Review: Abandoned in Time

Review: Abandoned in Time

Ugh … I’m so, so sorry everyone. I meant to get a post out much earlier in the day, and I’d planned to release a special post that I’ve been working on. Unfortunately, that obviously didn’t happen. :/ So instead here’s a random review of a somewhat random book … because I’d still like to give you something, even if it’s not what’s planned or … would ever be planned to post outside of these circumstances.


A mysterious note on the library floor says to meet at the abandoned tire factory.

Who is it meant for? Certainly not Ali, but she shows up anyway.

Entering the factory sends Ali into another world, another time: World War II.

In this tale of lost love and sacrifices made in a time of war, can Ali set right events in the past that, if left unchecked, will alter her family’s future, including her own?

Credit goes to Goodreads for the summary.

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Content: Eh … I’d say anyone? It was perfectly clean.

My review: This short story is free on Amazon, which is why I read it in the first place. The book is interesting, I suppose, and it was a nice break but it really isn’t fabulous. The writing style annoyed me a bit, jilting me out of the story at the beginning.

The entire story is very short, at less than 50 pages, and pretty straightforward, as it doesn’t really allow for that many plot twists.

Ali is the type of character who, in a length novel, could get in a lot of trouble. She had this headstrong “Oh, there probably won’t be any consequences, even though this is the very first thing that I thought of without putting any obvious thought into it, because I know what I’m doing.” I would have expected something to go wrong, but nothing at all did, which confused me a bit. Especially because this is a time travel story.

One of the major things that annoyed me was that there … really wasn’t any explanation for what happened. No one questions the time traveling thing, no one even thinks about it. It didn’t seem realistic and left me unsatisfied. I’m really hoping the other two stories have more explanation, but I’m probably not going to spend my money on them.

It was still enjoyable if not wonderful, and the fact that it’s free is nice.

Overall rating: 2/5 stars

Soooo … once again sorry for the late (and … somewhat random and fluffy) post. Look forward to Thursday. 😉


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