awesome Shannon Messenger. šŸ˜€ Anyway, we preordered this and got it at the beginning of the month when it came out. But! Alas, alas. We have been much too busy to read it yet and actually loaned it out to some friends of ours because what’s the point of being greedy with a book when you can’t read it until at least December because you’re too busy doing other stuff like NaNo? šŸ˜› Anyway. I am really hoping that eventually everything will calm down and there won’t be as much busyness so I can actually breathe and sit down and enjoy this. I mean … I probably technically could have read it when we first got it but … then I’d have been procrastinating on tons of other things and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it and yeah. XD

Random other short stories etc.

Yep. I’m just going to leave it there. XD Everything else I’ve been reading you can find on my Goodreads. I’ve been reading a couple short stories by the amazing authoress Amanda Tero (cause … *coughs* They were free on Black Friday and it wasn’t a chance I could pass up. XD ) And um … yep! šŸ˜€

So hopefully I didn’t bore you that much. XD I have to apologize for … failing at my posting schedule again. And y’know, posting this on a Tuesday because I failed at my posting schedule and therefore failing at it more. *snods* XD

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week! Stay awesome!


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