Random Ramblings of a Reader (October Edition)

Random Ramblings of a Reader (October Edition)

Aloha, my friends! (And those … who aren’t my friends … but still read this blog for some reason … How do you put up with my craziness? I know not …. But you could be my friends! 😛 I’d love to get to know y’all! Comment! And we shall have late night discussions about ice cream …)

So … it’s the end of October … the month is ending, NaNo is very very very fast approaching (I’m gonna die …) new things are just around the riverbend, etc. etc. etc. And we, the tiny peoples of the world, are expected to survive this craziness. Whaaa?

I have a few updates for y’all … and a lot of rambling … (Very many sincere apologizes for my hyperness … I don’t know what you’ve come to expect of me but right now I am … extraordinarily hyper …)


Ah … what an extraordinary thing …. Forcing yourself to write an entire 50,000 word novel (or, in my case this year: 30,000 word hopefully) in a single month … living off caffeine, candy, and pure willpower. It’s so wonderful, is it not? 😉 (Hint … that was sarcasm … 😉 ) Seriously though, I do really love NaNo. I’ve participated  in it (and a few of the camp NaNo’s during the summer) for a mass total of … a lot of words. Honestly, it’s the only time in which I … how shall we put this … reliably write. I see all y’all authors blogs that I stalk *coughs* I mean follow, and y’all are like “Yep. Just published another book. Just wrote 10,000 more words. Looking good. Imma try to right 5,000 more this weekend.” And I’m kind of sitting here like “I … read three books this week? Heh … heh …” I love writing but … It’s not something that I’d just go do, y’know? I actually have to tell myself “Yo, Sarah, you’re gonna go write now, girl.” Or I have to get myself hyped out about something … which is fairly easy to do but just gives me a short burst of energy which … isn’t reliable and doesn’t always get stuff done. Sooooo. NaNo, in short is perfect! I cannot wait! While at the same time … it’s coming so fast! XD

My novel for this year was (is?) going to be a re-write of my … 2014 novel (I believe?) called Through the Mist. I’m keeping the main plot and the characters but just … I don’t like that writing style anymore. And I think I can make it waaay better. And actually finish more of it … (To this day I have only finished one novel, my … 2013 NaNo one which was really more of a collection of short stories which was meant to be a novel … which I have been working on rewriting … so it’s not even technically finished anymore …) So yep. That’s that. But then suddenly, BAMMO! Out of nowhere this one idea hit me in the head, and it’s new and exciting and amazing but … NaNo is in like … three days for pete’s steak! So now I’m … trying not to die over here … and stick with my original plan.


So … y’all can probably tell … I missed two reviews. My apologies, I’m so sorry … I totally forgot about Thursday’s till last-minute and I was freaking out about the NaNo site so I just did that … and then I just flaked out about Monday’s. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, amici. What I’m planning on doing (cause November is going to be really insane) is cut out a review, and do max one a week. And I may not even get to that depending on my schedule. What I’m going to do instead is post something involving writing/NaNo. I’m not sure what these posts are going to look like yet, they may be me sharing some of my (terrible) writing, they may be a writing prompt, they might just be me saying “Nooooo. I’m 10,000 words behind … send chocolate. Please.” But that’s my plan. *snods* Sound good? Good.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to actually read any of my posts. I’ve actually gotten 10 followers which … is probably a tiny amount to most people, but is kind of huge for me! So thanks a lot, love you all bunches. I shall try to actually stick to my schedule. Until Monday. 🙂



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