Wisteria Writer’s Challenge

Wisteria Writer’s Challenge

Hello, all! Aardvark Magazine did the Wisteria Writer’s Challenge, inviting everyone who wanted to do it. So … I wanted to do it! 😛


  1. Thank the person who nominated you. (*coughs* It was an open nomination but … Thanks Aardvark!)
  2. Answer the ten questions given
  3. Add ten (writing or book related) of your own
  4. Nominate ten people (In you know ten people … :P)

  • Are you a plotter (gotta have them outlines), pantser (you write “by the seat of your pants”), or somewhere in between?

I’m either an outlined plotter or a lazy plotter. *snods* (AM I A MAAAAAAAAN OR AM I A MUPPET? *coughs*)

  • What’s the most you’ve written in one day?

Er … in November for NaNo I’ve probably written up to maybe 4,000? I … have no idea really. It depends on how much time/inspiration I have, I suppose.

  • Do you work on multiple novels at once?, or do you like to concentrate on one at a time?

I … can’t work on multiple novels at once. But I do anyway.*snods*

  • What have you written that you’re most proud of?

All my writing stinks. Er … for ideas? Rose. For actual good writing? nothing Probably … A Misadventure in Time-Travel … because … I rewrote it/ actually worked on it instead of just making it a lame first draft. *shrugs* (If you have no idea what either of those books are, don’t feel bad … They’re just first drafts that haven’t really been shown to anybody yet. If you want to know more comment below and I might write a post talking about my writing projects. 😉 )

  • If you were to travel to outer space and live there for six months, what three books would you take with you?

The Bible, Pride and Prejudice, and a giant edition of the Keeper of the Lost Cities with all 5 (or 6 … or however many come out …) stuffed inside. (No, that last one doesn’t actually exist right now …)

  • Do you prefer your books to be paperback or hardcover? Ebooks or hard copies?

I don’t really have a preferance between paperback and hardcover. I think I might like hardcovers a bit more because they always last longer, I suppose. Definitely hard copies. Ebooks are okay (and let’s face it, cheaper …) but they can never replace a good ol’ hard copy.

  • If you could take a trip into a book world, which story would you pick?

Ah … Not The Hunger Games … or The Maze Runner … probably … Harry Potter. Otherwise, I’d probably have to choose Pride and Prejudice (because the time period is so awesome), but I couldn’t deal with not having a toothbrush.

  • What’s your stance on the topic of writing in/annotating books?

I feel like as long as the copy isn’t like … a one of a kind beautifully illuminated copy you’re good. XD I’ve annotated books before, myself, so I don’t feel like I can be hypocritical here …. I personally prefer to annotate books that are already falling apart but to each his own. As long as it’s not like a special antique and it’s actually yours (no annotating library books! XD) Gopher it!

  • If you could pick a book (or series) to be made into a TV show or movie(s), rendered and written gorgeously, of course, what would you choose?

Ah … so many choices … Maybe The Percy Jackson books? Because … we shall not speak of those pitiful disgraces for movies that exist currently.

  • How do you feel about fairy tales?

They’re … there? Some of ’em are dark, some of ’em aren’t light. Some of ’em are cool, some of ’em are … bright. They exist for a reason, it was God’s plan. They’re okay, or my name is Dan.

Right! That’s all! Sorry for my randomness … it’s the weekend, what did you expect? 😛

You’re forgetting to do something, you know.

Oh, yes. Drat my inner shoulder angel. (Click the link … click the link … click the link …)

My questions:

  1. Are the genres you write similar to the ones you read?
  2. Where do you usually write?
  3. How much time do you usually spend writing?
  4. Are you doing anything for NaNo?
  5. What’s your go-to beverage (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.) when writing?
  6. Can you write anywhere?
  7. Can you read anywhere?
  8. Does what you read effect how write?
  9. Do you prefer writing in a notebook or on the computer? Why?
  10. What’s your favorite genre to write? How about to read?

There! That’s all! For real this time.

No … you’re actually still forgetting something…

What? No I’m not! And I seriously don’t know 10 people to tag! They’ve all already done this! *runs away* *runs back* If you’d like to do it, go for it! 😀


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