Schedule Update

Schedule Update

This being a newish blog and all, and life being what it is (which is hectic, for the most part) I’ve decided I could use a little bit of a schedule. At this point, this is very tentative and … probably subject to change, but this is what I have. 😉

Posts will normally be on Monday, and Thursday.  This will be reviews. If I don’t have a book to review (Pfft. With the amount I read I’m not sure that’s possible …) or if I just plain am not ready to review any book yet (slightly more likely) I’ll skip that day. That being said, I’ll definitely try to get the reviews out!

Any other posts (updates, character questionnaires etc.) will be on the weekend, though most likely Saturday.

Any posts that have a set deadline will … be outside this schedule. Like I said, tentative and subject to change! 😛

Thanks for reading!

Ooh, one more thing: I won the 2nd place prize for the Five Fall Favorites contest! I’m so happy and excited! Thank you so much to everyone who made the giveaway and party possible. Hope you all had the chance to participate! If not, I’m really hoping it comes back next year. 🙂


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