Five Fall Favorites – Children Books

Five Fall Favorites – Children Books

Hello, lovelies! This is the final day for the Five Fall Favorites blog party! (*deep sigh*) If you haven’t already, please, please, please remember to go enter the giveaway! They only need a few more people to get the 100 people they’re trying to reach, and then they’ll give away a 3rd place prize!

Today I’ve decided to share with you a few of my favorite children’s books. I didn’t have these read to me while I was a kid, these are new books that I’ve discovered in my search for interesting books for my little sisters. 😉


A cute story about a princess who is secretly a superhero. The LS (Little Sisters) loved this and danced around pretending to be princesses in black and monsters. This is a whole series with (at least) four books in it. The book is full of colorful pictures, and though it doesn’t have a lot of depth (What do you expect? It’s a picture book!) it’s really sweet. There’s longer chapters involved, which makes it a good read-aloud for the youngsters.


This story is hilarious. What was formerly a cute (if incredibly cheesy) story about a little bunny on his birthday has no been changed into an exciting story about a battle bunny. The original book was “given to a Alex” (which you can see on the cover) who didn’t like the cheesiness and thus scribbled all of the book. It’s really hilarious.


Who doesn’t love dragons and tacos? And who knew that dragons love tacos!


I love this one, and my little sisters did too. It’s the story of a hungry bear who comes into the big city and finds a sandwich, told by a very unexpected narrator which you discover at the end of the book. The artwork is equal parts beautiful and hilarious.


The story of a lonely girl who discovers a new world. This is the first in a trilogy that’s told entirely be pictures. The artwork is so complex and amazing.

Have you read any of these? I love how original they all are. If you want any more suggestions for interesting kids book I have a few more that I couldn’t fit up there. 😉 Be sure to check out and all the other blogs for the last day of the blog party!


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