Book to Movie Review: The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials

Book to Movie Review: The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials

Hello once again! I’m pretty excited about this review. 😀 I’m going to be reviewing both the movie and the book for both The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials. I hope you enjoy it!


(Those are all the physical copies. Nice, right? The library is an amazing place. XD 😉 )

(Normally I’d add links to Goodreads and Amazon, but I’d up quite a lot of links for this review, and I’ve deemed that that would get to confusing.)

Age rating: 14 and up for the movies, 12 and up for the books.

The Maze Runner

If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human.

When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He’s surrounded by strangers—boys whose memories are also gone.

Nice to meet ya, shank. Welcome to the Glade.

Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless, ever-changing maze. It’s the only way out—and no one’s ever made it through alive.

Everything is going to change.

Then a girl arrives. The first girl ever. And the message she delivers is terrifying.

Remember. Survive. Run

Credit goes to Goodreads for the summary.

Book vs. Movie

Honestly, I liked the movie better.

The book was interesting, but I didn’t love it or find it fabulous. I disliked the writing style, found Thomas a pretty big Gary Stu and  also found the other characters really similar.

One of my main problems were the number of characters. There’s about 50 boys living in the Glade, and you get the names of at least 10-15. All at the beginning of the book. That’s just too much for my poor little brain. I was spinning from the information dump, trying to come up with appearances and tell the characters apart. That … didn’t work well.

The beginning is also pretty slow but it actually does pick up a bit.

The setting and world building was fabulous but the rest of it really didn’t click for me.

The movie was waaay better. There were some small differences in plot and such but they didn’t bother me that much because I didn’t love the book and I’d read it many moons ago (The book was read in March, the movie watched September). The characters were incredible. Newt … is Newt … is TBS … is TBS … is Newt … is incredible. And I mean, they were all different. My poor brain was trying to come up with appearances during the reading of the book, and made ’em all generic, but the movie? Not so much. They’re personalities feel way more fleshed out because with the character is this … diversity that I didn’t get in the book. Teresa was probably the only character who’s actor I didn’t love the pick of. My brain actually went and imagined her before so obviously she’s going to be different. *shrugs*

One of the downfalls, I think, was the swearing. Dude, why? WHY? The book has all this Glader swearing which makes it perfectly clean! And then they get to the movie and … yeah, no. -.-

The. maze. was. amazing. Lemme tell you, it just looked real. It was soooo cool. Technology is just … yes, if it can make that.

So, re-reading the Scorch Trials I was a bit miffed that they didn’t include the telepathy. I’d totally forgotten about it (*sarcasm* yay … good for me) but it just makes sense, y’know?

The movie won. Definitely.


The Scorch Trials 

Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end.

Thomas was sure that escape from the Maze would mean freedom for him and the Gladers. But WICKED isn’t done yet. Phase Two has just begun. The Scorch.

There are no rules. There is no help. You either make it or you die.

The Gladers have two weeks to cross through the Scorch—the most burned-out section of the world. And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and stack the odds against them.
Friendships will be tested. Loyalties will be broken. All bets are off.

There are others now. Their survival depends on the Gladers’ destruction—and they’re determined to survive.

Credit to Goodreads.

Book vs. Movie

The movie was … confusing to say the least. I hadn’t read the book yet, when I watched it so I didn’t have the advantage that I had in The Maze Runner when I kind of knew what was going on.

The characters were still amazing (*coughs*TBS*coughs*), and the effects and everything were still pretty awesome. I just … didn’t really get the plot? WICKED and being chased and random things happening all over the place and all these characters and it was just kind of confusing.

Then there was the swearing again. Just a warning. It’s seriously PG-13.

It was still really good … but I didn’t like it quite as much as The Maze Runner.

The book was waaay different. I’m not even sure how they made that movie out of it. The plot was entirely different, Brenda had … very long hair (I mean, I liked that actor and everything but … it specifically says several times that she has “long hair”. Why did they choose to have her hair extremely short in the movie again? XD )

There’s an actual reason for what they’re doing in the book. The name “The Scorch Trials” actually makes sense. The movie … doesn’t elaborate on that at all.

Thomas is still kind of Gary Stu-y but the characters are way better. I don’t know if it just came from watching the movies, or if it was because there weren’t so many of them but … yeah. I actually liked them in here.

The entire Crank thing was so different from the book to the movie. See, in the book basically everyone there has caught The Flare which means they’re all actually Cranks … not full-blown Cranks but still effected. And they’ll become full-blown Cranks at some point. The movie … was basically like “Shoot! I got the disease! I’m going to go crazy in less than 24 hours! You guys gotta kill me so I don’t make you get the disease too!”

Seriously though … the entire plot and almost everything about the book was different. And it actually made perfect sense.

The book won here.

Now I’m off to catch up on my reading so I have some time to get to The Death Cure. 😉


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