Review: Nyssa Glass and The Cutpurse Kid

Review: Nyssa Glass and The Cutpurse Kid

Told you I’d get a review up sooner or later. 😉

Today I’m going to be reviewing H.L. Burke’s Nyssa Glass and The Cutpurse Kid. This is her third book in the Nyssa Glass series.


Like clockwork, the past always comes back around.
When larceny is the family business, it’s hard to make a clean break. Reformed cat-burglar Nyssa Glass has finally gotten her life back together. She has her own electrical repair shop, a boyfriend who adores her, and for once, no one is trying to have her arrested. When the shop door rings, though, a man she hoped to never see again threatens to ruin everything.

Uncle Albert forced her into a life of crime and now he’s convinced she owes him for her success. Nyssa would rather die than give her uncle a penny. But with her reputation on the line and a thieving orphan in the mix she finds herself stuck between the gears. Will Nyssa free herself from the clutches of the past or is everything she’s worked for going up in smoke?

Credit Goodreads for the summary.


Isn’t that such an awesome cover? I’m not sure if I like this one, or the second book’s (Nyssa Glass and the Juliet Dilemma) I think the cover style really matches with the book.


Content: 16+ Lots of kisses, mentions of death by prison brawl (but … literally it’s just the words “thought you died in a prison brawl” soooo), mentions of “bed warming” to get protection, child-abuse, violence (not gory or anything), mentions of murder, later mentions of sex (after marriage. Basically talking about the … ability to have children.) I … think that’s all? This book is really for older teens/adults content wise.

My review: This is the third installation in the Nyssa Glass series, and I think I enjoyed it the most. I suggest reading the other Nyssa Glass books first for background, but that’s not really necessary. I loved how all the backstory is woven in and  brought more to light. This one is … definitely more “romancy” but that’s not really the primarily theme, it’s just how the main characters interact.

This book is packed with action cover to cover (figuratively, I read it on e-book 😉 ), it was underlying theme about family, and I really liked it.

The characters are well-developed, the writing style probably isn’t my favorite but it works well with the all the action happening. The twists and turns left me reading, and I actually read it all in one sitting 😛

Overall Rating 4.75/5 stars


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