Review: Nyssa Glass’s Clockwork Christmas

Review: Nyssa Glass’s Clockwork Christmas

Hello all! I must apologize for not posting on Monday … Honestly I knew I was bound to kill the schedule at some point, but it ended up dying earlier than I would have hoped …

Part of he reason for that is the fact that I’m kind of in a reading funk right now … but now’s not really the time to rant about that (I’m hoping to get a writing/random talking post out on Saturday, so keep your eyes open 😀 )

Now, without further ado, this Thursday’s review: Nyssa Glass’s Clockwork Christmas!


(This cover … *shudders* Apologies to those who like it but I really don’t … No judging it by its cover going on over here though … 😉 )

Reformed cat burglar and orphan Nyssa Glass doesn’t have many fond memories of Christmas. Her boyfriend, Ellis, however, is determined to make their first holiday together a celebration of a lifetime. Nyssa can’t let him down.
Overwhelmed by decorations and shopping, Nyssa sets out to find the perfect present for Ellis. However, when a charming dance instructor decides Nyssa is what he wants for Christmas, Ellis’s only gift might be a dose of holiday heartbreak.

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Content: 14 and up. Described kisses … mentions of “lovemaking”. Mentions of a married woman flirting with other men.

Review: So this was technically, I believe, a short story that was kind of an addition to the Nyssa Glass series. It was sweeter, romanceyer, and yes … shorter, but it was still really nice. 🙂 The books thus far have really been … a mix of genre’s. H.L.’s personal style is unique, I suppose, and though … I would never write with her writing style, I like it. The other books (or … main parts of the series) are really more adventuresome and plot oriented, while this is just … adorable. It’s the characters we know and love in a nice setting.

I … probably wouldn’t read this if I haven’t read the other books. It still technically works as a stand alone, but I don’t really believe you’ll get as much out of it or enjoy it as much if you haven’t read any of the other ones. I personally loved it because I love these characters and love hearing about them, so if you haven’t actually met any of the characters yet … 😉

The plot was cute and sweet, and overall the book was all pretty light and fluffy.

If you’ve read the other Nyssa Glass books and like them, I’d seriously recommend reading this one. If you haven’t read ’em … go read them! XD

Overall rating: 4/5 stars


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