Five Fall Favorites – Fantasy

Five Fall Favorites – Fantasy

Hey, so I’m back with another post about the Five Fall Favorites Party. Because I get more entries this way … *evil laughter* They’ve expanded the grand prize to add a 2nd and 3rd place if they get enough people entered. You can read more about that in the post on Reveries here.

So, the genre that I’m doing for my favorites is Fantasy. For some reason I’m kind of attracted to the plots in fantasy (or is it the pretty covers? 😉 ) but … I don’t like the writing style or something? Anyway, here’s some pretty good ones that I like.


The Rose of Prophecy is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Hope Ann. There was some allusions to Christianity in there, but still some magic type stuff (making it fantasy. Tada!) I haven’t read that many retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but I really liked this one. The plot was still very similar to the original, but the writing style was gorgeous, the romance was sweet and lovely, and the characters were displayed really well. Apparently I haven’t actually written a review, so yep. No link here.


Just look at that cover. *sighs* It’s so pretty! So I’m not really sure if this counts as fantasy (I … have no idea) but it has some magic in it any sprites and stuff so maybe? Yes?A Nearer Moon was so sweet and beautiful. It’s a tale of sisterly love and it’s just plain amazing. Read it. It’s pretty short at only 154 pages but the impact is huge. It left me crying and happy at the same time.


This cover … is pretty and creepy at the same time. This steampunk style fantasy is … I have no words. It’s about this friendship between this lower class girl and this more upper class one, and there’s this magic system called the Strains, and there’s romance but it’s the good kind and … it’s good. So read it. XD


Right. This one’s … a bit different. It’s not really like the fantasy world everything pretty and dragons, it’s really crazy … and random … and insane. 😀 I didn’t actually have this book under “Fantasy” on Goodreads, because even though there’s magic and stuff it’s not in a magical world and I guess it didn’t seem like enough. The other two books are more magical as in the world and stuff so … read those too. Um, yep. This is incredibly insane and crazy (like me! 😛 ) But if you’re a person who actually likes that kind of thing … read it. Review here.  😀


This series is definitely more traditional fantasy. There’s dragons and awesomeness and princes and annoying princes and magic and … yeah. It’s pretty good. I … probably have some reviews for these but … I don’t know where they are. XD If you really want them, comment and I’ll go find them for you.

I hope you enjoyed that! I’ll try to get another review up tomorrow, and I’ll probably have another one of these posts. 😀


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