Five Fall Favorites Blog Party

Five Fall Favorites Blog Party

Hello everyone! Today I shall be posting about the Five Fall Favorites Blog Party. (Yay, great job Sarah. Your first post ever isn’t even a review on your review blog …)

Anyway. I wanted to share with you this exciting event hosted by and five other blogs. (You can find them and more in this post (it’s the same one I linked above). Basically, every day for five days those six blogs are sharing their top five favorite books in ten (ten? Correct me if I’m wrong, anyone who knows better) genres. I thought it would be fun to do the same. (Plus, I get extra entries in the fabulous grand prize if I do this 😉 )

If you know me at all, you should realize that I’m very indecisive and … can’t pick favorites for the life of me. XD So be warned! These … aren’t actually my very very top favorites ever, and they’re not in order either. Here you go! The genre is Historical Fiction (because … I haven’t read gazillions so it should be easier to decide, but I’ve read some pretty good ones.)


I had the chance to read Journey to Love by Amanda Tero when the ebook was free this summer. I’d been meaning to read it but hadn’t had to opportunity to do so before this. Just a couple pages in and I became an instant fan! This is a beautiful story about love, forgiveness and hope. If you haven’t already, I recommend you read it. You can find my review on Goodreads here.


I’m honestly not saying The Lady of the Vineyard is one of my favorites because I actually know the author. 😉 I loved the sweet story of Adele, Judy, and Troy. It’s definitely a novella at only 90 pages, but there’s enough joy and sorrow packed in here to last a lifetime. I also wrote a review on Goodreads about this which you can find here.  


It still counts as Historical Fiction even if when it was written it wasn’t technically historical, right? Anyway. I’ve only read two Gene Stratton Porter books in my entire life (thanks, Kellyn, for making me read them in the first place 😉 ) but I actually really love them both, especially A Girl of the Limberlost. The romance is amazing and just the pure emotions transferred here are wonderful. The plot and the descriptions and everything *faints* I’d seriously recommend  this. I think I also wrote a review for this (it’s a pretty weird review, mind you) here.


I remember I liked this … for some reason … XD I’m just kidding. So one of my problems with Historical Fiction Christian Romance is that … there’s romance. XD I’m terrible. That being said, I loved the romance in here. It wasn’t one of those “Oh look, she’s pretty. Imma kiss her.” and “oooohhh. He’s sooo handsome!” Sort of things. They actually liked each other for who they were. And it was all slow building and amazing like in Jane Eyre. Yep. I didn’t actually write a review for this so I’m not going to link to nothing.


Last one! So this book … this book … I loved the Tintanic part of it. It was simple marvelous. And the after effects were interesting to read … but … it kept skipping perspectives at the weirdest times. XD It got so annoying it was like “Oh no! The ships sinking! *change perspectives for like 5 chapters to the point where you actually want to continue reading the perceptive* *switch to something random* *come back to the Titanic* Like what? But overall the characters and the story were good. Which is why I’m adding this. (Besides the fact that I’ve run out of options … XD) Yep. Hey! I also wrote a review for this That’s actually really surprising that I’ve written reviews for 4/5 of these books. Anyway, find that here.

Right! That’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. Technically there were some reviews in it, so I don’t feel that bad anymore. 😉 I’ll get an actual review up on the site sooner or later!


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